Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Ebook: The Plastic Surgeon's Revenge 2

Greetings! Sorry for being so quiet lately, I've been very busy with real life issues these past several weeks.

I've finally finished another story, after nearly 2 months. It's a direct sequel to The Plastic Surgeon's Revenge, showing the further humiliations of Maya Backhertz, formerly Mike Hertz, at the hands of his ex-wife. :-)

The Plastic Surgeon's Revenge 2 (10,400 Words)

Another day in the life of Maya Backhertz, a man surgically transformed by his ex-wife into a buxom shemale.

This 10,400 word erotic story involves breast expansion, feminization, bizarre penis enlargement, and humiliating, skintight exercise clothing.

Barnes & Noble

I've started work on the third installment, and I think it'll be the conclusion of this little Gender Transformation series. Probably more hardcore than the first two tales, :-)

And later this week I'll start posting the next part of my Milking Games story.

- Tabitha Kohls

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Milking Games, Part 4 (WIP)

Ah, I changed my mind; here's the fourth part of my ongoing, forced lactation work-in-progress story, The Milking Games!

After the break, as per the usual.  Enjoy, everyone! :-)

- Tabitha Kohls

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New Ebook: Angela's Last Resort Collection

Greetings all, I'm afraid I don't have anything new for you just yet. I'm hard at work on several projects at the moment, but nothing quite ready for publishing just yet. I'm over 10K words into Chief Executive Bimbo, probably around half done, I think. I'll hopefully have it up in another week or so, if all goes well. :-)

In the meantime, I've finally gotten around to bundling up the three Angela's Last Resort stories together in a single collection. If you haven't bought any of this series before, buying this collection would save you around $2.00 from buying all three stories separately.

Angela's Last Resort Collection #1 (35,300 words)
A collection of all three previously-published installments of the Angela's Last Resort erotica series. This series follows the ordeals of a busty young teacher, who finds herself enrolled in an island vacation resort that specializes in fulfilling its guests' most extreme sexual fantasies.

Throughout her long ordeal she experiences all manner of bizarre body modifications, rigid bondage, medical play, enemas, and lots, and lots of sex!

Barnes & Noble

I know a lot of you are anxious for the fourth episode in Angela's little ordeal. I really am trying to work out just how I want it all to end, and once I do, I'll write it up at last.

- Tabitha Kohls

Friday, May 30, 2014

The Milking Games, Part 3 (WIP)

Another Friday, and another installment of my work-in-progress story, The Milking Games. I'm not sure, but this might be the last part I post here. I'm still hopeful that I'll eventually finish and publish this story, and this part ends at a good point.

As always, the story is after the break. Please enjoy, and let me know your thoughts,

- Tabitha Kohls

Monday, May 26, 2014

Free Fiction: Melons (WIP)

It's not Friday yet, but as a special Memorial Day present, here's a quick (3,000+ word long) excerpt from my ongoing epic body-mod story.

This is very boob-oriented, and includes some very old body-modification ideas I slightly touched upon in my Angela's Last Resort series some months back. I'm still a long way from finishing this story, but I've managed to write out a few scenes like this one, so I might post some more excerpts in the future. If there is interest, anyway.

As always, the story is after the break. I'll keep this tale posted until I finish and publish the main story. Until then, please enjoy this sneak peek into my dark, little mind.... :-)

- Tabitha Kohls

PS. And don't forget to check out last week's free story. It'll be gone when I post the next part later this week. Have a happy holiday! :-)

Friday, May 23, 2014

The Milking Games, Part 2 (WIP)

(UPDATE: This week's free story has now been removed, though I'm keeping the post up to save the comments. A real big thank you to all who have viewed and commented on this tale. - Tabby) 

I'm going to leave last week's installment up for another few hours, just in case some of you haven't read it yet, but it will be gone by midnight tonight, so read it while you can.

This installment is the big uniform sequence, probably my favorite part of the whole story. I was going to split it into two separate posts, one today and finishing it off next week, but I've decided to just post the entire 3K word sequence altogether today. Please enjoy, and let me know what you think! :-)

Story after the break, as per usual. Read it now, cause it'll be gone come next Friday, and the next installment.

- Tabitha Kohls

PS. Aside from finally finishing Chief Executive Bimbo and my epic body mod story, I've also begun a new Age Regression story last night, centering around a robotic, age-regressing, automatic diaper-changing machine.

So far it's practically writing itself, so it might end up being my next ebook. It's pretty similar in plot to some of my earlier forced lactation stories, like MILKED at the Dairy, or Prisoner of the Milking Machines.

I know it isn't Tabby's Age-Play Holiday, but for those of you who enjoy age-regression/ABDL, it is something to look forward too. :-)

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Milking Games, Part 1 (WIP)

(UPDATE: This week's free story has now been removed, though I'm keeping the post up to save the comments. A real big thank you to all who have viewed and commented on this tale. - Tabby) 

Wow, what a month! I've been hit with endless storms, a near-miss by a tornado, and then my internet connection failed!! Thankfully, the rain has stopped, and best of all, I've finally gotten a new satellite dish installed. :-)

Anyway, I'm now working on a new ebook, a full-length version of Chief Executive Bimbo. I posted a short excerpt a few months ago, HERE. I've changed some of the details, but I think it'll end up a fun tale, more of a slow-burn bimbo transformation story, with some body modifications, and a series of humiliating exercise routines.

I'm also working on my epic body-mod story, and I'll try to post a few excerpts sometime soon.

But enough of that: last year I started writing a forced-lactation tale, called The Milking Games. I'm not sure when, or even if, I'll ever get around to finishing it, but I have written a solid 14,000 words so far. 

I've decided to start posting the story here, in weekly installments. This is the first part, about 2,000 words. I'll leave this up until I post the next part, next Friday. I expect to eventually post the whole WIP here, as the weeks pass. Please enjoy, and let me know what you think. :-)

- Tabitha Kohls