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The Milking Games, Part 5 (WIP)

Here's the next chapter of my work-in-progress forced lactation story, The Milking Games.

As usual, the story is after the break. Please enjoy and let me know what you think! :-)

- Tabitha Kohls

The Milking Games, Part 5 (WIP)
by Tabitha Kohls
Copyright 2014

* * * * *

"See? I told you this was the right way," Kim said, smugly, pushing through a thicket of saplings.

Katey glared at her, her face red with anger. "You still shouldn't have ran off like that! What if we had decided to go with Sally instead?"

"Then you'd all be getting milked now, most likely." Kim said, climbing over downed tree trunk.

"You couldn't have known that; those robots could be anywhere!" Katey argued, stepping over the trunk.

Kim rolled her eyes. "Yes, I did know that, and no, they can't. I didn't think she'd bump into one of them quite so quickly, but I did know there wouldn't be a robot hiding around this area."

Maggie and Trixie huddled together, bringing up the rear of the small group. Each woman carefully walked around the tangled mass of broken trees and scattered limbs, protecting their exposed breasts as best they could with their round mitten-trapped hands.

Katey stopped in her tracks, effectively bringing the group to a halt. "How? How could you possibly know there wouldn't be a robot here?"

Kim sighed. "Easy. I've watched every episode of The Milking Games since the show started. They say the robots and the towers are laid out randomly, but really the Network techs are too lazy for that sort of thing. They just reuse the same few patterns, over and over again. They pick the patterns at random, I guess, but there are weak spots that remain."

The short Asian spun around, waving her mittens at the surrounding trees. "This area of the city, for instance, is always nearly empty of robots. This part of the city got bombed more heavily than the rest, so the forest is thicker here. No tall ruins blocking out the sun, means more growth. And since the trees and green leaves tend to block ultraviolet and body heat..."

Katey ended her statement, nodding with understanding. "...and that means the robots can't see us here! No wonder they tend to keep away from this area!"

Kim smiled, her smug expression returning. "Just stick with me, and do what I say. I know where all the weak areas are, and where all the robots should be hiding. If you all just listen to me, I'll lead us straight to--"

Kim's voice was cut off as the thick brambles before them burst apart, a tiny rubbery robot shooting straight at Kim's head.

The tiny woman barely managed a startled shriek, before the robot landed on her, its long, spidery legs wrapping around her head. Her cries came out muffled, and the other women nearly panicked.

Katey grabbed Maggie and Trixie before they could bolt, shoving them both to the ground. "Take cover, there might be more of those things."

"What the hell are they?! I've never seen something like that before!" Maggie cried out, holding her mittens before her face protectively.

"They're new!" Trixie said, protecting her own face. "They hug your face and do something to you!"

"What do they do?!" Maggie exclaimed, looking even more frightened. But Trixie just shrugged, her bouncing tits shimmering in the bright light.

Kim pawed at her face, trying to pry the robot off, but her slick mittens just slid off the machine's rubbery hide.

Katey had no better luck with her own mittens. After several tense moments trying to somehow grab the robot and pull it off Kim, she backed away. Kim looked up at her, pleading, the arrogant smug look gone from her barely uncovered eyes. The robot seemed to pulse on her face, its multiple articulated legs tightening their grip around her head.

"Hold on," Katey said, looking around. Just a few feet away, she found what she was looking for: a burned-out vehicle, overgrown with thick vines.

Staring at the vehicles shattered glass windshield, Katey said, "I hope this works. Just hold on Kim!"

Katey slammed her mittens down onto the broken windshield, driving tiny pieces of glass into the rubbery spheres. With a loud -POP!- each mitten burst into a shards, as the sharp glass splinters cut through the thick fabric.

Her hands now free, Katey was able to slide her fingers under the legs of the face-grabber robot, and pry it off Kim. She slammed the robot against the shattered pavement below, until the robot's tough outer skin ruptured, spilling broken metal gears and computer chips. She tossed the ruined robot away, repulsed.

"Kim, are you alright?!" Katey asked.

Kim coughed, and pawed her mittens against her neck. "I-I don't know. What is tha-that thing? I ne-ne-never saw one before."

The others shrugged, as Kim coughed again. She said, "It sprayed so-something do-do-doooown my throooooat. It tastes awful!"

"Oh GOD!" Trixie exclaimed, shoving her mittens against her mouth.

"What is it!?!" Maggie and Katey both yelled, in unison.

"I... I just remembered what those robots do to you." Trixie said, her voice growing quiet.

Kim stood up, a bit unsteadily. "W-we need tooo keep mooo-mooooving! There might be moooo-moooo-MooooMOOOOOOO!!!"

Kim's eyes widened in terror, as she began to cry out frantically. "Mooo, mooo! MOOO!!"

She grabbed at her throat, banging her mittens against it uselessly. "MOOO!!"

Katey grabbed her, trying to calm the panicking woman. She continued crying, "Mooo! Moo!"

Trixie shook her head, as Maggie stared in horror at the remains of the face-clinger robot. Katey stared at them, worry lines furrowing her brow.

After a few moments, Kim seemed to get control of herself, but her ability to speak did not return.

Katey stared at her face, as Maggie and Trixie worked to remove their own mittens. "Okay, Kim. Tell me where we need to go next. You heard the announcer; if we can get to a tower, we win. And whatever happens to us here will be reversed. Just stay calm and tell me what to do next."

Kim nodded. "Mooo, mooo moo."

Maggie held a piece of sharp glass in one hand, and carefully cut through Kim's mittens, until her hands were also freed. Kim grabbed a broken branch and began to scratch markings in a patch of dry mud.

As she drew a simplistic map through their area of the city, she pointed the stick in various directions, indicating a few remaining buildings as useful landmarks.

When she was finished, Katey said, "Okay, we have a plan. Everyone, grab a long stick. There might be more of those spider-things. Now let's go!"

The four remaining contestants headed off into the thick undergrowth of the forest.

* * * * *

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