Monday, March 18, 2019

New Ebook: As You Wish....

Greetings! I've finally finished and published a new ebook, and better than that, it has two never before seen stories in one!

As You Wish....
A young sales manager's life is turned upside down when she encounters a genie. But when the tricky creature twists her wishes against her, can she outwit the manipulative genie and come out ahead?

Also included is a second short story, titled 'Faker', involving a realtor-turned-bimbo due to a body-altering curse.

Both stories together bring this ebook to over 10,000 words of bimbo transformation fun!                        

Barnes & Noble

This is a magical transformation story, with an emphasis on bimbofication and wishes-gone-awry. Genie stories are a personal favorite of mine and I had a lot of fun writing this one.

I hope you all enjoy the new book, and a huge thank you to all of you who have already purchased the book. Please let me know what you think of it and the second story as well.

- Tabitha Kohls

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Free Fiction: Master Got Your Tongue?

Yep, finally a new free story, a quick little bimbo mindcontrol tale, with my favorite theme: bad wishes!

I hope you all enjoy this short tale. Consider it a belated Valentine's Day present, of sorts. ;-)

- Tabitha

Thursday, August 9, 2018

New Ebook: Bimbo Vignettes Collection #1

Greetings! It has been far too long for me to finally get back to publishing. Hopefully I'll get one of my other stories finished soon, to follow this one up.

This ebook is a collection of 9 short stories, which have been previously published on other sites. Though I have edited and partially rewritten them, including a new ending for one of them, this is mostly old content. If you have already read all my other work, then there probably isn't enough new material here to justify buying the book.

Bimbo Vignettes Collection #1

A diverse collection of nine short tales, previously published by Tabitha Kohls on her personal blog, and covering subjects ranging from bimbofication, gender change, body modification, and mind control and more! Over 12,000 words of sexy fun!

Barnes & Noble

I am working on a full-length version of "Thank You For Staring", the free story I posted here last year. I think I'm about 2/3rds finished. So it should be finished next.

Also I'm about half finished on a genie story, and Ro-Sham-Bimbo's third installment is also coming along, though I've been rewriting it as one of my big plot points just didn't work in the end.

I hope you all enjoy this ebook anthology, and I'm looking forward to finally getting back to my normal productivity. These past few years, and especially this last year, have been very trying for me, for a lot of reasons. But things seem to be turning around, at long last. Hopefully this new ebook will bode well for my writing in general.

Best wishes to you all,

- Tabitha Kohls

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Free Fiction: Thank You For Staring

Greetings all! And Merry Christmas!

Sorry about the lack of productivity here, but I think that will change soon. I've made a lot of progress on my next Ro-Sham-Bimbo story; in fact, if not for coming down with a nasty bout of flu I would've probably had it published this month already. I'm finishing it up and still need to do some editing and all that, but it should be posted soon.

In the meantime, and as a bit of a slightly-belated Christmas gift, here's a short story about a mind controller at a cafe. This is rather obviously inspired by the show Jessica Jones, which I've been watching lately. Not the best show, for various reasons not worth getting into, but still good for inspiring a story idea or two.

It ends rather abruptly, but if there is interest I could easily continue it, or add an epilogue to finish it off properly. Let me know what you think, and if you'd be interested in a continuation.

- Tabitha

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Free Fiction: Juggstaposed

Hello everyone and happy April Fools' Day!

Wow, gone for over a year, never expected I'd be gone so long. Sorry about that, everybody. A lot of real-life issues have come up over the past year, I got a bit depressed when two of my dogs suddenly died early last year, then got busy helping family remodel a very old house upstate that has taken a lot of my time, then had some more emotional issues this past few months that I'm finally starting to get over (I think/hope).

So it's been a lot of things distracting me and I haven't gotten nearly as much writing done as I'd hoped. But with any luck I'm finally getting things back under control, and can get out of this rut I've been in.

Today I have a brand new short-story, featuring the return of the Midnight Surgeon, the body-modification obsessed villain introduced in my ebook Psycho Ward Nightmare. Here he's mostly reduced to a cameo, but the whole 2500-word story features his handiwork.

I'm working on an ebook with him as the main villain, in what will probably be along a similar vein to my Amy's Whore Makeover story, which should make some people happy, as I've had a lot of emails asking for a follow-up or sequel. This won't be a sequel, but should have a similar body-mod theme.

As always, click the Read More to see the new story, and no, this is not a mean April Fool's prank!

Please let me know what you think, and sorry again for disappearing for so long, everyone!

- Tabitha

Thursday, December 3, 2015

New Ebook: Busted

Greetings everybody! As I mentioned in last week's free story post, I've published a new ebook themed around surgical breast expansion. This is actually a more romantic, consensual-type story than my usual fare, but still has some very fun moments, if you're a fan of big boob fun, anyway. ;-)

Busted (10,000 Words Long)

After Megan catches her boyfriend cheating with a bustier woman, she decides to save their relationship the only way she knows how: by getting the largest set of breast implants she can afford!

This 10,000 word story involves extreme breast enlargement, overfilled implants, super tight bras, and more!

Barnes & Noble

I hope you all enjoy the new story, and be sure to check out last week's free story as well. I plan to continue this story at some point in the future, as I have the whole ending already outlined and partially written. I just need to work out the middle part connecting this story to my ending, and I'm good to go. :-D

- Tabitha Kohls

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Free Fiction Friday: The Head Cheerleader's Party

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I'd say this was a bit late, but that's an understatement. I've been meaning to post a new free age-regression story for Halloween, but it never really panned out, unfortunately. So instead, today you're getting a Halloween story I originally started last year. It was largely inspired from one of my favorite episodes of a certain show about a vampire-slaying blond girl, but hopefully works well enough even if you haven't seen that episode.

It was meant to be a good bit longer, but I never got around to finishing it, so it's more of opening setup than a real story. But who knows, if there's any real interest in this, I might feel inspired enough to work on finishing it properly, hopefully before another Halloween rolls around!

And in other happy news, I've published a brand new ebook, centered around breast enlargement surgery! It's more of an erotic-romance type of story than my usual fare, but I like it. If you like stories about large breast implants, you'll probably enjoy it too. ;-)

It actually started out as a commissioned story some time ago, but I've since had to end that commission. What's left is basically the first act in a larger three-act story, but I think it works as a standalone for now. I do plan on finishing it eventually, as I've largely written the ending scenes already. I just need to decide what I want to do for the middle parts, and I can get to work.

Anyway, today's story is after the break, as per the norm. Oh, and be sure and check back here in a day or two, when I post the links to the new ebook. With the holidays in full swing, it's taking Amazon and Barnes & Noble a little while to process the new book and bring it up on their sites. The book is up for sale on Smashwords already, though, if you're the impatient sort.

Have a fun holiday and long weekend everybody! And let me know what you think of today's free story too! :-D

- Tabitha