Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Free Fiction Humpday Special - I, Scream Queen

A bit early for a Free Fiction Friday post, I know, but I figured why wait? I finished this short tale in about an hour, which is probably a record for me, as I usually manage on around a thousand words.

Today's short story is more of a horror story than my usual fare, and admittedly, I skimped a bit on the body-modifications. But still, I'm pretty happy with how this simple story turned out, and hopefully you all will enjoy it too.

All 2,500 words are after the break, as always. Let me know what you think, please! :-)

- Tabitha Kohls

I, Scream Queen

By Tabitha Kohls
Copyright 2015
* * * * *

"Please, you--you don't have to do this, I'll get your money--"

"Shut up, 'Dusky!" The huge man cut him off with a growl, before returning his gaze at the woman. He leered and grasped her chin with one huge hand. "Well, aren't you just the prettiest, little thing?"

Todd Sandusky struggled against the two bruisers holding him back, while their boss ogled his fiancée. She looked straight at him, her beautiful eyes full of confusion and fear. He was wracked with guilt; guilt for not being able to help her, guilt for getting her into this whole mess.

"Pleas--uughh!!" Todd tried again, but a meaty fist to belly knocked the wind from him.

"That's quite enough," Iron Rod, the huge man said, stopping his heavies from beating Todd to a pulp. "The bastard owes me money, after all. Wouldn't due to break him before he can pay up."

"Don't hurt him!! Please!!!" Sasha gasped in horror, as Todd doubled over, ready to puke his guts out. Her frantic, pained cries only made his guilt hurt worse.

"It-it's o-okay, sweetheart," he choked out, forcing a smile for her. "It'll all be okay."

He looked back up at the huge man holding his wife-to-be. Rodney Calhoun, known by most simply as Iron Rod, was six and half feet of solid muscle, absolutely dwarfing Todd's merely average self. More than that, however, Iron Rod was also the leader of a criminal biker club that had been operating in the region since before Todd graduated high school. The man was infamously brutal and violent, as were all his minions.

Todd hadn't wanted to get in the criminal leader's debt, but after the bank threatened to foreclose on his ice cream shop for failure to pay off his loan, he'd had no choice. His entire life's savings had already gone into the business, and he couldn't let it fail now, not after he was finally starting to see a profit. He just needed a few more months worth of cash to get buy, and he'd be set.

The Ice Cream Queen and Pie Parlor had been a mainstay in the town for decades, ever since his father opened it nearly forty years before. It was local legend, famous for its homemade ice cream, not that soft-served crap the fast food places served, but real ice cream, solid as a rock and ice cold. The shop was equally famous for its home-made pies, always served with a heaping side of ice cream.

At least, it had been a legend, until his father got sick. The business had withered from neglect throughout that illness, slowly degenerating into just another failing shop on Main Street until Todd had inherited it two years ago, when his father finally passed on from the long illness.

Despite its tarnished reputation, Todd couldn't just sell it off, that would be letting his father's legacy die without even a fight. So instead, he'd sunk his every last penny into fixing the place back up, and rebuilding his customer base. In the past few months, sales had finally started taking off again. Then the letters from the bank had arrived, warning him for missing his loan payments. He'd gone to see Iron Rod, and ask the devil for enough cash to get buy until summer, when he'd finally have enough revenue to pay off the bank loan and get up on his own two feet again.

Now, three months later, he knew that that had been a dire mistake. The huge criminal had his hands on Sasha, his fiancée, and wasn't leaving without his money, plus interest.

"Two months, and you'd have enough to pay me back," Iron Rod said, casually releasing the pretty blond girl and strolling around the counter. He slid the glass case doors open, and shoved a finger into a tub of free ice cream, scooping up a dollop and tasting it. "Mmmm, guess it is the finest money can buy, huh? My money, that is."

He left the doors open, drumming his fingers on the glass, before gesturing to one of the parlor's tables. The bruisers holding Todd dragged him to the table, and slammed him into a seat. Sasha gasped as the men efficiently tied him to the chair with paracord.

Iron Rod was still licking his finger, grinning now. "Mmm, got to admit, this is a bit sweeter than I'm used to. Most folks come asking me for money, it's to get their meth operation up and running, not start selling dairy products to the local teens."

He grasped Sasha again, this time by the arm, and dragged her to a chair opposite Todd, and none too gently shoved her into it. Todd winced.

"Please, I'll get you your money, I swear. The summer crowd are a bit late this year, is all. But I can get you--" Todd tried again, but the huge biker cut him off.

"Too late for that, boy. You had your chance to pay up, and you didn't." He brushed a lock of blond hair from Sasha's face, and grinned back at Todd. "Now, I'm sure you can find the money to make up your late payments, sure enough. There's a lot of expensive looking equipment in this shop. I bet that churning machine in the back could cover your last payment plus the interest. But that's not really the point, you see? How would it look if I just let one of my debtors walk away, unscathed? I'd be a laughing stock, every little druggy kid would be short-changing me. Nah, sorry 'Dusky, but it's too late for second chances. I've got no choice but to make an example of you, keep my street-cred intact. You understand that, right?"

Todd stared up at the man, and gulped, but nodded. Iron Rod smiled back, showing his teeth like a shark.

"Good to see I have your approval, 'Dusky," he said, eliciting a chorus of laughs from the other bikers. He turned around, slowly appraising the old store, it's glass counter and well-maintained antique cash register. "You know, I was planning on just trashing this dump, send you a message. But I think there might be a more effective way to get my point across. Bubba? Get in here!"

A huge man entered from the back room, where the main group of bikers were noisily helping themselves to Todd's stock of ice cream from the walk-in cooler. The man was covered in tattoos, at least where skin could be seen peeking out from under his heavy leather jacket. He held a large box in one hand, and a smaller one in the other. "Yeah, boss?"

"Set your equipment up, we've got a change in plans." Iron Rod said, grinning down at the frightened couple. He grasped Sasha by the arm, and dragged her out of the seat, making her cry out in fear and pain. "Didn't know this worm had himself a woman."

"No!!" Todd cried out, only to be hit in the stomach again. He gasped out a lungful of air, but still managed to fight against his bonds, as Sasha was dragged away. He watched in horror as the men manhandled her petite form onto a booth tabletop along the wall.

The newly arrived biker was busily unloading his cases, hooking little jars to plastic tubes, sliding ominous needles into a contraption he'd plugged into the wall outlet.

For a brief instant, Todd feared that the horrid bikers were going to inject his angelic soon-to-be-wife with some cocktail of drugs. He'd heard horror stories before, of how the bikers drugged up their whores, got them addicted to hard drugs to make them easier to control.

But then the biker flicked a switch, and the strange gun-like device in his hand began to buzz, and suddenly Todd knew exactly what they were about to do to his Sasha.

"Nooo..." Todd gurgled out, still out of air. Sasha kicked her heels in the air, and screamed as the brute leaned over her, bringing his tattoo gun down onto her delicate, unmarked skin.

"Don't worry boy, Bubba's a professional," Iron Rod said, feigning an assuring tone of voice. He patted Todd on the head gently, grinning that predatory smile of his. "And besides, this is a lot easier than trashing your place. You'll be able to keep working, and get the money to pay me back. And anytime you need a reminder, you just have to look at your gal, and you'll have all the incentive you need to keep working your little heart out."

Sasha screamed again. The bruisers held her down now, while Bubba did his work. From his chair, Todd couldn't actually see what they were doing to her, but he knew Iron Rod was right, he'd gotten off light. They were just going to mark her, but it could have been much worse for her.

"It'll be okay, Sasha," he said, trying to calm her down. For a brief instant, he saw her eyes peering back at him, when one of the biker's changed his grip, then they were gone, hidden behind a wall of leather-clad muscle again. Still, his words seemed to reach her, and she stopped fighting back, her screams falling to whimpers of fear and pain as the buzzing needles did their vile work on her body.

It was nearly sunup when the bikers finished. Sasha's legs trembled where they hung over the edge of the table. Even from his vantage point, Todd could see an inked marking gracing one of her perfect feet. Bubba had wrapped a circle of flaming barbwire around each of her ankles, the classic symbol of the biker gang.

That's not so bad, at least, Todd thought to himself, as the tattooist put his gear away.

The other bikers stood between him and Sasha, still hiding her from his sight. One of the bruisers cut the cord from Todd's limbs, freeing him from the chair. He collapsed onto the floor, too tired and sore to stand.

"Well, I think we've made our point here," Iron Rod said. The other bikers began to file out of the small shop, taking a few jugs of ice cream with them, laughing as they stepped out into the dawning morning light.

"And I think you aren't going to be missing anymore payments, are you 'Dusky?" The huge man smiled down at Todd, who nodded as vigorously as he could. "Good. Hell, you'll probably see your business booming after this. That bitch is practically a walking advertisement now!"

The huge man laughed, as did his remaining men, before they all stepped out the shop doors.

Todd forced his tired, sore body to its feet, and stumbled over to Sasha. She seemed in a daze, laid out on her back, groaning. To his shame, he saw that she'd been cut out of her clothes, left totally naked on the booth table.

The first thing he noticed, aside from the flaming barbwire he'd already seen on her ankles, was that she'd been shaved between her legs. She normally kept her hair there well groomed, just a small landing strip really. But now even that was gone.

In its place was a large, colorful ice cream cone with multiple scoops of assorted flavors. Under the cone, just inches from her sex, was the phrase "Fancy A Lick?" in large, bolded letters. He grimaced at the sight. Sasha was going to hate that, when she saw it.

She rolled over, groaning still, and tried to slide off the table to her feet. Todd caught her, felt her stiffen under his grip, then soften again as she realized it was him. "It's okay, baby," he cooed, holding her.

He glanced down her bare back, and winced as he saw another tattoo, this one gracing the small of her back. Sasha hated trampstamp tattoos, he knew. But now she had one. "Cum for the Cream, Stay for the Pie" the tattoo said, in a parody of his shop's slogan. The letters were thick and blocky, almost cartoonish, with "Cream" in bright lime-green, with dripping marks under each letter, giving it the appearance of being ice cream, while the "Pie" was made to look more like the crunchy crust his shop's pies were famous for. The whole shape of the word was made to resemble a slice of pie, while the dot above the small "i" was made to look like a scoop of fresh ice cream again.

All in all, it was remarkable work, Todd had to admit. Garish and crude as it was, Bubba clearly had no small amount of talent.

"Iv it bab?" Sasha moaned, her words slurred. She wetly licked her lips, and whimpered. "My wips pheel phunny..."

Todd turned her around, forcing a smile over his face. "It's not too bad, honey, nothing that can't be cov--"

His words caught in his throat, as he finally saw her face. "Whab? Wahb iv it, Tobb?" Sasha asked, worried.
Todd stared in growing horror at his fiancée's face. Her beautiful, angelic face.

Vaguely, he recalled seeing Bubba pulling a syringe from his bag. He'd thought it was just more ink at the time. But now, looking at her lips, he knew it hadn't been.

Sasha pretty, full lips were gone. In their place, were the fattest, most obscenely plump lips he'd ever seen. Like bloated worms, they jutted out from her face, permanently contorting her mouth into a gaping, pouting maw. No wonder she was slurring her words, it was a miracle she could speak at all!!

Sasha casually brushed a lock of hair from her eyes. "Whab iv it, hunny?"

But her lips were nothing, compared to the rest of her face. Across her forehead lay two words, in huge, puffy letters. "I SCREAM" they said, each letter outlined in harsh black, and filled in with a pinkish shade. More troubling, the letters were shaped with a double bulge at the base, and another, darker, purplish hued bulge at the top.

Cocks, every letter is a cock!! Todd's mind screamed. Indeed, each of the letters adorning her pretty face was a cartoonish caricature of an erect dick, complete with bulging ballsack and even a white gush of semen squirting out the tops, across her forehead, near the hairline. Each drop a bright white, bordered with thick black lines. It was all impossible to miss.

But it didn't end there. The words on her forehead were mirrored beneath on each cheek by two more tattoos. "FOR" said her right cheek. "CREAM!" finished across her left cheek, the entire word surrounded by a black-outlined wad of white jizz that covered her cheek, the letters themselves fully black. Even from across a street, it would be impossible not to read the message.

"I SCREAM FOR CREAM!" her face declared, now and forever, while her perpetually pouting mouth gaped underneath it all, assuring that the words were no lie.

Todd felt his stomach twist, as his beautiful wife-to-be continued to ask, growing more frightened by the second, "Whab iv it, Tobb!?!"

* * * * *

The End

* * * * *


  1. This would be a favorite, nasty as it is, if it had been more...deserved.
    It does make a difference, at least to my kinks.
    So deliciously cruel a fate . . . .
    Maybe I want to go back and change my assessment to "More Like This" . . . .

  2. Oh gosh, as bad as I felt for her, this was wonderfully cruel in all the right ways. I don't know what I enjoyed more, the lips or the tattoos, but it was all excellent!

  3. Loved the punishment....agreed it's more of a thrill if its deserved.. Still love the deviousness and creativity though!

  4. I don't see it among your works in progress, but I hope you'll eventually do a sequel to "Billionaire's New Pet". By far my favorite of yours. It was almost pure humiliation/dehumanization/status reduction. Lot of tantalizing mentions of the rich woman's more creative friends, and showing her off to her friends, etc. It'd be neat to revisit her a few weeks in and go thru a typical humiliating day in her doggy life - in the evening she could be taken out of her cage and trotted out to be the entertainment at a small gathering of the billionaire and a few of her friends.

    1. I'm very happy you enjoyed my little pet-girl story. As to a sequel, I've planned some more out, but haven't seriously worked on it. I'm a little wary of getting smacked down by Amazon (their censorship monitors are getting pretty touchy these past few years, and certain types of story get all the wrong sort of attention from them).

      Oddly, your ideas are remarkably similar to my own plans for a possible sequel. I was thinking of some sort of fancy dogshow for the surgeon's rich friends, and some other fun things....

      - Tabby