Saturday, June 29, 2013

Free Short Story: The Null-G Watercloset

Here's an old erotic short story of mine, about a woman on a space ship trying to use a high-tech toilet, and hitting the wrong button...

The Null-G Water Closet
by Tabitha Kohls

(Warning: Contains forced enemas, sci-fi elements, and minor bondage)


There are certain things they don't tell you about interstellar travel, the most important of which is the rather humiliating tasks one has to undertake after being unfrozen from a 25 year sub-light journey.

Melissa walked unsteadily into her private quarters bathroom. The white plastic walls seemed to flow smoothly from wall to floor, leaving no corners or visible seams. A common enough feature in a vessel designed to handle both null-G and simulated gravity. The room's only other feature was also a common item: a null-G toilet.

“Fuck me, how the hell do you work that thing?”

Melissa looked at the large, white plastic sphere that rose up in the exact center of the room. A small indention in the top of sphere was clearly molded roughly to fit the buttocks. Sighing, she sat down on the over-engineered appliance. “Now how do I set this thing to enema?”

Melissa, like every other traveler on board the ship, had spent the 22 light-year journey frozen solid in the ship's massive sub-deck. The freezing process was completely safe; humans had been freezing themselves to limit the impact of interstellar travel for centuries. A human could spend decades, perhaps even a century or two, frozen without the slightest damage or aging taking place. Unfortunately, the flora of the human bowel was a different story.

As soon as her bare bottom touched the cold plastic seat a computer interface erupted in the air before her, prompting her to select a toilet program. Melissa scanned the exhaustive holographic list, growing more impatient by the minute. She had thought the ship's doctor was just being perverted when he offered to carry out the standard enema procedure himself, but now, looking at the massively complicated user interface for the toilet, she wondered if she should have taken him up on his offer.

“What did the doc call it? Oh there it is, Wake-Up Procedure.” Melissa lazily swiped her hand through the hologram, selecting a program. The room's infrared sensors followed the movement of her hand, and calculated the exact placement of the hovering hologram from her perspective.

Would you prefer a voice-interface?” Melissa was momentarily shocked by the disembodied, computer-generated voice, but calmed back down. Her speaking aloud must have alerted the computer.

“Yeah, sure, that would be fine.” She sighed, waiting for the program to initiate. She just happened to look at the hologram, just before it flashed away. And in that moment, she realized she had selected the program under the Wake-Up Procedure. “Shit! Bring that back!”

But the computer was already setting up the new program. The voice returned, blasting from hidden speakers in the walls. “Welcome new user! You have selected... Impacted Bowel Relief Program. Please select a level of intensity.

“Wait, you stupid computer! I didn't--”

You have selected Level Eight.” Without warning, the plastic sphere beneath her flowed outward, unfurling two plastic arms that wrapped around her ankles and pulled her legs out into a wide stance. The sphere itself rolled backward, a thin plastic wall forming under her to support her, as she was tilted onto her back. Within seconds, the plastic toilet had transformed itself into a crude gynological exam table, with Melissa fully trapped as another set of plastic arms wrapped around her wrists.

Full restraint is recommended for all levels greater than Five. Please enjoy your Impacted Bowel Relief Program, and thank you for using Saigaicho Toilet and Accessories.

“God damn it, stop! Shut-down! Listen to me you stupid computer! Stop!” Melissa shrieked, hoping the simple computer intelligence would understand. Instead, the toilet continued following its pre-programmed subroutines. To Melissa's horror, a large plastic appendage slowly grew out of the sphere, rising up between her legs. Suddenly, a small hole appeared in the tip of the crude instrument, then it slammed forward toward her anus with alarming speed!

“Ahhhh!!” Melissa screamed, expecting the plastic spear to ram its way right through her. Instead, the scary instrument stopped just short of entering her, and sprayed her delicate rosebud with a long-term silicone-based lubricant. Then the plastic tube slid forward, driving itself slowly up into her rectum, ignoring her cries for help.

Melissa grunted, resigning herself to the humiliating process. After a few seconds, the tube was firmly inserted, stretching her anal sphincter around the thick shaft. She cried out again, as a balloon inflated just inside her opening, mirrored by another balloon on the outside. Both balloons grew until they were pinching her anus between them. And then the liquid began to flow.

Solution One, initiated. Total volume, Point-75 Gallons, imperial.” The trapped blonde traveler gasped as the cool fluid sprayed into her bowels, slowly filling them. She watched in terror as her belly began to bulge outward, until she had well defined baby bump.

The computer chimed in again, after a few minutes. “Solution One, completed. Solution Two, initiated. Total volume, Point-25 Gallons, imperial.” Another cold fluid flowing through the tube, mixing with the first, increasing her enema to a full gallon! Melissa gritted her teeth together, as the new liquid stretched her belly out further.

Solution Two, completed. Internal mixing now initiated, injecting five-hundred CC's of Nitrous-oxide Propellant.Propellant? Melissa gasped, as bubbles of gas began to erupt into her guts, slowly gurgling up through her overfilled bowel, mixing the liquids together. The two solutions made up a binary-compound, rapidly turning into a medical-grade jelly as they solidified.

Finally, the gas injection ended. Melissa groaned, her bowels feeling painfully stretched, the gas bubble that had formed at the top of her colon giving her a horrible need to break wind. The sphere did nothing however, waiting silently for the thickening mixture to finish turning to gelatin.

“Please, just let me go, you stupid computer! Fuck, what the hell is this shit?!” Melissa involuntarily squeezed the muscles lining her rectal cavity, feeling the bizarre squishiness of the congealed solutions.

Suddenly, the two balloons deflated and the tube pulled out of her. For a brief second, nothing happened. Then Melissa experienced the single biggest bowel movement of her life, as the compressed gas bubble in her colon forced thirty-feet of medical-grade jelly out her anus!

Growing faster than the human eye can perceive, a plastic funnel rose up from the sphere to cup her buttocks and efficiently capture the mass of solidified solution and billions of dead intestinal bacteria.

Melissa groaned and grunted her way through another fifteen minutes of voiding her bowels. Finally, she finished. Without missing a second, the toilet sprayed her bottom with warm water, then blasted her backside with warm air.

Impacted Bowel Relief Program completed. Do you require this process to be repeated?

Melissa groaned, realizing the toilet had righted itself and retracted the four arms that had bound her limbs.

“Dear god, no, I don't want to repeat the damn program! Ugh.”

The blonde stood up, and walked unsteadily from the bath room before the computer could reply.



  1. Enemas are not my thing, but humiliation unwittingly self-inflicted certainly is.

    And oh, how I hate menu interfaces....

  2. I would've loved to see her unwittingly start it a second time. Maybe through sarcasm. Instead of "Dear god, no..." "Yeah right..." and what level being "None! None!" "Level nine selected"

    Or, a surprise ending where the ejecting of what is effectively a thirty-foot dildo has her cumming.

    1. Ooh, clever idea! Sarcasm leading to her downfall, again! Love it!

      - Tabby

  3. I really enjoy your enema stories! I hope you will write more.