Friday, December 27, 2013

Free Fiction Friday: A Vera Tight Space

(UPDATE: This week's free story has now been removed, though I'm keeping the post up to save the comments. Thank you to all who have viewed and commented on this tale, - Tabitha) 

Personal Notice: 

(My beloved pooch of twelve years passed away very late on Christmas night, so at the moment I am not really in the best mood for writing. I've been very busy taking care of him these past several months, and especially the last few weeks. This (and my difficulties at my former Evil Day Job) is largely why my productivity has plummeted recently. 

When I am done grieving over him, I will start writing again, with a vengeance. But until then, these free Friday tales are probably the most you'll see of me. Thank you all for understanding,



This week's free story is another old tale of mine, slightly reworked in a few places to fix some old spelling/grammar errors. It is a self-bondage/predicament bondage-themed story, about a woman who builds a self-bondage device to play out her fantasies. Naturally, things go awry! :-)

Predicament bondage devices like the one in this tale are an old favorite subject of mine; I actually wrote this story to explore a few fun ideas I had for such a device. I rather like what I've come up with here. Hopefully the feeling will be mutual.

Also, I am going to rewrite this story as a full-length ebook soon, though I have some different ideas for the device's inner workings. And I want to develop the Landlady's character a bit more too. I've long planned to write a series of short, stand-alone tales following this story's protagonist, Vera Purdee, and I think the Landlady would make a fun reoccurring villain/foil to play with in the future.

Remember, this tale will be deleted by next Friday, when I upload another free tale. So if you want to read it, do so now rather than later. And be sure to comment and let me know if you want me to write more tales like this.

As always, click the Read More link to read the story, and have a Happy New Year!

- Tabitha Kohls

Friday, December 20, 2013

Free Fiction Friday: The Mad Gasser

(UPDATE: This Story has been removed, though I'm keeping the post up to save the comments.)

It's time for another Free Fiction Friday! Today's short story is actually one I wrote last year, but only ever published once, at a small story site elsewhere.  Hopefully it'll be new to most of you.

Now I must warn you; even by my standards this story is odd, and quite probably not to everyone's taste. I've never written a flatulence-fetish story before - or after for that matter - but hopefully the pure humiliation aspects of the tale will be enough to get past the rather unusual main theme.

As with last week's story, this tale will be posted until next Friday, when I will take it down. So read it now, before it fades away into the ether.

- Tabitha Kohls

Friday, December 13, 2013

Free Fiction Friday: How Big Will She Go?

(UPDATE: This Story has been removed, though I'm keeping the post up to save the comments.)

Okay everyone, I'm starting something a bit different today. I've been wanting to do something like this for a while now, but never really had the free time to realistically pull it off.

But as of sometime next week, I will no longer have a real day job, as my employers are outsourcing my entire department. On the bad side, the holidays this year are looking pretty dire, at least for most of the my fellow employees. I'm financially better off than most of them, and a lot younger too, which always helps weather these sort of storms.

But on the plus side, this means I can finally really dedicate my time to writing (both erotica and my mainstream content, which I will not link to here, so don't bother asking) and finally start turning this blog into something other than a mere billboard for when I manage to publish a new ebook. :-)

I am now officially starting what I'm going to call "Free Fiction Friday." It is my plan to post a new piece of free fiction, every Friday. This could be new short stories, or perhaps pieces of stories from my "Work In Progress" (WIP) folder. I have a lot of stuff to share with you all, and a few stories I wrote ages ago, and haven't yet posted here.

There is a catch for all this new, free content: it will only be posted here until the next piece of Free Fiction Friday is posted. So today's free story will be removed come next Friday. Which means if you want to read it, you've only got 7 days until it is gone. Any and all comments made to this post will remain in place, as I will only be removing the story content, not deleting the post entirely.

Also, I am hoping to eventually take these short tales, and publish them together as new ebooks, for you all to buy and read whenever you like. Depending on the length of these tales (I'm aiming for between 1K and 4K words) I will probably bundle 4 or 5 of them together at $2.99, since they'll normally amount to less than 20K words total. Of course, some may end up being lengthened into full-length books instead, so we'll just have see how it goes on a case-by-case basis.

Anyway, today's tale is about a fun little game-show centered around breast and butt expansion. I've had a real craving for writing a game-show story for a while now, and this is just one of the many ideas I've come up with so far. I'm afraid I've been a bit cruel to you readers, because this tale ends just when things are getting really good! :-)

I'll probably end up writing a whole other part to this, and making it into a real book eventually. In any case, I hope you all enjoy it, and don't forget, it'll be gone by next Friday, so read it now!!

The story is after the break, as always. 3,700+ words.

- Tabitha Kohls

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New Ebook: Another Hospital Nightmare

Well, it's been a whole month, but I've finally finished another ebook!

This new story, Another Hospital Nightmare, is a standalone sequel to my earlier Her Hospital Nightmare, and features some permanent hair removal, lots of speculum-play, and even long-term cast bondage!

Another Hospital Nightmare  

Self-centered and lazy night-shift nurse Emma Hassel is caught by a deranged patient, who just so happens to be a former gynecologist---and a very perverted one at that!

Now she must endure a night of huge speculums, long rectal thermometers, forced orgasms, and intense bondage galore!

Over 12,500 words of erotic fun!


This tale features a few of my personal favorite kinks, namely role reversal and mistaken identity as the nurse becomes the patient to her crazy new gynecologist.

I was originally planning on working in a lot more body-modifications, but as I was writing, it seemed a bit too much in the end. I also didn't have any major enema scenes, which I usually do with my medical-play stories, but I'm feeling a bit burned out on that fetish at the moment.

I don't know what stories I'll write next, but a sequel to The Plastic Surgeon's Revenge is definitely in the works, and I'm planning on a possible full-length version of my free story Jailbroken.

I hope you all enjoy the new story, and have a happy Christmas/Holidays! :-)

- Tabitha Kohls