Friday, November 22, 2013

Alert: Ebook Problems

Just an FYI:

Yesterday I received an email from Amazon's Kindle Publishing department, informing me that two of my ebooks have been found in violation of Amazon's content guidelines and have been depublished. (For a laugh, you can read them here: Guidelines) The two ebooks that have been pulled are Lights, Camera, Anal! and Angela's Last Resort 3.

This erotica ebook purging has been going on at Amazon and Kobo for several weeks now, and this is the first time they have hit me. I was hopeful that I would fall through the cracks, but apparently not. With any luck, they won't purge any more of my titles, but who knows?

I am reading a few blog posts by other writers, to see what I can do to fix this problem. As I have no idea exactly why they were pulled (the aforementioned email only points to the content guidelines link above) I am not sure what I have to change, but I will work on the covers and descriptions, and resubmit both. Hopefully they will be back up and published in a day or two.

For now though, both are still available at the following links:

Lights, Camera, Anal!
Barnes & Noble Link: HERE
Smashwords Link: HERE
Angela's Last Resort 3  
At least in the case of LCA, I think the cover image is what set the censors off: too much skin. I'll probably just reuse a pic I've used on other books, and see how that goes. I'll fiddle around with the description too, try to make it a little less racy. Some keyword or other is probably setting things off.
I'm not sure about ALR3's cover though. I'll just resubmit, and use a bare-bones synopsis. Hopefully that will work. I'd hate to lose part of a series, that would make finishing the series rather difficult.
Hopefully this all works, and things go smooth from here. **Fingers crossed!**
- Tabitha Kohls 

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  1. After following the problems other writers have had with Amazon, maybe it would be best to tell Jeffy jerkoff and his band of modern day book burners to kiss your ass, and haul your titles away from his greedy clutches. Amazon is the epitome of disgusting hypocrisy. they make themselves obscenely wealthy from Kindle and ebooks, then they clamp down, to show how fucking "family friendly" (god, that term makes me see red) they are,.Fucking hypocrisy of the worst sort. I buy NOTHING from Amazon, they can also shove their stupid Kindles, I stay with Smashwords, which has the startling idea of letting the READER set the filter, something that Jeffy Jerkoff seems to have no clue about. As for a reader, my computer has the PDF reader standard, why blow big bucks for a stupid Kindle. Amazon, in my humble opinion, can eff off and die.