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The Milking Games, Part 4 (WIP)

Ah, I changed my mind; here's the fourth part of my ongoing, forced lactation work-in-progress story, The Milking Games!

After the break, as per the usual.  Enjoy, everyone! :-)

- Tabitha Kohls

Milking Games, Part 4
by Tabitha Kohls
Copyright 2014

* * * * *

"Look, we have to stick together!" Katey yelled, her voice drowning out the four other women. The others stopped arguing, then stared at the tall blond fighter.

Kim, the short Asian woman, glared at her angrily. "Those robots will be here any moment! My... tower locator says there is a tower that way!"

She pointed to an overgrown avenue leading from the open grassy field the women had dropped into.

Katey narrowed her eyes. Her own... locator was also buzzing. She, like the other women, had quickly found that the buzzing was constant, but seemed to grow more insistent if she walked in a particular direction. And her locator was leading her to another avenue, on the opposite side of the field.

Each of the other three women seemed to have found their own locators leading in other directions as well.

The redhead, Maggie, slapped her forehead. "Of course! We're all idiots!"

Katey and the other women turned to face Maggie. The other blond, Trixie, said, "What the hell are you talkin' about?"

Maggie rolled her eyes. "Don't you get it? They dropped us in the middle of the Gamezone."

When she saw only confusion in the others' expressions, she explained, "We're standing in the exact center of the Gamezone. We must be roughly the same distance from each of the towers, so each of us is being led in different directions. Once we start heading away from here, our... locators will start working in unison. All we have to do is pick a direction to start with."

Katey slowly nodded, beginning to understand Maggie's point. She said, "She's right, we just need to make a choice and get moving."

Kim pointed toward her avenue. "Then we go my way!"

Before the others could respond, the diminutive brunette headed off, jogging toward the shattered buildings at the edge of the field.

Katey started to yell at her, but stopped herself. She turned to the others and said, "Fine. We'll go her way then."

"Who the hell made you leader, bitch?" Sally Cones, the huge breasted stripper said, shoving her namesakes out at Katey. "I say we head that way!"

Sally pointed yet another direction, and shook her ass. Her own plug was vibrating loud enough to hear.

Katey stared down the bustier, but shorter woman, and spoke in calm, quick tones. "We cannot split up. We must follow Kim."

"Screw the bitch! She can go that way, and we'll got my way. Let her be bait for the robots." The top-heavy stripper said. Rather than waiting for a response, she too headed off in her own direction.

Maggie and Trixie both sighed, and looked at Katey. Maggie said, "So, Leader, what now? Who do we follow?"

Katey glared after the stripper, then at Kim, who was finally reaching the ruined avenue. She clicked her tongue in thought, then made up her mind. Walking toward Kim, she said, "We'll follow Kim."

The other two women jogged along beside her, both trying to keep up with the taller fighter.

"Well, with any luck, Miss Huge-Tits over there will prove pretty good bait herself," Trixie said, as they crossed the field.

Kim saw them approaching and waited until had caught up, looking smug, but obviously happy that she wasn't going to walking alone. Just as the three contestants reached her, a loud scream echoed among the ruined buildings.

"That was Sally!" Maggie cried. They all turned around, just in time to see the busty stripper meet her fate on the other side of the grassy clearing.


"Stupid cunts!" Sally Cones growled, kicking at a clump of thick weeds at the edge of the field. The grass field had once been a large park in the center of the city, before the war. A broken, cracked road encircled the wide park, separating it from the ruined city.

Sally stepped out onto the shattered highway. Her breasts glimmered brightly in the mid-day sunlight. She frowned down at them. "Fucking tattoos! They had better be removable, dammit! They'll ruin my whole routine!"

She shook her chest, watching as tiny white dots of reflected light ran over the ground before her. She smirked. "Then again, maybe I can add a disco theme when I get back to the club..."

The busty stripper was lost in thought when she felt the first sharp pain in her left tit. "Ouch! What the--"

A tiny dart jutted out from her breast, sticking straight into the reflective tattoo. Sally heard a high-pitch whine come from before her, then gasped as three more darts suddenly appeared in her right breast. She screamed.

She looked up just as a swarm of flying darts descended upon her. Still screaming, she turned and fled back across the old park, her huge fake breasts bouncing wildly.

More darts whizzed down at her, some missing her, but other burying themselves right in her bare ass. "HEELLPPP!!"

Behind her, a large robot slid out from the shadows of a ruined building, and shut its front hatch. The Darter robot had launched its entire complement of hormone darts at the exposed stripper.


"What do we do? Help her?" Maggie asked, as the four women watched Sally run toward them. The air behind her seemed to be shimmering, as if a cloud of metallic bees were chasing her.

"No, we run! Now!" Katey declared, running down the avenue. The other three contestants hurried after her, jumping over broken stonework and thick tangles of tree roots that sprawled across the narrow street.


Behind them, Sally reached their side of the clearing and continued on, still screaming. The high-pitched whine of the automated darts began to die down, as the darts finally ran out of power and fell harmlessly into the weeds.

Sally continued running, still screaming for help, her reflective tits now adorned with over a dozen tiny darts. Her ass was even worse off, as nearly fifty darts had landed on each cheek, turning her bottom into a big red pincushion!

"Wait!!" She cried, as she spotted the other women running down the street. But the women either didn't hear her, or chose to ignore her pleas, as they soon disappeared into the thickly wooded lanes beyond.

Gasping for breath, Sally finally stopped. The swarm of angry darts had long since died behind her, and she was exhausted.

"Fu-fuck-ing ro-bots!" She sputtered, between breathes. Her massive breasts wobbled on her chest, beginning to feel sore from all the bouncing and dart impacts.

With her hands trapped inside the inflated mittens, Sally could only shake her breasts wildly to dislodge the darts. The darts in her bottom were even more troublesome, requiring her to hop around and wiggle her hips until the metal syringes finally popped free.

She looked ahead at the empty street, seeing no sign of the other women. "Fucking cunts! They fuckin' left me!"

Sally started to head after them, when a strange sensation in her butt stopped her. For a second, she thought it was just the ever-present light buzzing of her butt plug, which had grown slightly stronger since she started heading down the avenue. But she quickly realized the sensation was altogether different.

She rubbed her exposed butt cheeks with her mittens, feeling small raised bumps where each of the darts had impacted.

Suddenly, she felt a strange pressure building in her buttocks, like her skin was stretching. Looking over her shoulder, Sally was stunned to see that her ass was swelling!

"What the hell is happening?!" She screamed, just as she felt a similar sensation begin in her chest.

As she watched helplessly, both her ass and her already huge breasts began to inflate, as the directly injected hormones from dozens of darts activated inside her.

Each of her ass cheeks rapidly grew, the skin growing firmer by the second, as each cheek filled out into a huge, bulging sphere of flesh!

Sally's breasts were growing as well, only a bit more slowly, quickly growing beyond the shelf built into her bodysuit. With an audible -Blump!- sound, each of her once firm, silicone-enhanced tits plopped down over the shelf and jutted out to her sides.

No longer the over-firm, round shape of fake tits, each breast was now the shape of long cone. The shape of huge, natural breasts!

Even as her breasts swelled beyond anything the stripper had believed possible, her ass was still growing, each cheek so large now they were competing for space. Her huge ass jutted behind her and to her sides, forming a massive shelf running straight past her lower back. Each cheek was the size of a beach ball, and very heavy.

Luckily, or perhaps not, Sally's newly re-enhanced breasts were helping to offset her huge butt. She tottered, barely keeping her balance.

"Oh god! My career is ruined!" Sally wailed, as she stared in dread at her long, pointy breasts.

Suddenly, a new sensation started, this time directly in her nipples. She gasped, trying to grab her rapidly hardening teats, but her mittens slid off uselessly. Each hard nipple began to burn frantically, until finally, a tiny white dot appeared at each tip.

The dots grew in size, becoming thick, white droplets of milk! As soon as the first drop had fallen, a new one formed, and fell again. New drops were forming, faster and faster, until they had merged into twin streams of milk running in rivulets down her massive conical udders!

"Oh god, oh god!" Sally cried, forcing herself to move. She crashed through a thick clump of waist-high saplings, and continued down the avenue. She had to find the others, she needed someone to suck her teats! "Oh god, someone milk me! Someone milk meeeee!!!"

She made it nearly to the end of the avenue and into the thicker forest beyond, when she tripped over a thick root and hit the broken pavement hard. Her breasts slammed into the ground first, each nipple suddenly gushing thick streams of milk out to each side, then her huge, heavy ass pulled her completely over onto her back, thanks to its sheer momentum.

Gasping as she suddenly found herself on her back, pinned down by her incredibly full udders, Sally wailed for help again.

Then the huge root that had tripped her began to move. Sally was just starting to swing onto her side, when the massive metallic tentacle reached her, and spun around her waist.

"What the hel--" Sally started to scream, then stopped cold as she recognized the monstrous robot towering over her. Her cries became meaningless blubbering as the massive Milker robot lifted her up effortlessly.

The end of the long tentacle wrapping around her appeared below her, its wide suction tube perfectly positioned under one hanging tit. Another tentacle slithered below her, rising its own tube under the other swinging udder.

As each huge tube slid under the equally massive tits, the giant machine's trunk-like body moved before Sally's face. The entire front panel shimmered, revealing it to be another holoscreen. The grinning face of Andy Holz appeared, still standing on the studio stage.

Sally heard a loud buzzing sound as a dozen tiny hover-cameras flew past her trapped body, each picking out the best possible view of her altered form.

Beneath her, the huge vacuum tubes began to suck air, making a loud hissing noise. Each hover mere inches from her hanging breasts, capturing the tiny constant streams of milk running from each teat.

Andy's floating face said, "Congratulations, Miss Sally Cones, you're been captured by our robots! You're lucky our darts don't go deeper, your implants might have sprung a leak!"

The studio audience broke out in laughter, as Andy shot her an exaggerated wink. Sally glared at him, trying to look defiant. Andy just laughed.

"Oh, a tough girl, huh? So, tell me, how does it feel to know that you're about to become a real cow?"

The massive tubes below her suddenly upped their suction pressure, as the hissing sound became a low roar.

Sally screamed at the holoscreen and buzzing cameras, as fear overcame her natural haughtiness. "I don't want to be a cow!! Please, I'll do anything you want! Let me go! I'll-I'll trick the others, I'll lead them to an ambush, please, please, don't make me a cow!"

Andy laughed, "Sorry dear, but the rules are the rules. And you've lost! Get ready, you are about to become cow number 7741. We've got a nice stall all ready for you, out in the Network Dairy!"

The huge vacuum tubes finally shot upwards, Sally's udders instantly filling the tubes with her breastflesh. Milk gushed out of her, shooting in solid streams of warm fluid from each teat.

The sensation was indescribable, making her voice rise in pitch until it was nearly orgasmic. "Nooo!! IdonwannabeaCOWWW!!"
* * * * *

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