Monday, April 7, 2014

New Ebook: Psych Ward Nightmare

I've been hit low the past week or so with a terrible bit of bronchitis, but I've managed to finish a new ebook.

I actually started this one several months ago, but after a bit of rewriting, ended up writing Another Hospital Nightmare instead. So this new ebook is somewhat similar in premise to AHN, but deals more with body-mods, than medical-play.

I also spent way too long working on the cover, but I'm rather proud of it. :-)

Psych Ward Nightmare

A self-centered, buxom nursing supervisor undergoes a series of bizarre and humiliating body modifications, after she blunders into the arms of an infamously perverted patient, newly escaped from the hospital's psych ward.

This 17,000 word erotic story features many facial and body piercings, surgical breast expansion, a massive speculum, huge enemas, and intense bondage and humiliation.

Barnes & Noble

I'm not sure what my next story will be, but I'm in the mood for a bimbofication-themed gameshow tale, I think. :-)

Have a fun week, everyone.

- Tabitha Kohls


  1. I bought this story and in my opinion it´s great, as always I love your fantasies about extreme body modification combined with a stuck twist. By the way: I would love to buy and read the final part of "Angela´s Last Resort"!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the new story! :-) I fully plan to eventually finish ALR, but not for a while still.

      By the way, are you the same PinkPlastic as who did tg captions on Amber's Bimbo Sanctuary? If so, I am an old fan of yours. :-)

      - Tabby

    2. Yes, I´m that person. Thanks for being an old fan. So we´re fans of each other, fine. Looking forward to the ALR finish and other new stuff from your pen.

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  3. Let's see if this works (I can never seem to comment on blog sights).

    I've been wanting to comment on this story for awhile and make a suggestion. Who knows, maybe the suggestion got through already, but here it is:

    In the breast expansion section where she's desperately trying to hold in the water because she thinks it will thwart him, what if he re-routed her urethra straight to her breasts, sealing her urethra with an over-large blockage that is sharpie-sized and basically cemented in place.

    Every time she pees it goes straight into the implants. The only way to reduce them is via the nipples, and even then it involves crushing the nipples, biting them very hard, twisting them, being extremely rough while at the same time crushing her breasts with hands and fingers to try and push the contents out of the nipples.