Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Ebook: Bubble Gum Bimbo

Happy New Years (and a belated merry Christmas too)!

Sorry that it's been so long since I updated the blog. These past few months have been super busy for me, with various family and health issues that have come up. But I have finally published a new ebook.

I was saving posting this, as I have another book close to being finished and was hoping to post both at the same time. But now it looks like it'll be a bit longer before I'm done with the second ebook. So that will have to wait until sometime in January.

My new ebook is called Bubble Gum Bimbo. It's a bimbofication office-girl story with mind control elements, and lots of humiliating little bimbofied details throughout.

Bubble Gum Bimbo (10400 Words)

A busty receptionist reminisces about how a famous rival turned her from a well-respected psychiatrist into a silicone-filled office bimbo.

This 10,400 word story involves scenes of mind control, breast enlargement, humiliating clothing, slutty makeup, role reversal and status reduction.

I hope you all have had a lovely holiday season, and enjoy the new ebook. :-)

- Tabitha Kohls

Thursday, August 28, 2014

New Ebook: Chief Executive Bimbo: Dorothy's Downfall

Greetings! I've finally finish my Chief Executive Bimbo ebook. I previously published a free excerpt of this story when it was still a WIP, located here, though the story ended up taking a different direction in the end.

Chief Executive Bimbo: Dorothy's Downfall (13,000 Words)

The first part in a new series, following greedy CEO Dorothy Zucker as she is slowly transformed from a successful businesswoman into the office bimbo.
This 13,000 word erotic tale includes themes of coercion, female domination, role reversal, status reduction, and bimbofication.


Now, I must warn you, this story ends on a real cliffhanger. I've got a next part planned out, including an ending, and that will finish off the story. So this should become a nice, simple duology once I'm done with the next part.

Still, there is lots of blackmailing and fun little public humiliation scenes in this once, and my pre-reader liked it even if it does end a bit abruptly. So hopefully you'll all enjoy it too. :-)

- Tabitha Kohls

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Milking Games, Part 6 (WIP)

Happy Saturday! :-)

This is the sixth, and final part of my forced-lactation/post-apocalyptic story, The Milking Games. It just ends, mid-scene, so I apologize for that.

When I first wrote this, I started out with an idea for the ending, but as the story progressed and the characters developed, the ending I had planned began to feel very anti-climatic. That is why I never finished the story. I've since decided on a different ending, but it will require me to massively rewrite the early portions of the story to properly set it up. And I really, really hate editing. So, I've been putting it off for that reason. Not to mention I've been super busy this past year writing other stories, that were more fresh in my mind.

Plus, lately I've been in the mood for other sorts of fetishes besides lactation, but I'm slowly starting to move back toward that. One day I will finally feel like finishing this tale off properly, and I'll change the parts that need changing. Primarily, I want to rewrite one of the main villains as a woman(Andy), to set up a sort-of comeuppance ending.

Right now I've been commissioned to write a story involving massive breast implants, and that has my focus at present. Besides that, I really want to finish off my third The Plastic Surgeon's Revenge story.

Anyway, the final part of the story is after the break. I hope you all enjoy it, and have a fun weekend! :-)

- Tabitha Kohls

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Milking Games, Part 5 (WIP)

Here's the next chapter of my work-in-progress forced lactation story, The Milking Games.

As usual, the story is after the break. Please enjoy and let me know what you think! :-)

- Tabitha Kohls

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Ebook: The Plastic Surgeon's Revenge 2

Greetings! Sorry for being so quiet lately, I've been very busy with real life issues these past several weeks.

I've finally finished another story, after nearly 2 months. It's a direct sequel to The Plastic Surgeon's Revenge, showing the further humiliations of Maya Backhertz, formerly Mike Hertz, at the hands of his ex-wife. :-)

The Plastic Surgeon's Revenge 2 (10,400 Words)

Another day in the life of Maya Backhertz, a man surgically transformed by his ex-wife into a buxom shemale.

This 10,400 word erotic story involves breast expansion, feminization, bizarre penis enlargement, and humiliating, skintight exercise clothing.

Barnes & Noble

I've started work on the third installment, and I think it'll be the conclusion of this little Gender Transformation series. Probably more hardcore than the first two tales, :-)

And later this week I'll start posting the next part of my Milking Games story.

- Tabitha Kohls

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Milking Games, Part 4 (WIP)

Ah, I changed my mind; here's the fourth part of my ongoing, forced lactation work-in-progress story, The Milking Games!

After the break, as per the usual.  Enjoy, everyone! :-)

- Tabitha Kohls

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New Ebook: Angela's Last Resort Collection

Greetings all, I'm afraid I don't have anything new for you just yet. I'm hard at work on several projects at the moment, but nothing quite ready for publishing just yet. I'm over 10K words into Chief Executive Bimbo, probably around half done, I think. I'll hopefully have it up in another week or so, if all goes well. :-)

In the meantime, I've finally gotten around to bundling up the three Angela's Last Resort stories together in a single collection. If you haven't bought any of this series before, buying this collection would save you around $2.00 from buying all three stories separately.

Angela's Last Resort Collection #1 (35,300 words)
A collection of all three previously-published installments of the Angela's Last Resort erotica series. This series follows the ordeals of a busty young teacher, who finds herself enrolled in an island vacation resort that specializes in fulfilling its guests' most extreme sexual fantasies.

Throughout her long ordeal she experiences all manner of bizarre body modifications, rigid bondage, medical play, enemas, and lots, and lots of sex!

Barnes & Noble

I know a lot of you are anxious for the fourth episode in Angela's little ordeal. I really am trying to work out just how I want it all to end, and once I do, I'll write it up at last.

- Tabitha Kohls

Friday, May 30, 2014

The Milking Games, Part 3 (WIP)

Another Friday, and another installment of my work-in-progress story, The Milking Games. I'm not sure, but this might be the last part I post here. I'm still hopeful that I'll eventually finish and publish this story, and this part ends at a good point.

As always, the story is after the break. Please enjoy, and let me know your thoughts,

- Tabitha Kohls

Monday, May 26, 2014

Free Fiction: Melons (WIP)

It's not Friday yet, but as a special Memorial Day present, here's a quick (3,000+ word long) excerpt from my ongoing epic body-mod story.

This is very boob-oriented, and includes some very old body-modification ideas I slightly touched upon in my Angela's Last Resort series some months back. I'm still a long way from finishing this story, but I've managed to write out a few scenes like this one, so I might post some more excerpts in the future. If there is interest, anyway.

As always, the story is after the break. I'll keep this tale posted until I finish and publish the main story. Until then, please enjoy this sneak peek into my dark, little mind.... :-)

- Tabitha Kohls

PS. And don't forget to check out last week's free story. It'll be gone when I post the next part later this week. Have a happy holiday! :-)

Friday, May 23, 2014

The Milking Games, Part 2 (WIP)

(UPDATE: This week's free story has now been removed, though I'm keeping the post up to save the comments. A real big thank you to all who have viewed and commented on this tale. - Tabby) 

I'm going to leave last week's installment up for another few hours, just in case some of you haven't read it yet, but it will be gone by midnight tonight, so read it while you can.

This installment is the big uniform sequence, probably my favorite part of the whole story. I was going to split it into two separate posts, one today and finishing it off next week, but I've decided to just post the entire 3K word sequence altogether today. Please enjoy, and let me know what you think! :-)

Story after the break, as per usual. Read it now, cause it'll be gone come next Friday, and the next installment.

- Tabitha Kohls

PS. Aside from finally finishing Chief Executive Bimbo and my epic body mod story, I've also begun a new Age Regression story last night, centering around a robotic, age-regressing, automatic diaper-changing machine.

So far it's practically writing itself, so it might end up being my next ebook. It's pretty similar in plot to some of my earlier forced lactation stories, like MILKED at the Dairy, or Prisoner of the Milking Machines.

I know it isn't Tabby's Age-Play Holiday, but for those of you who enjoy age-regression/ABDL, it is something to look forward too. :-)

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Milking Games, Part 1 (WIP)

(UPDATE: This week's free story has now been removed, though I'm keeping the post up to save the comments. A real big thank you to all who have viewed and commented on this tale. - Tabby) 

Wow, what a month! I've been hit with endless storms, a near-miss by a tornado, and then my internet connection failed!! Thankfully, the rain has stopped, and best of all, I've finally gotten a new satellite dish installed. :-)

Anyway, I'm now working on a new ebook, a full-length version of Chief Executive Bimbo. I posted a short excerpt a few months ago, HERE. I've changed some of the details, but I think it'll end up a fun tale, more of a slow-burn bimbo transformation story, with some body modifications, and a series of humiliating exercise routines.

I'm also working on my epic body-mod story, and I'll try to post a few excerpts sometime soon.

But enough of that: last year I started writing a forced-lactation tale, called The Milking Games. I'm not sure when, or even if, I'll ever get around to finishing it, but I have written a solid 14,000 words so far. 

I've decided to start posting the story here, in weekly installments. This is the first part, about 2,000 words. I'll leave this up until I post the next part, next Friday. I expect to eventually post the whole WIP here, as the weeks pass. Please enjoy, and let me know what you think. :-)

- Tabitha Kohls

Friday, May 2, 2014

Question to Readers

So, I've pretty much abandoned my Free Fiction Friday idea; try as I might, I just can't write short stories often enough. Not ones that I'm happy with, anyway. I'll still post free stories here, though, just not along any particular schedule. I'll probably repost some of the free stories I've deleted here too. And I've got tons of WIPs that I can post as well.

Anyway, my big question to you all right now is about my next Ebook. I've been tinkering around with a few ideas, but I want to see what you all would prefer.

I've had this big story about a secret society of plastic surgeons, who use their skills to transform women into elaborate, bizarre new forms, brewing in my head for a while now.

I'm not just talking about more of the standard body-mods I've done in past stories; breast implants, tattooing, piercing, and so on. I'm talking total body alterations, with amputations, full body tattoos, women turned into furniture or used as appliances. I briefly touched on a few of the less extreme ideas in the Angela's Last Resort series, especially the second and third books, the titcams in particular. So if you've read those books, you might have an idea of what I'm talking about.

My vision is more akin to Benson's artworks, if you are familiar with him; very extreme body modifications, basically. I've got ideas ranging from women turned into permanent statues through rigid bondage and training, to art decorations, to living mermaids and ponygirls.

However, I can just feel that this sort of story will take a while to write and probably monopolize my time for a good several weeks, if not more. My plot idea is only partly worked out, but I think I have enough to get started, if there is interest.

So, my question to you all is, what would you like to see next? This epic body mod story, or more of my normal stuff? I could focus my time writing a sequel to The Plastic Surgeon's Revenge, as I've got the basic plot worked out already. It would continue the story with some forced exercise, more surgical alterations, general femdom, etc. But nothing as far-out as my big concept story would.

Please let me know what your preferences in the comments. If I focus my time on one particular idea, I think I can be more productive in the long run. But I'd like to spend my time working on something I knew you'd all enjoy. If amputations, and bizarre alterations like that seem too much to you, let me know, please. :-)

- Tabitha Kohls

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Ebook: Ro-Sham-BIMBO

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I've finished my new bimbofication ebook. This is the first time in many months that I've managed to finish two stories in the same month. Yay!

This story is set in a game show, where the losers can be changed in myriad different ways by both the audience and their opponents. I wanted the transformations to be very varied from character to character, playing on other game show stories I've read in the past. I've got voice changes, breast expansion, new humiliating clothing, tattoos and other body mods, and more besides.

Three young, successful women compete against each other on a hit game show, where the losers must face elaborate penalties that can alter their bodies and minds alike!

This 16,700 word tale includes a little of everything, from breast expansion, mind control, body modification, tattooing, piercings, to public diaper changes, humiliating speech impediments, and slutty wardrobe changes!                                  

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble and Kobo are both giving me lots of trouble getting this book published; B&N keeps getting an odd error when I upload my document, and Kobo can't seem to upload my cover image.

So it might take a few more days to get everything up and active on those two sites. Kobo still hasn't finished uploading my last ebook either. :-(

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this new tale. I liked coming up with fun penalty options for the girls, and could easily make more stories about this game show, but with other results.

- Tabitha Kohls

Monday, April 7, 2014

New Ebook: Psych Ward Nightmare

I've been hit low the past week or so with a terrible bit of bronchitis, but I've managed to finish a new ebook.

I actually started this one several months ago, but after a bit of rewriting, ended up writing Another Hospital Nightmare instead. So this new ebook is somewhat similar in premise to AHN, but deals more with body-mods, than medical-play.

I also spent way too long working on the cover, but I'm rather proud of it. :-)

Psych Ward Nightmare

A self-centered, buxom nursing supervisor undergoes a series of bizarre and humiliating body modifications, after she blunders into the arms of an infamously perverted patient, newly escaped from the hospital's psych ward.

This 17,000 word erotic story features many facial and body piercings, surgical breast expansion, a massive speculum, huge enemas, and intense bondage and humiliation.

Barnes & Noble

I'm not sure what my next story will be, but I'm in the mood for a bimbofication-themed gameshow tale, I think. :-)

Have a fun week, everyone.

- Tabitha Kohls

Friday, March 28, 2014

Free Fiction Friday: The Man at Table Six

Here's a totally new short story about a man with reality-bending powers, playing with a young waitress during lunch hour.

Just some basic bimbofication / mind control here. I didn't really have a plan when I started, and I just sort of let the story find an ending on its own. I was aiming for something akin to the famous chaotic "Bad Man" stories by MC_Fan and Burke Rakers, respectively, but I don't feel I really did those stories justice.

Oh well, I can always try again, I suppose. Please enjoy, everyone. :-)

- Tabitha Kohls

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Exciting News and Ebooks Links

(UPDATE: Angela's Last Resort 2 is up! :-) )

I've got lots of exciting news to share, but first, I think I've finally got my Amazon ebook fiasco under control.

Angela's Last Resort 1 & 2 have been resubmitted to Amazon now, though only Angela's Last Resort 1 has gone live so far. But ALR2 should be up in another day or so, and I'll update this post with links.

Also, I've had to resubmit this month's ebook, The Doll, as The Living Doll, with a new cover and title, as well as slight changes to the book description. This new cover and title will only appear on Amazon, as I'm leaving the original big-boob cover on B&N, Smashwords, and Kobo

I really like the original cover, though the new one shows off the whole Mannequin-transformation thing quite well, I think.

New, Boob-light Cover
Old, Big Boob Cover

I've rewrote most of the book descriptions of my entire catalog on Amazon, to minimize the chance of further issues in the future. 

The biggest change I've had to make was to my gender transformation / forced crossdressing story Pledge Week Revenge: Sissy Makover. I've changed the title to the much simpler Panty Raider's Punishment, and given it a less objectionable cover. (The original showed too much skin, apparently)


In more exciting and related news, a well-known erotica author, Selena Kitt, has launched a new erotic ebook site called Excitica.com (Details at Selena Kitt's blog: HERE)

Like my own recent problems, she has had to deal with the major ebook distribution sites, like Amazon, Kobo, B&N, Smashwords, and so on, trying to censor her books. Amazon especially is cracking down harder and harder these days, and constantly changing what they consider allowable content, with no clear indication as to their actual policies.

Selena Kitt's new Excitica site promises to allow practically anything, with no fears of censorship. At the moment it is still under beta, and busy trying to work out bugs. But apparently it will fully launch sometime later in the year.

Since I haven't been able to get onto the site proper, many of the details are still unknown to me, but overall the site sounds like a great idea, for myself and erotica writers everywhere. Once the site is up and going, I fully plan to join up and publish all my stories there, as well as at Amazon, Smashwords, and B&N.

I do know that this site is much better set up for erotica, with lots of useful categories in place, for just about every common fetish out there. 

And this new site is supposed to pay out at around 60% price, a bit lower than Amazon, but not bad. Even better, it will pay 60% even for ebooks under $2.99, so I might finally be able to put up some short stories for $0.99. Whereas Amazon drops to 35% for books under $2.99.

All in all, I can't wait for the site to fully launch, and start selling ebooks there. I've had a lot of ideas that are just too out-there for Amazon or any of the normal distribution sites. But this new site sounds like just the place to try some of them out, and see how they go over.

Also, I'm roughly 70% done with my new ebook, which will have lots of piercings, and some nice big breast enlargement for you all to enjoy. Thanks for visiting! :-)

- Tabitha Kohls

Monday, March 24, 2014

An Update on the Great Amazon Ebook Crisis of 2014

Okay, I've been real busy this weekend dealing with my whole ebook problem. I've reworked the synopsis and tags for nearly all my ebooks on Amazon, and even reworked a few covers too, all to minimize the chance that another story would blocked. Only time will tell if it worked.

As for the two books that were blocked, I emailed Amazon about it, and got a form letter in response. Besides being totally unhelpful, it did mention that I could try resubmitting my stories. So I've republished Angela's Last Resort, adding the number 1 to the title, and reworked the synopsis to remove any possibly offensive material. The actual content of the book remains largely the same, though I have rewrote several early sections to slightly tone down Angela's abduction scene. Mostly by giving her lots of unexpected orgasms, which I'm sure she needed. :-)

Anyway, the story isn't really changed in any major way. As to Angela's Last Resort 2, I haven't resubmitted it yet, but will soon now that I know ALR1 got accepted.

I also want to mention that I have resubmitted my new mannequin transformation ebook, The Doll, to Amazon just a few minutes ago. I changed the cover entirely, and now the story is entitled The Living Doll.

As much as I really loved the original big-titted cover, I think it showed too much skin and got the story flagged by Amazon's sales-killing adult filter. I've noticed that, despite being brand-new this month, it wasn't showing up in my searches on Amazon. The filter hides stories from the main search; to see the filtered stories, you have to actively select the Kindle Store in the search bar. Which most people don't seem to know, yet, unfortunately for all us starving smut writers.

Anyway, now that things seem to be getting back under control, I'm focusing on my new story. It'll feature lots of body-modifications, like piercings and breast expansion, as well as some medical-play. So far I've completed about half of it, over 5,500 words. Hopefully I'll be able to finish the rest before the end of this month.

Thanks to you all for your sympathies and support, and especially your patience, while I've dealt with this whole Amazon fiasco.

- Tabitha Kohls, who has skipped the ice cream in favor of an extra-large bag of peanut butter M&Ms. :-)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Another Amazon Censorship Crisis

UPDATE: I've sent Amazon an email, hopefully they'll respond soon. If they just let me resubmit my books, I'll be satisfied, I guess.

Sigh. This is turning out to be a tough week; first I had minor surgery just a few days ago, then I spent all day yesterday driving across the state in a crowded pickup, and now when I finally get home, I find out that Amazon has blocked two more of my ebooks.

Every time before they only put my ebooks back into draft status, which meant I could still edit them, and maybe fix whatever it was that was ticking off their censors. But now they've outright blocked Angela's Last Resort 1 & 2, pretty much ruining my series, at least on their site. And since they are now blocked entirely, I can't even edit them and fix the issue.

I'm not really sure what to do at the moment; if I resubmit them, with a different synopsis they might accept them, or they might get annoyed and block my whole account. Impossible to know. Both have been up on the site for months now, and suddenly they aren't good enough for Amazon. (Not that Amazon is offering to return the +30% they took from each sale, of course.)

Until I figure out what to do, I can't really mentally focus on writing. Sorry. I'll try to keep this hiatus short. Hopefully I'll figure something out. For now though, if you want to purchase these blocked ebooks, they are still available at the following links:

Angela's Last Resort

Angela's Last Resort 2

I even have a new, fun little mind control story in the works. All day long I've just wanted to get home and finish it for Free Fiction Friday. And then this happens, again. :-(

I'm too glum and tired to think about this anymore. I'll see you all later, hopefully soon. Sorry about all this.

- Tabitha Kohls, who is feeling very disheartened at the moment. And regretting not buying a gallon of ice cream on the way home.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Free Fiction Friday: Chief Executive Bimbo (WIP)

(UPDATE: This story has been finished as an ebook, Chief Executive Bimbo, now published on Amazon and elsewhere. It turned out a bit different than this old free story, but is the same basic tale, only much longer, of course. I'm also working on a sequel to CEB.)

Sorry about missing the past Free Fiction Friday.

Today's fiction is an old work-in-progress bimbo tale about an executive blackmailed into turning herself into a bimbo. It's only a beginning, but hopefully you'll all still find it interesting. 2,600 words, all told.

Story after the break, as usual. Enjoy! :-)

- Tabitha

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New Ebook: The Doll

Greetings! Sorry about missing last Friday's free fiction post, my computer has been really acting up lately, and being a general pain. I'm not sure I'll be able to get anything new finished for this Friday either, but I've got some WIPs I can post instead. Maybe part of my Milking Games story?

Anyway, I did finally manage to finish a totally new ebook before my computer crashed. It's called The Doll, and is a mannequin transformation story, similar in some fashion to my earlier tale, Her Hospital Nightmare, as both are built around women immobilized and mistaken for inanimate dolls.

This story ended up just over 18,800 words long, easily my longest story to date! Due to the length, though, I've decided to publish it at a slightly higher prize than usual; $3.99. I managed to work in a fair number of humiliating scenes of the living mannequin woman being treated like a slutty doll by random strangers. FYI, there is also a bit of forced feminization/cross-dressing.

The Doll (18,800 words)

A young, busty con-artist uses a stolen drug serum to temporarily immobilize herself, all as part of a complex scheme to impersonate a department store mannequin, and rob a brand-new store on its opening night. 

But will her disguise fool the crowds of gawking shoppers? And what if the experimental serum fails to wear off as planned? Will she find her temporary disguise has become a permanent new career? Will she be doomed to spend her days modeling skimpy lingerie, as bored and horny men ogle and grope her immobile body? 

These questions, and more will be answered in this incredibly hot, new story by erotica author Tabitha Kohls! This 18,800 word long tale features detailed scenes of mannequin transformation, public exhibitionism, public humiliation, personal groping, humiliating outfits, rough anal sex, powerful vibrating sex toys, and even male crossdressing and feminization! 

Barnes & Noble

I'm really happy with how this cover turned out. I spent a lot of time in GIMP trying to give her a more plastic-like sheen, and enlarging her breasts. And I didn't even have to enlarge her lips; they were that big to begin with! :-)

I hope you all enjoy this new tale as much as I did writing it. Have a fun Humpday, everyone! :-)

- Tabitha Kohls

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Free Fiction Friday: The Sorority Sissy (WIP)

Sorry that this is a bit late, my computer is on the fritz right now, and for some reason I can only get blogger to load in Google Chrome. Something is broken with Firefox.

Anyway, today's story is an old Work-in-Progress that I abandoned last year, about a young male college student accidentally trapped in a Sorority during the beginning of Hell Week, and mistakenly being forced to pledge the Sorority as a female.

I ended up rewriting the whole story, adding two additional cross-dressed characters to add a sense of competition, which became Pledge Week Revenge: SISSY MAKEOVER

As a WIP, this tale is unfinished, and actually ends rather abruptly. I've recently considering giving this one another go, as I had a lot of it planned out and some of the ideas still sound pretty fun to play with.

Anyway, the story is about 3,000 words long, and after the break.

- Tabitha Kohls

Friday, February 21, 2014

Free Fiction Friday: I Heart U

(UPDATE: This week's free story has now been removed, though I'm keeping the post up to save the comments. Thank you to all who have viewed and commented on this tale. - Tabitha) 

Here's my Valentine's Day free tale, a week late. I wrote this pretty much in one go, and it ended up taking a very different turn from my original idea, but hopefully you'll still enjoy it.

Anyway, it could probably do with a major rewrite, but as is, I'm pretty happy with the end result. It's almost cute, by my standards, which is oddly appropriate giving the holiday theme.

The new story is after the break, as usual.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

New Ebook: Laura Krauff and the Devious Djinn

I've published a new ebook, Laura Krauff and the Devious Djinn. It's an action-adventure erotic tale, featuring a certain tomb-robbing young adventuress and a wish-twisting genie with a bad attitude. Lots of fun magical alterations, including breast expansion, forced orgasms, and a bimbo transformation or two.

Hope you all enjoy this one. Technically I published this a few years ago, but I've nearly doubled the total length and added two new wishes, as well as the whole breast expansion angle.

Laura Krauff and the Devious Djinn (7,000 words)


Barnes & Noble
Kobo: Should be up in another day or two
I really enjoy this sort of erotic adventure tale, so I'll probably make a few more Laura Krauff stories in the future. I've got a fun Age-Regression idea involving the Fountain of Youth I'm just itching to write. :-)

And as a special bonus, here's another version of the cover that I made before deciding on the one above. I actually prefer the title on this version, but I wanted to better showcase Miss Krauff's splendid chest, so ended up going with the close-up above. Which do you prefer?

Unused Alternative Cover
I hope you all enjoy this new story, and hopefully I'll finish my next one soon. I've added a new feature to the blog showing my progress on new tales. I'll update the meters with my new word counts as I get more writing done.

- Tabitha Kohls

Friday, February 14, 2014

Free Fiction Friday: Filling In

(UPDATE: This week's free story has now been removed, though I'm keeping the post up to save the comments. Thank you to all who have viewed and commented on this tale. - Tabitha) 

Well, I totally forgot today was Valentine's Day. I had been planning to post a V-Day themed short story, but it just skipped my mind entirely.

I even had this neat little idea about Cupid shooting the wrong person with one of his love-arrows, and causing all sorts of problems for a high-brow professor. I'll just have to see if I can finish it and get it up next Friday, instead. Better late, than never.

Anyway, this week's free story is a little experimental tale I wrote more than a year-and-a-half ago, all framed as a one-sided phone conversation, with just a bit of reworking. I really like how it turned out, though I'm not sure I'd write another story like this.

I'm also hard at work on a brand-new ebook, and I have another older story I'm reworking, which I'll publish soon too. I'm going to add a little word-counter to this blog in a few days - if I can figure out how it works - and then you'll all be able to see how far along I am with some of my WIPs. Hopefully it'll motivate me to actually finish more of my little smutty tales. :-)

The new story is after the break, as per usual. Please enjoy, and let me know what you think. (Also, please don't forget about my poll up on the upper-left side of the blog. Thank you!)

- Tabitha Kohls

Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Question for Visitors

(UPDATE: Poll now added, please vote. Thank you, - Tabby)

Greetings! :-)

Over these past few months, I have been involved in several different email exchanges with a number of prospective authors, each eliciting my advice on self-publishing erotic ebooks, and how I go about creating/formatting/uploading ebooks, the financial side of the business, cover making, etc.

I don't mind answering such questions, at all, but I am wondering if there is enough interest in these topics to warrant creating a separate page on this blog which would deal with the various aspects of the self-publishing business. I know there are many resources already available online that do a nice job explaining all of this (I use several of these resources myself), but few of them are specifically devoted to erotica and I think I can provide some personal examples to illustrate some of the basic concepts in action.

So my question to all of you is this:

Are you interested in me creating a detailed guide to self-publishing erotic ebooks?

Self-publishing is a huge topic, in and of itself, never-minding the various subtopics I could get into. So even a simple, basic guide will be quite time-consuming to write. And until I start, I can't really say just how I'd even do this; as one page, or as a series of individual posts, each touching on a particular aspect of the business.

So please let me know your answer in the comments. If I can get it to work, I'll also try to set up a poll for this question as well.

And feel free to add any personal suggestions/questions you have for topics you would like to see covered in the guide. Even if there isn't enough interest to warrant making a guide, I'll still be happy to answer your questions about publishing. :-)

- Tabitha Kohls

Friday, February 7, 2014

Free Fiction Friday: Tabby's Age-Play Holiday (WIP)

(Oops! For some reason blogger erased all my spaces in this post, making it impossible to read! I've gone back and fixed it now. Sorry for the inconvenience!)

(UGHH!!! And now the font is tiny, even though the font is set to normal size!!! ~~pulls hair out, kicks computer... bandages sore big toe~~ )

Sorry for the lack of updates these past few weeks, I've been dealing with several personal issues (mostly illness), and have had to miss the past two Free Fiction Friday posts. On the plus side, I have made progress on several new future ebooks, including a forced-lactation tale and a living mannequin story.

Today's post is a work-in-progress age-regression story I wrote early last year; I'm still trying to decide whether or not to finish it. I have the rest of the story plotted out, but I'm worried certain portions may push the boundaries of Amazon's TOS policies. I will have to rethink a few scenes, if I finish it.

Until I decide to finish this story and publish it, I will keep this story available here. All 8,000 words are after the page break, as per usual. Please feel free to let me know what you think of it so far. :-)

- Tabitha Kohls

Monday, January 20, 2014

New Ebook: Mind Control Collection #1

I've been wanting to try something like this for a while now, and I'm finally getting around to it. As I've said before, I've started Free Fiction Friday with the intention that I will be able to collect and republish my free short stories. Now I'm publishing a new ebook bundle collecting three of my old short mind control/bimbofication stories. Those stories are Jailbroken, Oh-most Famous, and A Marvelous Interview. Each of these was published here for a time, and I've now removed them.

Besides finally giving me a new title up on Amazon, this is also sort of an experiment. Since these tales were already published for free, I can see if my Free Fiction Friday idea will actually work. Otherwise I might need to rethink publishing my stories here for free, at least until I'm more productive again.

It's only up at Smashwords so far, Amazon and B&N will probably take another day or so, but I wanted to mention the story and explain that it isn't a new story as soon as possible, to avoid any unfortunate confusion.

A collection of three short tales of mind control and bimbofication, previously published for a limited time on Tabitha Kohls' personal blog, Humbled Harlots. Over 6,500 words of mind-altering fun!


Barnes & Noble

I'll update the links as they come online.

- Tabitha Kohls

PS. Even though it doesn't quite fit any of these tales, I really like the stockphoto I bought for this cover! :-)

Friday, January 17, 2014

Free Fiction Friday: Cabin Fever

(UPDATE: This week's free story has now been removed, though I'm keeping the post up to save the comments. Thank you to all who have viewed and commented on this tale. I expect to eventually write a third Vera Purdee self-bondage story, and bundle all three Vera stories together as an ebook bundle. - Tabitha) 

Hello all, I was hoping I'd finish a brand new self-bondage/chastity belt story for you all today, and I did! :-) Yay me!!

Anyway, this is another Vera Purdee, self-bondage-gone-awry story, just under 5,000 words long. I wrote all of it last night and today, so sorry if there are any glaring grammar/spelling errors that I missed. I wanted to be sure to get it posted today, so I cut back on editing. Hopefully that won't make much difference.

I've got tons of other standalone Vera Purdee story ideas to write, but this idea just came to me the other day while weathering a nasty blizzard, and I just had to write it right away!

The new story is after the break as always. Please enjoy, and let me know what you think!

- Tabitha

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Free Fiction Friday: Braggadocio

Sorry this is a day late, my Internet was in and out yesterday, due to some nasty storms. I'll leave this post up til next Saturday to compensate.

Well, I've been trying to write a magical, voodoo-doll story for over the last two weeks, or so, but thought the idea itself seems to work, the story just doesn't quite click for me. I'll keep working on it; perhaps a short-story format just doesn't work for what I'm thinking.

Anyway, instead of that tale, here's a really old story I wrote over a decade ago. It's from a time when I was writing transgender-themed stories exclusively, and admittedly, it isn't my best work. It's also not finished, but after more than a decade, I can't recall what sort of ending I was planning for, so I can't really finish it properly. I do recall that this story was inspired largely from an old Twilight-Zone episode, about a man who accepts a bet to not speak for a year. In my version here, the man accepts a rather different bet, about becoming a pornstar. A rather significant divergence! :-)

This tale is nearly 12,000 words long, so hopefully you'll find it's length more than makes up for the poor quality of the writing. There is a lot of body-modification, mostly surgical alterations as the main character changes sex. Alas, I wrote with a lot less attention to detail in those days, so sorry if this tale seems a bit plain, especially when it comes to the body-mod descriptions. On the other hand, I also used to put much more sex in my older stories than I do now, and this is no exception. So hopefully that will make up for any shortcomings.

Anyway, the story is after the break, as per usual. Let me know what you think, and remember that this is story is a sort of window into my progress as a writer over this past ten years, or so. In a way, you are looking at my past self, when I was just learning to write smut, and had no idea other people were into the same sort of things I was in to. Enjoy! :-)

- Tabitha Kohls

Friday, January 3, 2014

Free Fiction Friday: A Marvelous Interview

(UPDATE: This week's free story has now been removed, though I'm keeping the post up to save the comments. Thank you to all who have viewed and commented on this tale, - Tabitha)

Greetings all! Happy New Year!!

I was hoping to finish a brand new short story about a student using a voodoo doll to get revenge on his teacher, but I've come down with a bit of nausea today and won't be able to finish it just now. Hopefully I'll be able to over the weekend, and will be able to post it at next week's Free Fiction Friday post.

So instead, here is another old tale of mine, this time a short Mind Control/Bimbofication story. I've partly rewritten it, to flesh out some of the dialogue and put some things in proper context. Altogether I've added about 600 words, or roughly two pages on the original version.

Story is after the break, as usual. I hope you enjoy it, and have a fun weekend! :-)

- Tabitha Kohls