Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Ebook: Angela's Last Resort 2

I've finally finished the sequel to Angela's Last Resort, after having to rewrite nearly the entire story twice over thanks to power outages, and a bad hard drive glitch. Ugh!

Anyway, this story ended up being less breast-obsessed than I originally expected, but I'm happy with it, and I think it sets up a third installment well.

In this installment, Angela gets some tattoo work done, her new breast implants get enlarged, and she gets a fun little enema to boot!

In this direct sequel to Angela's Last Resort, a sexy young teacher endures another day trapped in a BDSM sex resort.

This 11,500 word erotic story contains scenes of slave training, forced enemas, breast expansion via implants, humiliating tattooing, and permanent hair removal!

Kobo: Coming Soon

Between my root canal, a major death in my family, and day job troubles, July has not been my best month. 

But I'm hopeful that I can be more productive in August. I've got an age regression story I'm working on, maybe a new forced lactation story, and probably another medical play/gyno exam revenge story in the pipeline.

Have a happy Thursday everyone, and thanks for visiting! :-)

- Tabitha Kohls

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Free Story: Jogger's Nightmare - A Hospital Nightmare tale

Greetings all!

I'm still working on finishing up my next ebook, but a comment by Bsnick got me thinking about possible stories in the same universe as Her Hospital Nightmare, and I wrote this short story as a result. It follows one of Bsnick's basic ideas in his comment; about a woman being mistaken for a sex doll after being temporally immobilized due to a snake bite.

This is very short, just under 2,000 words, and leaves most of the details up to your own imagination. If you enjoyed HHN, I think you'll like this short tale as well. Please enjoy!

- Tabitha Kohls

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ebook Link List Updated

I've been working during my writing breaks to get my full list of Ebook links updated, and aside for a few Kobo links, I'm done! You wouldn't believe how tedious updating links is! :-)

I'm not really sure how to make permanent links to yet; I know you have to put the link into a special algorithm and that will spit out a permanent link, but I'm not certain what the algorithm is. Anyway, I only have three books up on Kobo right now, so I probably won't bother with it for a while. Kobo is very slow to update when I add a new book.

On a similar note, my Ebooks are listed on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. I don't yet have anything up on the Apple store, but I've been thinking about moving some stuff there too in the near future. What I'd like to know is, do any of you use the Apple store? Or an Ipad/Iphone to read Ebooks? I should probably make a poll sometime. I'd like know how many of you use Kindles or Nooks. Do you have any preferences as to where to buy Ebooks?

Oh well, questions to consider for the future, now back to writing. I'm about 2,000 words into my Angela's Last Resort sequel. Have a happy weekend, everybody!

- Tabitha Kohls

Ebook News

My appologies for those of you who are waiting for my next Ebook, I've been recovering from a root-canal and ear infection, and haven't been able to write much these past ten days or so.

But now that I'm feeling better, I've started writing two new Ebooks.

The first is a very long (probably 50K) Age Regression novel, which is going very well so far, and will have scenes covering everything from diapers to spankings and more. This will probably not be finished for quite some time, but if there is interest, I might post the first chapter here as a WIP. I'd have to delete the post once I published the novel though.

The second Ebook will be a sequel to Angela's Last Resort. I've only just started writing this, bu I'm hopeful that I can finish this tale over the next week or so. It will focus primarily on Angela's slave training and her newly-enlarged breasts! This is already shaping up to be a very breast-obsessed story, with a strange specialized breast implant and several breast torture devices/games. So if that is your thing, I think you'll really like it. :-)

Hopefully I can get a few free shorts up here too, soon!

- Tabitha Kohls

Monday, July 1, 2013

New Ebook: Her Hospital Nightmare

Hello all,

I've finished a new ebook over the past week, and at over 15,000 words, it is my longest single story yet! It is a medical play fetish book, with an arrogant main character forced to endure one humiliating ordeal after another.

The Cover took a bit of GIMP morphing from the original stock photo, but I rather like how it turned out. Plus I got to use my Liquidism Font, finally. :-)

Her Hospital Nightmare (OB/GYN Medical Erotica):

After a snake bite renders her temporarily immobile, condescending young businesswoman Wanda Goodleigh gets her comeuppance when she is accidentally mistaken for a high-tech gynecological training doll by a class of medical students!

Over the course of this 15,000 word erotic story, the arrogant businesswoman has no choice but to endure extremely rigorous gynecological examinations, intense breast exams, numerous high-volume enemas, long rectal thermometers, huge anal plugs, and a massive speculum!

Kobo: Coming Soon

I hope you all have a happy Monday,

- Tabitha Kohls