Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New Ebook: Angela's Last Resort Collection

Greetings all, I'm afraid I don't have anything new for you just yet. I'm hard at work on several projects at the moment, but nothing quite ready for publishing just yet. I'm over 10K words into Chief Executive Bimbo, probably around half done, I think. I'll hopefully have it up in another week or so, if all goes well. :-)

In the meantime, I've finally gotten around to bundling up the three Angela's Last Resort stories together in a single collection. If you haven't bought any of this series before, buying this collection would save you around $2.00 from buying all three stories separately.

Angela's Last Resort Collection #1 (35,300 words)
A collection of all three previously-published installments of the Angela's Last Resort erotica series. This series follows the ordeals of a busty young teacher, who finds herself enrolled in an island vacation resort that specializes in fulfilling its guests' most extreme sexual fantasies.

Throughout her long ordeal she experiences all manner of bizarre body modifications, rigid bondage, medical play, enemas, and lots, and lots of sex!

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I know a lot of you are anxious for the fourth episode in Angela's little ordeal. I really am trying to work out just how I want it all to end, and once I do, I'll write it up at last.

- Tabitha Kohls

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