Thursday, December 3, 2015

New Ebook: Busted

Greetings everybody! As I mentioned in last week's free story post, I've published a new ebook themed around surgical breast expansion. This is actually a more romantic, consensual-type story than my usual fare, but still has some very fun moments, if you're a fan of big boob fun, anyway. ;-)

Busted (10,000 Words Long)

After Megan catches her boyfriend cheating with a bustier woman, she decides to save their relationship the only way she knows how: by getting the largest set of breast implants she can afford!

This 10,000 word story involves extreme breast enlargement, overfilled implants, super tight bras, and more!

Barnes & Noble

I hope you all enjoy the new story, and be sure to check out last week's free story as well. I plan to continue this story at some point in the future, as I have the whole ending already outlined and partially written. I just need to work out the middle part connecting this story to my ending, and I'm good to go. :-D

- Tabitha Kohls

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Free Fiction Friday: The Head Cheerleader's Party

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I'd say this was a bit late, but that's an understatement. I've been meaning to post a new free age-regression story for Halloween, but it never really panned out, unfortunately. So instead, today you're getting a Halloween story I originally started last year. It was largely inspired from one of my favorite episodes of a certain show about a vampire-slaying blond girl, but hopefully works well enough even if you haven't seen that episode.

It was meant to be a good bit longer, but I never got around to finishing it, so it's more of opening setup than a real story. But who knows, if there's any real interest in this, I might feel inspired enough to work on finishing it properly, hopefully before another Halloween rolls around!

And in other happy news, I've published a brand new ebook, centered around breast enlargement surgery! It's more of an erotic-romance type of story than my usual fare, but I like it. If you like stories about large breast implants, you'll probably enjoy it too. ;-)

It actually started out as a commissioned story some time ago, but I've since had to end that commission. What's left is basically the first act in a larger three-act story, but I think it works as a standalone for now. I do plan on finishing it eventually, as I've largely written the ending scenes already. I just need to decide what I want to do for the middle parts, and I can get to work.

Anyway, today's story is after the break, as per the norm. Oh, and be sure and check back here in a day or two, when I post the links to the new ebook. With the holidays in full swing, it's taking Amazon and Barnes & Noble a little while to process the new book and bring it up on their sites. The book is up for sale on Smashwords already, though, if you're the impatient sort.

Have a fun holiday and long weekend everybody! And let me know what you think of today's free story too! :-D

- Tabitha

Friday, October 30, 2015

New Ebook: Chief Executive Bimbo 2: Total Ditz

Greeting everyone, sorry about the long absence. But I've finally (after 4 months!) published a new ebook, a sequel to Chief Executive Bimbo from last year. This picks up right after the first one, and includes a bit more of the body modification stuff I love so much. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. :-)

Chief Executive Bimbo 2 (12,800 Words Long)

Greedy, embezzling CEO Dorothy Zucker is back, trying to turn the tables on her secretary before she is totally transformed into the office bimbo. But is the buxom blond bombshell already too late?

This 12,800 word erotic tale of office domination includes themes of role reversal, status reduction, humiliating clothing, body modification, oral sex, painful hair removal practices, and bimbofication galore!

Barnes & Noble

I'm already working on a third (and final) installment, as I had a good bit of material left that was going to go into the ending of this sequel.

In other news, I fully intended to post a followup to my free story Order of Magnitude, in the last post. But I seem to have lost some documents on my computer, including the finished Order of Magnitude 2 story. I have some of the text still, but it is unfinished. I was hoping to find the missing files on a flash drive or buried deep in my hard drives somewhere, but now it looks like it is all lost permanently after all. So I'll have to rewrite it, I guess.

I'm also currently working on a Halloween-themed story, not sure if I'll have it finished tomorrow or not. If not, I'll try and get it posted as soon as I can, aiming for Sunday or Monday. It's an Age-Regression story, since I haven't done one of those in a long while now and was in the mood lately.

Happy Halloween, everybody!

- Tabitha Kohls

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Free Fiction Friday: Order of Magnitude - and some news

I wrote this over a year ago, but have recently written a standalone sequel, so I figured I might as well post this part first. I was planning on posting it here last Friday, but realized too late that I needed to edit it a bit before it was ready to post here.

I'm hoping to put the second, and totally new, installment up this coming Friday. It isn't a direct sequel, but it will answer a few questions as to Tasha's ultimate fate.

On the ebook front, I'm starting to finally get some of my old muse back at last. I've just started work on a new superheroine story, and have a few similar tales outlined as well. I'm also planning out a third Ro-Sham-Bimbo game show story, this time with a politician theme.

And finally, I've been working on an Age-Regression story, the first since I published Paddled! nearly two years ago. I think this story will have a very Hal or Daring Diane or Alec Leamus feel to it when I'm done. So if you're into their sorts of stories, this might be right down your alley when it's done.

Sadly, none of these stories, or any of the others I've also got simmering, are anywhere near ready to publish yet. And I'm not sure how long it will be. Just be patient with me, and I'll get something out there for all you lovely folks though. :-)

Well, that's about it for news, on to today's story. Just click the 'Read More' link below, as per usual. And be sure and let me know what you think, especially if this story is new to you. I love feedback, after all....

- Tabitha Kohls

Thursday, July 2, 2015

New Ebook: Ro-Sham-Bimbo 2: Sorority Showdown

At long last, I've finished and published my standalone sequel to last year's hit Ro-Sham-Bimbo! At more than 25,000 words, it's also my biggest book yet! And I believe it's the first story of mine that's touched on Age-Progression as a fetish, for those of you who are into that sort of thing.

Ro-Sham-Bimbo 2: Sorority Showdown (25,300 Words)

The hit game show is back and bigger than ever! This time around, three hot sorority girls compete for the prize money and the chance to change their bitter rivals into buxom, sex-obsessed bimbo-sluts!

Over 25,000 words of breast expanding, mind-altering, wardrobe changing, age-progressing, body-modifying, bimbofication fun!

Barnes & Noble

I hope you all enjoy this new story, cause I've had real a blast writing it! ;-)

I think for my next project, I'll work on an old age-regression story idea I've been meaning to get to for a while now. And maybe try a magical story or two while I'm at it. Thanks for visiting, everyone!

- Tabitha

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Finally got around to publishing a new story, after several months. This is a bdsm/blackmail-themed story, one of those rare tales where a female dominate gets taken down a notch or two. It is a bit shorter than my more recent stories, but I'm quite happy with how it came together.

OFFICE BOUND (8,200 Words Long)

A beautiful young domme hatches a scheme to entrap her chauvinistic boss and add him to her harem of male playthings. But has she bitten off more than she can handle? 

Over 8,200 words of hot, sexy fun! Including scenes of painfully strict bondage, humiliating figging, male domination, coercion, and more!

Barnes & Noble
Kobo: No longer using this distributor; see below

I'm finished trying to upload ebook on Kobo, so sorry if that's where you prefer to shop. But they are taking ages to publish anything lately, and being very finicky again. They've just refused to publish this new story (they claim due to inappropriate content, though it's hardly any rougher than my usual stories) and just this week they finally published my bundle of The Plastic Surgeon's Revenge Series, after more than a month of waiting. For comparison, Amazon and Smashwords go live within hours or a day at most, B&N takes around 2 days usually. More than 30 days is ridiculous.

So I'm done with Kobo. I'm looking at expanding into a few other sites in the future, but probably not for another month or so. Again, I am sorry if is your preferred store; I won't delete my account or anything, but my future stories won't be published there.

Anyway, in happier news, my upcoming standalone sequel to Ro-Sham-Bimbo is progressing nicely, and I hope to have it up later this month. A sequel to Chief Executive Bimbo is also in the works, as well as my commissioned story(s), and even a new age-regression tale. With any luck, I'll have all of them published in the next few months, and a few more free stories posted here as well in the meantime.

I hope you enjoy the new story, and thanks for visiting! :-)

- Tabitha

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Free Fiction Humpday Special - I, Scream Queen

A bit early for a Free Fiction Friday post, I know, but I figured why wait? I finished this short tale in about an hour, which is probably a record for me, as I usually manage on around a thousand words.

Today's short story is more of a horror story than my usual fare, and admittedly, I skimped a bit on the body-modifications. But still, I'm pretty happy with how this simple story turned out, and hopefully you all will enjoy it too.

All 2,500 words are after the break, as always. Let me know what you think, please! :-)

- Tabitha Kohls

Friday, April 3, 2015

Free Fiction Friday: The Distraction Game

Sorry everyone for the lack of productivity lately, I've had a number of issues to deal with these past few months, not least of which has been a sort-of writer's block funk. And a major scare with Google policy banning this very blog, that thankfully seems to have been squashed by public outrage, at least for the time being.

But just this past week I've seen a major turn around; I wrote today's tale in about 4 hours just last night, couldn't stop til I was finished. And I've started work on a number of other stories, some which might turn up here on future free fiction posts, and others that will be new ebooks. I've got everything from a BDSm story to multiple Age-Regression tales fully outlined and plotted. So expect to see more stories in the future.

Most recently I've been planning out a sequel to Ro-Sham-Bimbo, which probably explains why my attempt to write an April Fool's Day-themed story turned into today's pornographic game show tale instead. :-D

The new story is after the break, all 3,500 plus words of it. Please let me know what you think in the comments, if you enjoyed it or would like to see more stories like this, etc.

- Tabitha Kohls

Friday, March 20, 2015

New Ebook: The Plastic Surgeon's Revenge 3 and Collection

I'm way behind in posting this, as I actually published this new story way back in January, but better late than never, I guess.

The Plastic Surgeon's Revenge 3 finishes off the trilogy, in a big way. At 20,000 words long, it is my longest published story to date! Due to that length, however, I have bumped the price up to $3.99 over my usual $2.99 price.

The Plastic Surgeon's Revenge 3 (20,000 Words)

In this exciting conclusion, a famous plastic surgeon finally achieves her ultimate revenge as she completes her ex-husband's humiliating transformation from adulterous playboy to fake-breasted bimbo.

This epic 20,000 word erotic story involves female domination, anal and oral sex acts, and extreme surgical body modifications; including breast implants, feminization, bizarre penis alterations, and much more.

I have also published all three Plastic Surgeon's Revenge ebooks in a single bundle, at $7.99, which would save $2 off of buying the trilogy individually.

The Plastic Surgeon's Revenge Collection

The entire formerly published The Plastic Surgeon's Revenge trilogy collected in one bundle!

Lazy, spoiled playboy Mike Hertz gets his comeuppance when his famous plastic surgeon wife catches him cheating on her, and uses her talents to surgically transform him into the ultimate fake-breasted bimbo!

Over 39,000 words, this collection features scenes of bizarre surgical body modifications, massive breast expansion, femdom humiliation, penis enlargement, super tight outfits, and more!

Barnes & Noble
Kobo: coming soon!

In other news, I am working mostly on my first commissioned story at present, though I've also made some progress on a new BDSM-themed story, sort-of similar to my Angela's Last Resort stories. I'm not sure when that will all be ready to publish, but hopefully sooner rather than later.

I'm also planning out a few new free stories, perhaps a revival of my Free Fiction Fridays in the near future? ;-)

Thanks for visiting,

- Tabitha Kohls