Saturday, January 11, 2014

Free Fiction Friday: Braggadocio

Sorry this is a day late, my Internet was in and out yesterday, due to some nasty storms. I'll leave this post up til next Saturday to compensate.

Well, I've been trying to write a magical, voodoo-doll story for over the last two weeks, or so, but thought the idea itself seems to work, the story just doesn't quite click for me. I'll keep working on it; perhaps a short-story format just doesn't work for what I'm thinking.

Anyway, instead of that tale, here's a really old story I wrote over a decade ago. It's from a time when I was writing transgender-themed stories exclusively, and admittedly, it isn't my best work. It's also not finished, but after more than a decade, I can't recall what sort of ending I was planning for, so I can't really finish it properly. I do recall that this story was inspired largely from an old Twilight-Zone episode, about a man who accepts a bet to not speak for a year. In my version here, the man accepts a rather different bet, about becoming a pornstar. A rather significant divergence! :-)

This tale is nearly 12,000 words long, so hopefully you'll find it's length more than makes up for the poor quality of the writing. There is a lot of body-modification, mostly surgical alterations as the main character changes sex. Alas, I wrote with a lot less attention to detail in those days, so sorry if this tale seems a bit plain, especially when it comes to the body-mod descriptions. On the other hand, I also used to put much more sex in my older stories than I do now, and this is no exception. So hopefully that will make up for any shortcomings.

Anyway, the story is after the break, as per usual. Let me know what you think, and remember that this is story is a sort of window into my progress as a writer over this past ten years, or so. In a way, you are looking at my past self, when I was just learning to write smut, and had no idea other people were into the same sort of things I was in to. Enjoy! :-)

- Tabitha Kohls

By Tabitha Kohls
Copyright 2003

* * * * *

Part I

Mrs. Cornwallis sipped her wine, watching her guests mingle with one another. Her party was going very well, which wasn't unusual. She walked between her many guests, each a well-to-do member of the local country club. She worked her way across the drawing room to find her butler.

Not finding him serving the guests, as per her instructions, Mrs. Cornwallis thought he might have been getting some more refreshments. She began to search for him in the pantry, and then the kitchen itself. She soon became worried. He was very old, and never left a party without excusing himself first. She knew he had a heart problem and hoped he hadn't had an attack somewhere.

Oh, that old fart. I told him he should retire, Mrs. Cornwallis thought to herself, frowning.

She had searched nearly half of the mansion before she heard a ruckus coming up from the first floor. Following the noise, she burst into the billiard room, finding it full of her male guests. She quickly apologized for interrupting their games, and then scanned the large room, trying to see through the thick haze of cigar smoke.

Dozens of men were sitting at a table in the back of the room, apparently playing poker. She wandered over to them, hoping to find her butler. Sure enough the old man was playing a few hands with her guests. Knowing that he had always enjoyed poker, Mrs. Cornwallis didn't mind him playing with the guests, she was just happy that he wasn't having an attack.

When he saw her, he jumped up and apologized for not seeing to the needs of her other guests. She hugged him, and told him to get back to his game. It took her several more minutes to convince him that she wasn't mad at him. Finally, he believed her and returned to the game.

Just as she started to leave the table, she heard a voice. Groaning inwardly, she couldn't stop herself from walking over to the braggart’s table.

Chuck Boyer was a blowhard, at least in Mrs. Cornwallis’ opinion. She suspected that many of the club patrons felt the same way. He was a somewhat successful lawyer, who spent his free time as a playboy.

He was bragging about his latest conquest, some blonde who worked at his law firm. The crowd that had formed around him listened to every detail with rapt interest. Mrs. Cornwallis joined this group of smoking men and listened to Mr. Boyer’s intriguing exploits.

“…and then she got up from the table, and tore her skirt on the corner. Well she couldn't leave like that, and I had a meeting coming up in twenty minutes. She ended up spending the next three hours huddled up under my desk while some fat kid and his mother tried to convince me to take up their case against McDoogles!” Chuck said, laughing along with many of the more lecherous men in the audience.

Mrs. Cornwallis didn't laugh. She rarely did when Chuck was involved. He looked at her while he continued on with his little tale. He knew she didn't approve of his views of women, and didn't like his stories. Nevertheless, he wasn't about to let her disapproval stop him from bragging.

Unable to listen to him anymore, she started to leave, telling herself that it wasn't worth arguing with him and that she should just be happy that her butler was alright. 

She was nearly out the door when Chuck called out to her, “What’s wrong Mrs. Cornwallis; do you find my stories boring?”

She slowly turned to face him and replied, “It’s not your story that I find boring; It’s you.”

“Really? And what do you find boring, exactly?” he asked snidely.

She sneered back at him and said, “Well, you’re all talk. You brag constantly about all the women you have ‘ahem’ conquered, but I don’t believe a word of it.”

“Oh, so you think I’m a liar.”

“No, not exactly; I just think you’re a blowhard. You’re full of hot air.”

Chuck puffed up his chest, “Are you challenging my honesty?”

She laughed back at him, “No Mr. Boyer, just your virility. If we were to believe that even half of your tall tales were true, then you would have to be the most virile man alive.”

Acting hurt at her insult, Chuck replied, “So you don’t believe me. Well, Mrs. Cornwallis, you tell me how and I’ll prove that I am telling the truth.”

“Oh you will, will you? Well, Mr. Boyer, are you a betting man?”

Intrigued, Chuck said, “I do like a good bet. What did you have in mind?”

“Well, by my estimate you must have ‘conquered’ about ten thousand women by now, or so you claim. Well, I bet you can’t prove it. I’ll give you, oh, say ten million dollars, if you can prove that you weren't just blowing smoke.”

“I’ll take that bet, Mrs. Cornwallis. Now what would I have to do to prove my vigor?”

By now the room had quieted. The male guests had crowded around the two of them, listening to their little argument. Now they all began to yell out, trying to get their say in the bet. Mrs. Cornwallis stood outside the group, letting the men work out the terms of the bet. Soon they had everything worked out and she reentered the group.

One of the cigar puffers put down his stogie, and began to read off the many rules they had written down. Mrs. Cornwallis couldn't help but grin at how dedicated these geezers all were to a simple bet. They had worked out an entire contract, all because she had gotten mad at that braggart.

After the man finished with the minor little points, he got into the actual bet itself, “Since it is your virility that is in question here, we think that the bet should emphasize that. So, the terms of the bet are this: You must work as a pornstar for no less and no more than two years. You must actually have sex; no male stripping or equivalent. And thirdly, you must make a full one million dollars as a pornstar. You will of course be expected to produce a record of your income, though you can spend that money at any time you wish. We don’t need to see the money itself, just proof that you didn't make it as a lawyer. Do you agree to these terms and this bet, Chuck?”

Chuck laughed, “Work as a pornstar, huh? Well, maybe. Where did you get the one million dollar minimum from though?”

The man replied, “Well, Mrs. Cornwallis said something about you conquering ten thousand women, or so. We figure at one hundred dollars a lay, per woman, you should have made at least one million dollars.” They all laughed, thinking it would be pretty hard to make a million dollars as a pornstar, especially in only two years.

They all stopped laughing when Chuck said, “Then I accept the bet. For ten million dollars, of course.”

“Only if you win.” added Mrs. Cornwallis, quickly.

Chuck rolled his eyes, “Oh yes, of course. If I win.”


Part II

It was definitely one of the strangest things he had ever agreed to, of that Chuck was certain. But still, he couldn't walk away from the chance to win ten million dollars. The country club patrons gossiped all the time about Mrs. Cornwallis; how her dead husband had left her the entire estate and a large fortune in stocks and bonds. She was loaded, probably richer than all of his clients put together. Though he liked to brag about being the next law partner at his firm, he knew that would probably never happen. That was exactly why he had joined the country club in the first place; to make connections.

Many of the senior members of the local law firms were also members of the club. Only after paying to join did he learn that most of the really important people only came to the club for the big social events, which usually meant one of Mrs. Cornwallis’ parties.

“Too bad the old bitch doesn't like me; she has a lot of influence over the club members. She could probably make me the head of the law firm if she wanted.” he thought sullenly to himself.

He drove home to his apartment building, and took the elevator up to his palatial penthouse apartment. Upon entering, he immediately began to prepare for the bet. He figured if he was to really have a chance at making a million dollars doing porn, he would need to have an agent, and probably an expensive one too.

Chuck had no idea where to find an agent who would work with porn stars, so he began a two-day campaign looking through the yellow pages, the back of many magazines, and calling virtually every film agency he could find. He soon had a large lists of potential agents, but he demanded the absolute best and wouldn’t settle for anyone less.

After several exhaustive hours of phone call after phone call, he narrowed the list to a single candidate, a freelance agent named Cynthia Sanderson. He arranged a meeting with her the next day at his favorite restaurant.


The next day he met with her, and explained about the bet. She seemed fairly bored with him, until he got to the ten million dollar payoff.

"Hold on, hold on. You’re telling me you have bet ten million dollars that you can make a million dollars in the porn industry.”

Chuck nodded. “Well, of course.”

“You do realize that of the twelve full-time clients I have represented over my career, none have made anywhere near a million dollars in their first two years. Some of the more endowed girls have gone on to make a decent income, but no one breaks a million in the beginning.”

Chuck sighed, not wanting to hear Cynthia’s objections. “Look, babe, whether or not I win the bet is of no concern to you, all you have to do is make sure I get all the gigs that I can. Understand?”

Cynthia nodded, and asked, “Ok, fine. But I just wanted to warn you, that it is going to be nearly impossible to win a bet like this. Can you afford to pay off this Mrs. Cornwallis and me?”

Chuck snorted at her question. “Firstly, I am a very successful lawyer, and secondly, under the contract that I signed, if I lose the bet I will only have to leave the country club permanently. That was all Mrs. Cornwallis wanted. I guess since she’s already rich, she had no need for more money. Now as to winning this bet, you’ve worked in the industry for several years, is there anything I should do to prepare myself?”

“Firstly, I haven’t been in the industry, I have worked for clients who were in the industry. And yes there are several things you can do to make yourself more in demand, so to speak. And there are several things that I need to know about you before I try to get you a job.”

“Like what, for instance.” Chuck said, grinning at her.

“I need to know your, err, measurements, as well as what sort of positions you prefer, any weird, kinky things your into, that sort of thing. You can meet with me at my office tomorrow, and tell me all about yourself.” She handed him a small card with her office address, and then left, leaving him with the check.


It was several weeks since he had gotten his first gig. Always thinking of himself as being well endowed, Chuck was shocked when Cynthia was only able to get him small parts. He was the fifth guy to pound the ass of some blonde chick in some generic movie called Ass Blaster 6. He was the tenth guy to get a blowjob from some other chick, in another generic porno. In the month that he had been making porn, he had only made about three hundred dollars. It was totally unacceptable!

Angry, he had demanded that Cynthia find him better paying work than these little bit parts in mass made porn. It was only after he stopped arguing with her, that she was able to explain the situation to him fully.

"Look, Chuck! Even though you are a little bit above average where it counts, that really doesn’t make a difference. Like I have been trying to tell you for the last month, guys usually don’t make that much money in the industry. Even the really huge guys don’t make anywhere near the amount of money that you want me to find for you. Now listen, if you really want to make anything above this, you are going to have to do gay porn.”

“What! I am not doing gay porn, and why the hell should I have to, you useless agent!”

“Goddamn it! Listen! There are thousands of guys in porn; they’re everywhere. There are too many guys in porn for some newbie to come along and steal all of the best parts. Now, gay porn pays a lot better than does normal porn. A lot of gay pornstars are actually straight, but go into the gay industry for the extra money.”

Isn't there any other way for me to make to make some real money?”

“Not unless you have tits. In any type of porn, women generally get paid a lot more than men do. The biggest pornstars are all women. A low-level porn actress will tend to make more money than a male pornstar...even if he has a ten-inch dick.”

She started to leave, but stopped long enough to add, "And you don't have a ten-inch dick, Chuck."


Their last conversation left Chuck was pissed off, almost to the point of firing Cynthia outright. For weeks afterward, her words echoed in his mind. 

He spent nearly another month doing porn, never getting anything more than a small part here and there. He never even got his name mentioned, or rather his porno name: Chuck the Fuck.

"Not unless you have tits," Cynthia had said. Those five simple words ran circles in Chuck's mind. A strange idea had come to him, but it seemed far too crazy to work. And yet, after finishing another week of lousy films, with next to nothing to show for it, he couldn't ignore the idea any longer. In desperation, he sought out a local surgeon and began to ask the questions that were plaguing him.

The doctor was more than happy to elaborate on various medical procedures, especially plastic surgeries. Chuck spent a good two weeks consulting with the doctor, and even flew across several States to find specialists who knew the most about this or that operation.  Bit by bit, he formed a detailed plan to win his bet, once and for all.

After learning all he needed, Chuck finally decided it was time to reveal his plan to Cynthia. Naturally, when he explained his new scheme, she thought he was a complete idiot.

“You’re a goddamned idiot, you know that! I have had girls who wanted to get breast jobs before, but never a guy!”

“Hey, don’t insult me! Do you think that I haven’t thought this through?!”

“Of course you haven’t! You’re a goddamned idiot! Why the hell would you be stupid enough to even consider this?!”

“Hey, I can be as stupid as I want to be, and it still won’t be any of your goddamned business! Now shut the hell up and listen to me! I have been working this out with several doctors for the last two weeks. Now most of the surgery can be done here, in the U. S. Because of a few laws by some jackass psychologists, I can’t get the main surgery done here, but I have already arranged to have it done in Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil.”

“But why the hell do this to yourself? Just call off the bet, or leave that stupid country club. It can’t be worth more than your manhood anyway, can it?”

“Look, I don’t give one damn cent about any stupid country club; I need that ten million dollars. Besides, I’ve talked it over with the docs; after I get this done, there is a specialist in California who does female-to-male sex change operations. He says that he can change me back, and the other surgeries are all fairly easy to fix too. I’ll never be quite the same, of course, but with ten million dollars in my pocket, who the hell is going to care about some scars, anyway? I'll be fucking rich!!”

Cynthia glared at him in exasperation, but Chuck ignored her and continued, “But look this is important; these surgeries are going to cost me my life savings and my apartment. Now that’s just the first surgeries; to change back into a man again is going to be a lot more expensive, like two million dollars expensive. I figure once I win the bet I can afford to lose a few Mil on getting my cock back to normal. But to make all this worth it, you have to pull through on your part; I absolutely have to get good paying rolls. Oh, and by good roll, I mean lesbian flicks only. I am not getting near another dick, and if you can’t get me good pay, then I will fire you. And find an agent who will. Understand?”

Cynthia was nearly red with rage at his ultimatum, but managed to maintain her standard professional calm. After a moment, she said, “Well, you seem to have thought of everything, Chuck, except that you forgot about my commission. If you use all of your life savings to get these surgeries, then what are you going to pay me. I don't work for free, either.”

Chuck blinked, then said, “Well, I am going to be making a butt load of money with my new body, so I can still afford you.”

“Oh, you think you can, huh? Well, Chuck, understand this, if I have to put up with you going through this, then I want my commission increased to 35% and if you actually do win this bet of yours, then I want one million dollars, after taxes. Understand?”

Chuck tried to argue with her, but Cynthia wouldn't budge. Finally, he agreed to her terms, figuring he could just dump her later, once his porn career really took off. Surely he could find another, cheaper agent to represent him.


The surgeries went off without a hitch. Chuck got shaved, and then got electrolysis. He was on hormones within a few days, and was getting liposuction by the second week of his transformation. 

Realizing that time was a real issue if he wanted to make a million dollars by the two year deadline, Chuck began to speed up the process by scheduling his surgeries closer and closer together. Soon Chuck was waking up from his breast implant surgery, and before he knew it he was on a plane to Brazil.

Ultimately, the surgeries and recuperation took nearly six months. By the time his body finally stopped swelling and hurting, everyone, from Cynthia to the doctors themselves, was shocked by how successful the surgeries had been.


Part III

All during the surgeries, Chuck had hounded Cynthia to make sure he had a gig as soon as he had recuperated. Cynthia tried to convince him to wait longer, until he was used to his new body, but Chuck would have none of it. Now, as he was done healing, Chuck was regretting his enthusiasm.

His final bandages had been removed the day before and already Cynthia had a gig for him. Chuck was still very sore and more than a bit bruised in some places, but Cynthia didn’t think anyone would mind.

Cynthia drove him to the set of his first lesbian porno, a large warehouse with a fake, three-walled replica of a bedroom lying in the middle of the spacious building. Several men were moving lights and the only camera into position around this fake room.

“Are you ok, Chuck?”

“Yes, I’ll be fine, I’m just a little sore.”

Cynthia walked him to the bed in the fake room. “Ok, now like I was saying in the car, this is going to be a bit different than your other gigs.”

“No kidding!”

“Well, besides all that. You’re one of the stars of this film; it’s just going to be you and some other lesbian chick.”

“Hey, sounds good to me.”

“Yeah, but you don’t understand. This is a very low budget flick, and flicks like this normally can only afford one decent looking chick; the other chick is usually a real skag.”

“Alright, so what’s the problem?”

Just then the warehouse door opened, and another woman walked in.

“See what I mean, Chuck? The problem is, you’re the hot chick on this flick.”

The other woman walked to the bedroom set, and began to shed her clothes, revealing even more of her decrepit, over-used body.

“Oh my god! Did they just grab some whore off the street?” Chuck whispered, incredulously.

“Probably, happens a lot with these smaller companies. They can’t afford to pay much, and most of their money goes to the hot chick. I could have gotten you a part as the ugly lesbian in another film, but it wouldn’t have paid nearly as well as this gig.”

The director/cameraman told them to begin. As the warehouse lights dimmed, Chuck tried to stomach his disgust for his co-star, hoping to get through this as quickly as possible. The nude hooker nearly knocked him off the bed as she lurched to his recently healed crotch and began to assault it with her face. Chuck’s cries were more from pain and disgust than anything else, but the crew seemed to think he was really into it and cheered the two of them on.

With another lurch the old streetwalker twisted her body around, presenting her snatch to his face. Before he could react, the woman lowered her sex over his mouth and continued licking his new orifice. Disgusted, Chuck did his best to ignore the stink from her pubic hair and used his nose to rub up against her.

The scene seemed to never end, but finally the other woman started panting and then screaming, which cued the director to call it a wrap. Afterwards, as Chuck was dressing on the now wet and stained bed, the hooker complimented him on his “carpet munching”, and then left.

The entire ordeal was a real shock to Chuck, but his disgust seemed to delight Cynthia.

“So, how did you like your first lesbian experience?”

“Oh god, I need a shower. And I think I should get a STD test or something.”

“Yeah, lesbians can’t wear condoms, and these low-rate girls are all real whores. I’ll get you an appointment at a clinic for tomorrow, after your next shoot.”

Chuck was again shocked, “Tomorrow? I thought you said that I didn’t have another gig till Wednesday.”

“Well, you did such a good job in there, that the director wants you to do another short romp tomorrow. With that same chick, of course.”



The next two weeks were filled with similar embarrassment for Chuck, as he found himself going down again and again on the ugliest chicks he had ever seen. After leaving the set of his eighth lesbian porno, Chuck again visited the clinic and demanded to have another STD test.

After waiting for nearly an hour, the doctor finally entered waiting room.

 “So, Ms. Boyer, is it?”

“It’s Mr. Boyer, doc! I’m not a woman!”

“Oh yes, I see, sorry about that. It’s just that you don’t really look much like a post-op transsexual.”

“I’m not a transsexual, doctor, I just had the surgery. Now can you please give me another STD test?”

“Um, yes I see…anyway, while it is good to see that you are seriously interested in avoiding STDs, we don’t usually recommend testing more than once ever six months or so.”

“Well, would you please just make an exception right now?”

“Well, that depends. Have you had a lot of sex recently, or with a number of different partners?”

“Um, I guess. I’ve had sex with about 7 different women since the last test.”

“Seven? And your last test was…last week. Ok, I think you should be tested again. I’ll send in a nurse to take some vaginal samples for testing. By the way, is there a reason for your coming here so soon after your last test? Have you been getting sick, or seeing symptoms of a STD?”

“Well, I have noticed that my tits are growing. What STD does that?”


The doctor had referred Chuck to his plastic surgeon, worried that their might be a problem with his implants. Before he left the clinic, the doctor asked Chuck to schedule a regular STD test at least once a week.

Cynthia met Chuck at the plastic surgeon’s office an hour later, and waited in the hall while the doctor examined her client’s breasts. Chuck was less than excited about having the man fondle his tits, but he wanted to know why they were growing.

Chuck waited in the room, sitting on the paper covered table in nothing but a hospital gown, as Cynthia sat in one of the room’s few chairs, reading an out-of-date issue of Cosmo. Finally the door opened and the doctor entered with the results.

“Firstly, let me say that you are correct. Your new measurements show that your breasts have grown by nearly two full cup sizes. I had thought that they were merely swollen from your surgery six weeks ago, but our tests show that this is not the case.

“Now don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with you; your implants are not leaking or anything like that. Your new breast growth seems to have resulted from a combination of liposuction and your diet. Our records say that you had three total liposuction treatments; one here, one in Southern California, and a final treatment in Brazil. These liposuction treatments seem to have removed a great amount of your abdominal fat, and the fat tissue normally found on the thighs.”

Chuck was confused “Yeah, so what? That’s what lipo is for, isn’t it?”

“Yes, normally. In your case, however, you were taking large amounts of female hormones. To top that off, we have found similar cases like yours in women who have undergone liposuction. Fatty tissues hold large quantities of testosterone, and when this tissue is removed, some women experience a sudden burst of breast growth. Without this testosterone to counteract the estrogen in these women’s bodies, their breasts grow.

“In your case, a similar situation has occurred. However, you are also taking large doses of estrogen to maintain your newly female body. In addition to this, you have not changed your diet since your surgery. You have lost a great deal of muscle mass during the last six months or so and that has only exasperated the problem. The extra calories and the excess fat in your diet have been moving to your breasts. Normally your body would distribute the fat more evenly throughout your body, but since the liposuction, the only fatty deposits you have left are in your breasts and around your hips. And your hips have also been growing, mainly in the buttocks, though this growth has been much less severe than the growth of breast tissue.

“I am afraid that unless you greatly change your current diet and begin a heavy regiment of exercise immediately, your breasts will only get larger.”

Chuck was shocked by all of this, but agreed to take the doctor’s advice.


Part IV

 “Good lord, I hate salad!” said Chuck, as he forked another green leaf. “At the very least you could let me put some ranch dressing on it!”

Cynthia tried not to chuckle, replying, “Hey, do want your breasts to get any bigger? It’s hardly my fault that you can’t get near a piece of steak with out breaking a bra.”

Chuck glared at her, and then went back to eating his dinner; a small bowl of lettuce, and a glass of water. “Stupid rabbit food.”

“Oh, you’re just grumpy from those booster shots yesterday. I swear you are one really hormonal woman.” Cynthia said, knowing it would really rile Chuck. Chuck nearly popped a vein in his neck, but slowly went back to eating his rabbit food.

After finishing dinner, the two of them left for Chuck’s thirty-sixth lesbian film, Cameltoe Capers 5. Chuck got ready during the ride, dressing in the back and using the dashboard mirror to apply his eye shadow.

“So, Cynthia, how much is this little flick going to pay?”

“Well, there are a lot of girls in this, so the budget had to be pretty divided, about $800 in cash.”

“What?! I've been doing these things for two months now! Can’t you find me any good jobs? These last several have been getting smaller each time; soon I’ll be working for less than when I was the male lead.”

“Oh, come on, you were never the male lead. And besides, I've told you again and again, if you want to make more money than this, then you are going to have to get into the kinkier flicks.”

“I’m not going to do any weird shit, like in that German flick you showed me the other day. Find me some better paying work, or I will find a better agent!”

Cynthia was used to his angry tirades, and ignored him now. “I’ll look for something better tomorrow, now are you ready?”

Chuck nodded. Cynthia parked the car outside of a local motel and escorted Chuck to the rented out room where the movie was being filmed. Chuck stepped into the largest lesbian gangbang movie yet; nine girls and most of them looked better than he did. Chuck grinned to himself; even if it didn’t pay well, at least this was going to be enjoyable.

The next day Cynthia took him to his next flick, which she promised would pay nearly three times as well as the last one. This would be Chuck’s first fetish film, with him playing the part of dominatrix. Chuck figured it would be fun, and the pay made it even sweeter.

Soon Chuck was in the full leather outfit, trying his best to punish the horny little lesbo hanging in front of him. As the cameras rolled around the two of them, Chuck lifted the crop up and swapped it down against the hanging girl’s skin, or across her thighs, sending her into fits of yelps. Between yelps and moans, tears streamed down the girl’s cheeks. She couldn't seem to stop crying. Finally, the director called cut, and the cameras were switched off.

The director said, “Ok, something isn’t working here; Nadine, why are you crying?”

“Mmmmth ghthth!”

“Damn it, someone get that gag out of her mouth!”

Chuck unhooked the gag’s straps and the large penis gag fell out of Nadine’s mouth.

Coughing a bit, and still tearing up, Nadine broke out into full-blown laughter. After a long moment, she finally gasped for air, and sputtered, “I’m sorry, but I just can’t stop! Hahaha!!!”

“What the hell is so damned funny, Nadine?! We're supposed to be making a film here!” The director demanded angrily.

Wiping a tear from her eye, Nadine looked at the sleazy director. “You're kidding me, right? Take that you dirty little girl, and that!” Nadine mimicked Chuck’s voice perfectly. "She sounds ridiculous!"

Chuck glared sullenly, cheeks suddenly flushing. “I-I don’t sound like that!”

Nadine looked over at him, and sighed. “Yes, you do, honey. Don't get me wrong, it's cute and all, but I don’t think anyone is going to get off with you talking like that.”

The director chewed on his cigar for a moment, then nodded, and said, “Okay, okay. So how about this? Nadine will be the dominatrix and...oh, whatever your name is, you can be the submissive.”

Chuck started to argue, but before he got a second word out, Nadine had already begun to strip him of his costume. The director immediately returned to barking orders to various stagehands, resetting lights and cameras. Before Chuck knew it, the cameras were again rolling, and Nadine threw him onto the bed.

Chuck cried out in protest, but Nadine seemed much stronger than he now was, and proceeded to flip him onto his stomach. With his face mashed into the cushion, his cries were muffled.

The new dominatrix twisted his arms behind his back effortlessly, handcuffing them together. She grabbed his legs next, bending them until his feet touched his thighs, and quickly strapped them together with a leather belt. Suddenly, she grabbed a big handful of his hair, and pulled his head back.
Chuck was still trying to protest his new role, when he saw what Nadine was planning. Crying out in shock, he tried to fight her off, but his bonds rendered him helpless to put up much resistance.

Smiling, Nadine shoved the massive penis gag into his mouth. Chuck choked on the latex protuberance, unable to dislodge it from his mouth. The stronger woman pulled the gag's straps around his head, and set them tight, before grabbing the gag's pump bulb.

She squeezed the bulb several times, making the latex dildo in his mouth swell until it seemed his cheeks would burst.

Thoroughly gagged and bound, Chuck could do nothing to stop Nadine from pummeling his ass with the riding crop. Soon his ass was a blistering red, and Nadine moved on to other implements of torment.

By the time the two hour movie was finished, Chuck was sore and red all over. As he was untied, he glared angrily at Cynthia. Once he could move again, he ran over to her and began to cuss her out, threatening to fire her then and there. She calmly reminded him that he was both still nude and that she was his only ride. He quickly shut up.


Back in the car, Cynthia explained.

“Ok, I’m sorry about that back there. I did try to stop it, but the director was too busy to listen, and by the time he had a minute free, you were already pretty far into the scene.

“On the good side though, I think you may have gotten yourself that better pay you've been looking for; he said that you were so good as a submissive, that he wants you to star in his next five films.”

Chuck glared at her angrily, “Good news?! Do you have any idea how much my ass hurts right now?”

“Look, Chuck, he’s willing to pay you ten grand per film. So far, all said and done, you've only made about thirty-five grand, total. These five films are going to make you more money than all of your other gigs put together, and then some. So do you think you can swallow your dignity enough to do these degrading little flicks?”

Chuck finally nodded, though he was still angry at her.


Part V


The doctor put the light down and began to look over Chuck’s chart again. After studying it for several minutes, the doctor again looked into Chuck’s mouth.


“Ok, Mr. Boyer, I think I know why your voice has been changing. You see, the estrogen you have been taking for the last five months has been tightening your vocal cords. You should have come to see me sooner; your vocal cords have suffered permanent damage. I’m afraid that your voice will only get higher in pitch.”

“But can’t you just give me male hormones when I’m ready to change back?”

“I’m afraid that it’s not that simple. Estrogen’s effects on the vocal cords are almost impossible to reverse. In your case, the only real option would be a larynx transplant. Of course, such transplants are very rare, and for that matter, very expensive.”

“How expensive?”

“At least as expensive as your sexual reassignment surgery was, and maybe more. Donors are very hard to find, and you may never fully regain a male voice.”

A disheartened Chuck left the doctor’s office with Cynthia, who had waited for him in the waiting room during his diagnosis. His voice had continued to rise, quickly becoming almost unbearable for him. After the five movies with Nadine, Chuck had moved on to make several more films with the same company, always as a submissive. He had hoped that he might one day play the dominant, but his high pitched voice ruined any chance of that.

“So what did the doc say?”

“Only that I’m stuck with this stupid little girl voice, and that it might even get higher.”

“Higher?!” Cynthia nearly snorted. She found his voice to be almost comical, and coupled with how his features had continued to change from the estrogen shots, was making him into a real bimbo. “Couldn’t happen to nicer person,” she thought to herself.

“Well, today is a special day. It’s exactly one year since you first entered the porn industry, and I was able to get you a special gig, that I think your going to like.”

“Really? Like what?”

“Well, do you remember when you said that your favorite porn star was Cindy Swallows?”

“Um, yeah. She’s like the hottest chick I’ve ever seen.”

“Well, I got you a gig with her, but there is one teensy weensy problem…”

“What is it?”

“Well, the scene is actually a three-way.”

Chuck seemed to perk up. “Three-ways are good.”

“This is a three-way with a guy.”

“What?! I don’t care how hot the other chick is, I’m not doing a scene with a guy!”

Cynthia tried to calm Chuck down as she drove down the highway.

“Listen, you idiot! I know you don’t want to do guys! Only Cindy will have sex with the guy, and you only have to work on her.”

“Well, that does sound better." Chuck admitted, calming down slightly. After a few more miles, he said, "Ok, I'll do this, but only this one time. And only cause Cindy is my fave pornstar. When's the shoot scheduled to start?”

“Tomorrow morning. I figured we could celebrate your one-year anniversary tonight at that restaurant you always liked so much.”


             That night Chuck went over his expenses for the year before. He had done a little under sixty gigs total, though most of those were very small parts, lasting for only one short scene. In the end it seemed that he had only made one hundred and ten thousand dollars, well below the half million dollars he needed to have made over the last year.

            “Damn! At this rate I’ll never win that bet. I need to find another way to make the big bucks.”

             Depressed, Chuck put the records away and walked to his bathroom intending to take a bath. As the tub filled with water, he sat on the toilet lid and contemplated his situation: he was now a woman, sitting in a too small bathroom, in a too small mobile home.

That irritated him; since his various surgeries, Chuck had been unable to afford even an apartment. No, now he had to live in a very small, very old mobile home, sitting in a dirt lot in trailer park at the edge of town. While he was making some money doing porn, he still owed too much money for his hormone treatments, doctor appointments to afford anything better. Some of his surgeries were not fully paid off either, and he could barely pay off the interest.

He sighed as he lowered himself into the tub; all that would change when he won that bet. He still had twelve months to go, but when he won that bet, he’d buy the biggest condo and live the rest of his life in luxury. With that thought, he slipped into the blissful warmth of the water.


The next day Cynthia drove Chuck to the porno set. He was shocked to find that the film set was a real studio, with overhead lights and cameras set up all around a large stage area. As he entered the stage, various stagehands began to strip Chuck down to nothing, and then began setting him up in some strange contraption. While they were setting everything up, Cynthia explained what was going on.

“See, the reason I was able to get this gig for you was because this shoot is being done by the same company that was doing your BDSM films with Nadine, so this shoot is pretty bondage oriented too. Don’t worry though, Cindy will be out soon and I think she is supposed to be your dominatrix.”

Chuck was relieved to hear that, as it was pretty disconcerting to be tied up without any warning. One of the stagehands worked a large ball gag into his mouth and strapped it around his head. Another stagehand attached a bar between his knees, to keep his legs spread wide open. His arms were set into an armbinder, and a strip along the bottom of the binder was tied to a hook in the wooden ceiling. 

Finally, he was forced to bend over as a pipe was fitted under his stomach and tied around his waist. The pipe was then set into the floor, so as to keep him from unbending. This all forced him to present his ass and sex to the cameras behind him.

Chuck was forced to stand in that position for at least ten minutes, as everyone else was getting cameras set in place and checking light levels throughout the stage area. Finally, Cindy Swallows walked out of her dressing room, in a large latex dominatrix outfit. If not for the ball gag, Chuck would have been smiling from ear to ear; she looked that good. He had always loved her body since the day he first saw her in a porno. She had been great looking back then, and now that she was out of her teens, she had developed into an even more beautiful woman. As Chuck was admiring the size of her breasts, Cindy walked over to him and spoke into his ear.

“Damn babe, your tits are awesome. I’m jealous; you’re way bigger than me. After we’re through here you have to let me know who did them.” With that she cupped his breasts and began to pluck at the nipples.

The director suddenly yelled at her to get ready and she let the breasts drop. Chuck winced as his heavy breasts bounced about. He still wasn't used to the odd sensation. But at least he was finally going to get to play with Cindy Swallows! That thought made him all but forget his new, heavy appendages.

A minute later, the director yelled "Action!" and the cameras began rolling....and Cindy went nuts!

She flogged his ass with a frayed rope while he moaned and whined in his high-pitch voice. After a few minutes she was cupping his breasts again, and then cupping his sex, telling him how wet it was and how hot it was getting. A stagehand kept holding up cue cards for him to act out; one minute it was moan louder, the next he was supposed to shake all around, or then scream through the gag.

This continued for about fifteen minutes and Chuck had completely forgotten about there being a man involved in this shoot. Cindy was licking his sex when a large man walked onto the stage. Chuck’s eyes bugged out when the man slid his pants off; the guy was huge!

Chuck looked on as the man stole Cindy’s attention. She stopped licking him out, and instead began to focus on the man’s erection. The man stood directly in front Chuck, so that when Cindy bent over to suck him off, her sex was pushed into his face.

Cindy bounced up and down, simultaneously sucking off the man and running her pussy up and down Chuck’s face. His face was soon covered in her fluids, and she began panting. Soon she came, and a very wet orgasm it was too. Chuck tried to shake his head free of Cindy, but couldn't quite manage it.

After at least one more orgasm, Cindy turned her attention back to Chuck. She grabbed a hold of one of his nipples and began to suck on it aggressively. To Chuck’s shock, the man followed suit and began sucking on his other nipple. Chuck looked around bewildered, and saw Cynthia frantically talking to the director. The director kept shaking his head no, and pointing at either the script, or a contract. Either way, the director wasn't stopping the man. Cindy moved further south along Chuck’s body and was soon at his sex again. The man stopped sucking his nipple and moved further back as well.

Chuck tried to see what was going on, but couldn't see behind himself. Someone was licking him out, but he couldn't tell if it was the man or Cindy. Then to Chuck’s horror, he heard the man say, “She’s got a great cunt. I bet it’s nice and tight too.”

Chuck’s terror only increased when Cindy replied, “Why don’t you try it and find out.”

Chuck tried to scream, and saw that Cynthia was already doing so. The director didn't budge though. Suddenly, Chuck felt the man begin to enter him. At first it hurt more than anything he had ever felt before. Cindy started licking the cock as it went in and out, her lips and tongue brushing against Chuck’s labia.

The man was soon pounding in and out of Chuck, making him scream in protest. With his high-pitch voice, the screams came out as squeals of delight and only served to make the man hornier. Soon the screams became real squeals, as Chuck couldn't ignore the feelings he was getting from his, until now, virgin orifice.

Suddenly, the director called cut, and Cynthia ran over to Chuck. She started unhooking all of his straps, despite the director’s objections. Unconstrained, Chuck fell to the floor in a heap. The director started yelling at Cynthia, holding out the script and cussing her. Chuck was nearly hyperventilating on the floor, his heart thumping in his chest.

            Cynthia stopped trying to argue with the director, and helped Chuck up. Ignoring the enraged director, she walked Chuck to her car, and left the studio.


“I am so sorry for that, Chuck; that was never supposed to happen.” Cynthia said, as she drove Chuck home.

Chuck didn't reply, but just tried to catch his breath. He tried to forget it, but he could clearly remember feeling that man’s cock push against his still virgin orifice. He looked at Cynthia, for once in his life actually thankful. Cynthia had certainly saved his ass, or cunt in this case.

Soon, Cynthia pulled into his driveway, little more than a gravel patch beside his mobile home. She helped him up the cheap cinder-block steps and into the mobile home.

Chuck told her to leave, so he could take a shower and try to clean himself off. Cynthia agreed, and apologized again, before leaving the lot. He peeled out of his clothes and was soon soaking in the tub.

He couldn't stop thinking about how close the man had come to entering him, and it seemed as though he could still feel the man’s cock pushing against his sex. Suddenly feeling an urge to get clean, he grabbed a wet rag from the side of the tub, and began to assault his pussy. He rubbed up and down, seemingly washing away the unclean feelings. Of course, his rubbing was starting him down a whole new path, and he quickly stopped his stimulating assault.


Part IV

The next day, Chuck spent several hours going over his records again. He had had to sell his laptop computer, to help pay off his breasts, and was trying to keep track of everything with a small calculator. He had nearly filled an entire notebook with figures and stats as he tried to see if there was anyway he could possible make enough money.
Wondering if his math was correct, he called Cynthia to confirm the numbers from her own records.

“Hello, Cynthia Sanderson, oh wait, is this Chuck?”

"Yes, look I need…”
“Oh god, I am so sorry for yesterday. I should have stopped that shoot as soon as that guy went for your nipple.”

“Yes, yes! Look, I forgive you, ok. Thanks. Now, listen: how much money have I made this last year, doing porn, I mean?”

 “Oh. Uh, wait a second. I need to find it…” Chuck could hear her computer start up, and listened to her typing on the keyboard for several minutes. Finally, she returned to the phone. “Well, I’m not your accountant or anything, so my records could be a bit off, but it says here that all your gigs together come up to about one hundred and eleven thousand dollars. Why?”

“I was just going over my records; got the same figure as you. I've been going over this again and again, but there doesn't seem to be anyway that I can win that bet.”

"Well, I hate to say I told you so, but I did tell you that this bet would be nearly impossible to win. Porn is not known for making people rich. It isn't the stock market; it’s practically filmed prostitution.”

“Hey! I’m not a damn prostitute!”

“Sorry! I didn't mean to insult you, Chuck, I just mean…”

“I know what you mean.” Chuck let the line go silent for a minute, looking over his records again before asking his next question. 

“Cynthia, last night, how much does Cindy make per shoot?”

“Cindy Swallows? Well, she is a pretty well known pornstarlet, so she could probably ask for a lot per shoot. Yesterday, she would have made over five grand.”

“Really? How much do less known girls make per shoot?”

“What, like you? Or straight girls?”


“Well, straight porn girls can usually get more gigs, and if they look good, can make upwards of two grand a shoot. That’s for a full movie though, I have no idea what a small time girl would make.”

“Ok. Well, I’m going to ask you a question, totally theoretical, ok? What if someone like me, with my looks, did straight porn? Could they make a lot of money, or would it not be worth their time?”

Cynthia was a little taken aback by Chuck’s question, but quickly recovered, answering, “Even an ugly girl with your breasts, or your ass, could make a lot of money. If she were willing to really, um, take part in the films, if you know what I need.”

“Even an ugly girl? Are you implying that I’m not?”

“Look, Chuck. Those hormones have really worked well with you, and I’m not insulting your manliness, or whatever. I’m just saying that you look really good, those surgeries for your face gave you a nice exotic look. I think it has something to do with your eyes, but whatever. And, I know how humiliating it is to you, but…your voice really makes you seem innocent and cute. Are you considering going into real porn?”

Chuck sighed, even trembled, before saying, “Well, I really hate the idea, but if it will help me win Mrs. Cornwallis’ bet, I willing to try pretty much anything right about now.”

“Why the sudden change of mind?”

“I just don’t think I can live like this for much longer.”

His answer alarmed Cynthia. “Hey, you aren’t contemplating suicide are you!?”

“Hell no! I just can’t stand living in these conditions; I miss my penthouse apartment; I miss eating real food, instead of this stupid rabbit chow; and I really hate this damn mobile home!”

Relieved, Cynthia said, “Oh, well that’s understandable, your used to being well-off. Once you’re done paying off your medical bills, you’ll be able to save more of your porno money and then get a real apartment again.”

“Yeah, I know. But that will still take a few months, and I’ll still be stuck with these damn tits, this humiliating voice, and this stupid diet! And if I don’t do something different soon, I’ll never be able to win the bet, and any chances of paying for my reversal surgeries.

“Cynthia, I need to make more money. If you can get me a straight gig, I’ll take it.” With that, Chuck hung up on her, and returned to his notebook.


Part VII

 “You don’t have to go through with this, you know? I mean, this was the only shoot I could get at the moment, but you really should build up to this a bit more gradually. You’re still sort of a virgin.”

Chuck ignored her objections, and continued getting dressed. He knew she was right; the closest he had come to being penetrated was when Nadine had put a penis gag in his mouth. In the months since he had become a woman, Chuck had never even fingered his new sex. He had played with his clit and breasts plenty, but had never explored his pussy further.

Cynthia tried to convince him again, but failed. Chuck wanted to get this over with a soon as possible. Staring a hardcore porno would a bit of a shock, he knew, but it would speed up the process. The sooner he was used to being fucked by guys, the sooner he could take on the better paying shoots and really start making a dent in that one million dollars.

Besides, he told himself, he wasn’t totally unfamiliar with this shoot. When he had first started doing porno, most of his gigs had been set up like this. One guy would fuck a girl for a scene, then leave, and another guy would come in and do a scene with her. There were usually six or more scenes like that in a given movie; hell he even owned porn like that back before this whole bet even started. Of course, this time did have one big difference: he was the girl now.

Just as he finished putting on his cheerleader costume, one of the cameramen called for everyone to get in their places. He went to the set, a mockup of a locker room, as several men dressed like football players shuffled around the fake lockers. Once everyone was situated, the director called action and the cameramen started filming.

The various football players started getting undresses, as Chuck stood off stage waiting for his cue. The players were soon nude and began walking into the showers.

The showers were as fake as the rest of the set, and were set up to fill with fog and mist after the players entered. As soon as all the guys were within the haze, Chuck walked on stage, as though he were a girl sneaking into the boy’s locker room. He followed his simple part in the script, lifting up jockstraps and the like. After a few seconds of doing this, he began snooping around in one of the lockers.

Chuck pushed his head deep into the fake locker, shaking about wildly to give the cameras a good view of his ass. He pushed his shoulder into the locker, and then tried to back out of the small locker. He began shaking about even more and cussing loudly, to make it look as though he were stuck.

In reality he could easily slide out of the locker, but the script called for him to get stuck, and so he did. He kept shaking his ass around, and cussing his misfortune. The point of this was to make his very loosely fitting panties fall down his legs. After a few more seconds of bouncing around, Chuck felt the fine, silken undergarments slink down his calves, eventually resting on his high heel clad feet.

As he continued to make a big fuss of being stuck, one of the football players walked out of the fog filled shower room. Chuck knew what was supposed to happen, according to the script, but couldn’t actually see the player enter the room or not. He tried to turn his head around, but the locker was too small for that.

The football player walked up to Chuck, and watched him struggle in the locker. Remaining silent, he lifted the hem of Chuck’s skirt up, getting a good look at Chuck’s exposed ass.

As the man began to feel up Chuck’s ass, Chuck began to recite his simple lines.

“Hey, who’s out there?”

“What do you think your doing?”

“Stop that right now!”

The player continued to run his hands over Chuck’s ass, waiting for Chuck to finish his lines. Once Chuck was done, he began to position himself.

Chuck quivered a little, feeling his pulse start to race. He knew what was coming and was very nervous. Then, almost exactly like the shoot with Cindy Swallows, he felt the man’s cock push against his sex. Crying out with real shock, Chuck felt the man slowly enter him. The man slid only a few inches into his virgin pussy, but it felt like a mile. Then, the man slid almost the entire way back out, waited a few seconds, and pushed back in. Then, he pulled out again; then pushed back in. Again, and again he did this, speeding up each entry, until he was truly thrusting in and out of Chuck’s pussy.

Chuck didn’t really have any more lines during this, he was just supposed to cry out a lot and moan. Instead, Chuck was nearly screaming after a few minutes, as the foreign sensations overwhelmed him. His high-pitched voice turned the various screams and moans into squeals of ecstasy.

The man pumped in and out of Chuck for about five or six minutes, before Chuck felt the player’s cock stiffen and swell within him. A second later, the man was moaning and Chuck could feel a hot substance spray into his sex. The guy groaned a few more times before pulling out of him, and returning to the shower room.

Chuck panted loudly, pants that were also distorted by his voice into squeaks of pleasure. He was still panting when he felt another pair of hands on his ass. The next player didn’t tease him like the first, but slammed his entire length into Chuck.

Cynthia sat in a chair, just beyond the set, and watched her client get pounded by the multitude of football players. By the sixth man, it seemed to her that Chuck’s moans and squeals were getting less enthusiastic; by the tenth, Chuck seemed ready to quit.

Chuck groaned again, as the man continued to pound into him. His body had gone nearly numb from the constant sex over the last hour or so. The guy finally orgasmed and Chuck gave out a loud cry in unison with the man’s final grunts.

Happily, this seemed to be the last man and the football players all walked off the set, laughing and pointing at Chuck’s well used form halfheartedly struggling to escape the locker. As the last players left the room, the cameras zoomed in on Chuck’s ass.

“Alright, that’s a wrap!” yelled the director.

Cynthia ran up on the set to help Chuck. For the most part, Chuck was fine, but his legs were shaking so badly he nearly fell off the heels. Cynthia half-walked, half-carried Chuck to the dressing room, and helped him peel the stained costume off.

“So, think you can do that again tomorrow?”

Chuck glared at her, annoyed.



Chuck’s porn career finally began to really take off; within two weeks he had made eight full-length films, and nearly twenty-five thousand dollars. After finishing “Locker Room Sluts III”, he filmed “Cunt Bangers V-VII”, and then “Camel Toe Babes 3-6”.

Fully exhausted by the last few weeks’ events, Chuck slunk down into the hot waters of his bathtub. He slid the wet rag over his breasts and down his flat stomach. Despite feeling tired and used, his attitude had greatly improved from only a few days before. After again going over his records, he finally felt confidant that he could actually win the bet. He knew Cynthia would warn him not to get too overconfident, especially after only a few gigs, but he still felt like his career was really turning around. Before he did the locker room shoot, he was making less than thirteen hundred per gig; now he was making nearly twice that.

Before he took his bath, Chuck had rigged up his TV on the toilet seat. Now, lying back in the warm water, he turned on the TV and pushed play on his old VCR.

“Locker Room Sluts III” had come in the mail that morning, and Chuck was eager to see how well he had done. As the film played out, he was shocked by just how feminine he was beginning to sound. He watched the men pound into him, one after another, and all the while his little girl voice would wail and squeal in delight.

As he watched, Chuck began to get turned on by his own antics in the film. Soon he was running his fingers in and out of himself, in rhythm with the men in the film. He began to come, his high-pitched shrieks filling the mobile home.


Chuck’s popularity grew with each film and with this added popularity his leverage with the porn companies. Cynthia heckled with the companies, and soon Chuck was making two or three grand per film. He was quickly becoming famous for his large breasts and squealing voice. His shrieks during sex were making him a sought-after commodity, and a very wealthy porn starlet.

Cynthia occasionally found him a lesbian scene, as his popularity in straight porn, also let him charge more for lesbian gigs. Chuck got into a fairly regular routine of two or three straight films, broken up with a lesbian flick once a week or so.

Chuck’s exotic face also added to his popularity, and to help add to this, he began to go to a salon every few films to get his nails done and his hair dyed. Cynthia advised him to get it made up in unusual colors and styles, as many directors felt that he had a somewhat oriental look to him, and the different colors made him look like an exotic Asian girl.

All this exoticness also got him a lot of the fetish roles, which generally paid better than the normal porn. He found himself increasingly wearing weird costumes, or dressed up as some anime character, which Cynthia called “cosplay”.

After nearly three months of constant filming, Chuck had made over three hundred and fifty thousand dollars, bringing his total to a little under the five hundred thousand halfway mark. With nine months to go, both Chuck and Cynthia were confident that he would win the bet.


Chuck looked down at his cleavage, holding his breasts tightly together. A large man stood over him, pumping his huge cock through the valley of cleavage. This was Chuck’s first titfuck, and he wasn’t really looking forward to it. He really hated giving blowjobs, and this scene required him to suck the guy off.

Chuck watched the cockhead rise out of the hole of cleavage and then recede back into the dark valley between his large breasts. The cockhead got closer to his face with each pump, and soon he would have use his mouth.

Cynthia watched Chuck lick the huge cock, and got a towel ready for him. After a few minutes, the guy groaned loudly and sprayed his semen all over Chuck’s face. As soon as the director said cut, Chuck was off the bed and wiping the spunk off his face with Cynthia’s towel.

“So, how do like getting titfucked?”

Still trying to get some spunk out of his blue hair, Chuck said, “It’s stupid. I don’t get anything out of it; if I had smaller tits, he wouldn’t have either.” Chuck grabbed a water bottle and began rinsing his mouth out.

The two of them watched the man walk past. “Well, would you have rather had that monster really fucking you?” said Cynthia, pointing to the nine-inch cock bouncing between his legs.

“He’s one of our larger guys,” said the website owner, and the film director, “but certainly not the biggest.”

“What did you say his name was?” Chuck asked, still washing his mouth out.

“Sledge. As in The Sledgehammer. He really wanted a piece of you; always had a thing for big tits. But anyway, tell me when you’re ready for the next guy, and will get this flick back underway.” The director walked off, the back of his jacket proudly showing his site’s logo.

Chuck sat down, and finished wiping off his breasts.

“Tell me again, why am I doing this, and for this piss ant site?”

Cynthia laughed, “Because, pays a hell of a lot for girls like you, and really pay when you do special stuff for them, like that titjob. Now, the next guy is their pride and joy. Do you think you can handle him?”

“Yeah, I think I can, but it’s still going to hurt like hell.”

“Well, there’s not a lot I can do about that; do you know your lines?”

“What, oh harder, harder, or do you like that? Yeah, I know my lines.”

“Ok, ok.” Cynthia laughed at Chuck’s little display, and to help ease his nerves. It didn’t seem to help, though.

Chuck told the director he was ready and crawled back onto the bed. A tall man walked into the room they were filming in, and started slipping out of his pants.

“Ok, folks, the cameras are running. Let me introduce Spitting Bull; he’s 6 foot 4 inches, 260 pounds, and a mix of Blackfoot Indian and Comanche. Show our guest here why you qualify to work at Monstrous Dongs.” said the director, narrating the film.

Spitting Bull unbuttoned his pants and unbuckled his belt, as the camera moved around to get a better view. Chuck waited for his pant to fall, as he was supposed to shriek in surprise at the size of the man’s cock.

With one quick pull, Spitting Bull removed his belt. His pants fell to the ground, and Chuck gave out a sputtering shriek. The Indian man’s cock stood at full attention, sans underwear; Chuck had never seen suck a giant thing on another man before.

At a full twelve inches long, Spitting Bull’s cock was one of the largest in porn. He had had many surgeries to get it to that length and many more to add girth. After half a dozen injections of fat and three dermal graft surgeries, his cock was nearly eight inches around; roughly the same as a soda can. His cockhead was even larger, closer to the size of an apple, than his shaft.

This size alone was enough to scare Chuck, but Spitting Bull had transformed his cock further by adding studs up and down the shaft, and around the head. The titanium studs sat just under the surface of the skin of his shaft. Each made a small bump, meant to increase stimulation. Several of the studs formed a tight spiral around his shaft, from the base to the head, while other, larger studs formed two lines running down the sides of his cock. A circle of studs ran around the outer rim of his cock head. All of this paled in significance to the two largest studs. These studs stuck up out of the cockhead, more like spikes than anything else, and were obviously meant to look like bull horns. If the size scared Chuck, these modifications terrified him.

“So, how do you like his bull?”

Chuck sat on the bed, agape. Spitting Bull walked up to him, and crawled onto the bed. When Chuck started to lie down on his back, Spitting Bull grabbed his waist and flipped him over.

“I prefer doggy style, bitch.” With that, he began to position himself over her.

Chuck was worried; he had never had anyone cuss him before or grab him violently like that. Cynthia tended to make sure that didn’t happen. Suddenly, he felt a pressure against his anus.

“Hey, I don’t do anal!” he yelled, trying to swing out of Spitting Bull’s grasp. Cynthia jumped up, demanding the director to control his porn star. Chuck’s attempts to escape Spitting Bull proved futile, as the massive man was far stronger than Chuck.

“Look, bitches, I only do anal!” Saying that, Spitting Bull rammed down hard, instantly forcing the huge head of his cock into Chuck. Chuck screamed in pain, and shock, as with another pump, the cock shot even deeper.

Sitting Bull began to slam into Chuck’s ass, ignoring Cynthia and the director. The bed began to violently shake, and then bounce several inches off the ground. The cameraman put down his equipment to help subdue Sitting Bull. Chuck screamed as the giant cock slammed back into his ass for a fifth time.

Suddenly, the entire bed broke. The corner Chuck was on fell to the floor, as the wooden bed leg snapped under him. With a final scream, he fell forward with the bed and slammed head first into a dresser.



When Chuck eventually woke up in the hospital, Cynthia explained everything to him, namely the injuries he had received. His front teeth had been broken out by the dresser; the top had completely come out, but the bottom teeth had broken in half.

“Now that you’re conscious, the doctor will want you to sign some papers letting them work on your mouth. He doesn’t think your bottom teeth can be saved; he said that he would also need to remove all four of your canine teeth, as the collision also broke the roots of your canine teeth. Oh, here he is now.”

Chuck was barely aware, but did manage to sign the papers the doctor had. When he again woke up, his mouth hurt like hell, and was full of gauze. The nurse soon showed up to replace the bloody gauze and gave him a shot for the pain.


Chuck’s mouth hurt for days, and the doctor told him it would take at least two weeks to fully heal. Cynthia ignored his pleas, and refused to let him do any porn until he was fully healed. Chuck finally gave up trying to convince her. Cynthia blew down his plans of suing Spitting Bull and Monstrous Dongs, saying that neither had enough money to be worth the effort.

So, resigned to his fate, Chuck spent the next two weeks doing virtually nothing, forced to communicate with a bell and notepad. Cynthia came over every morning; bringing him food and helping him change his gauze. She had a few other clients to tend to, but always found time to visit him in the evening too.

Finding that he unable to eat solid food, Chuck experimented with blending his salads into a paste. Ultimately, he found that the lettuce would never become liquid enough for him to eat. Finally, he decided to end his diet once and for all, tits-be-damned. 

And when Cynthia checked in on him the next morning she found him still sleeping on his grimy couch, an empty gallon jug of Double-Chocolate/Xtra-Fudge ice-cream in his feminine arms. 

* * * * *
To be continued?


  1. Ahhhh To be continued hope its reals loved this story

    1. Thanks, I once posted it on Amber Chalise's A Bimbo's Sanctuary forum, but never got a comment. And now the site seems to have disappeared/died. :-( So your comment is the most feedback I've ever had on this early tale. Thank you again.

      As far as continuing it, I don't really remember where the story was going. Clearly Chuck would become more and more feminine over time, but I don't know how it was supposed to end. Not happily for Chuck, I'm sure. :-)

      - Tabby

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