Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Ebook: Angela's Last Resort 2

I've finally finished the sequel to Angela's Last Resort, after having to rewrite nearly the entire story twice over thanks to power outages, and a bad hard drive glitch. Ugh!

Anyway, this story ended up being less breast-obsessed than I originally expected, but I'm happy with it, and I think it sets up a third installment well.

In this installment, Angela gets some tattoo work done, her new breast implants get enlarged, and she gets a fun little enema to boot!

In this direct sequel to Angela's Last Resort, a sexy young teacher endures another day trapped in a BDSM sex resort.

This 11,500 word erotic story contains scenes of slave training, forced enemas, breast expansion via implants, humiliating tattooing, and permanent hair removal!

Kobo: Coming Soon

Between my root canal, a major death in my family, and day job troubles, July has not been my best month. 

But I'm hopeful that I can be more productive in August. I've got an age regression story I'm working on, maybe a new forced lactation story, and probably another medical play/gyno exam revenge story in the pipeline.

Have a happy Thursday everyone, and thanks for visiting! :-)

- Tabitha Kohls


  1. Is 'Angela's Last Resort 3' in plans?

  2. Absolutely! I've got some ideas for a third and final in this series, and I'll put all three Angela's Last Resort stories into a single bundle too.

    As for when I'll actually write it, I've got at least two stories to finish first before I can start on ALR3, and maybe some others besides. I usually let my ideas marinate for a while before sitting down and writing them out, so it might be a while till I get to it. If I try to rush things stories can get a bit sloppy.

    Thanks for your reviews on Amazon, by the way. :-) I hope you like ALR3 when I get it published too.

    - Tabitha Kohls