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Besides the free tales linked to on this page, I have also begun a new blog feature I'm calling Free Fiction Friday. I will put up a new story every Friday, for a limited time. When the next story is published, the previous one will be erased. Eventually I plan on bundling these short stories together and publishing them in ebook collections.

Please enjoy, and feel free to let me know what you think! :-D

- Tabitha Kohls

Free Stories List

The Null-G Watercloset - There are many perils to interstellar travel, but the toilets are the worst.

The Marking - A new principal breaks into a retiree's house, to steal a legendary paddle.

Jogger's Nightmare - A paralyzing snakebite turns a young jogger into a living doll.

Buffy's Adventure at the Laundromat - A bimbo spends an afternoon at the laundromat.

The Man at Table Six - A man uses a reality-changing typewriter to have fun with a waitress.

Works-in-Progess (WIP) : Unfinished Free Stories

Braggadocio - A braggart undertakes a bet, and gets more than he bargained for.

Tabby's Age-Play Holiday - A young woman wants a vacation from adulthood.

The Sorority Sissy - A college boy accidentally pledges his girlfriend's Sorority.

Chief Executive Bimbo - A powerful female executive is blackmailed into becoming a bimbo.

Now Published as Ebooks: Formerly Free Stories

Jailbroken - A young teacher's neural implant has been hacked by her students.

Oh-most Famous - A mysterious mind controller humiliates a young celebrity's body on live TV.

A Marvelous Interview - A mind controller interviews for a new job.

(These three mind control tales have been removed, and are now for sale as part of Mind Control Collection #1, available on

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