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The Milking Games, Part 6 (WIP)

Happy Saturday! :-)

This is the sixth, and final part of my forced-lactation/post-apocalyptic story, The Milking Games. It just ends, mid-scene, so I apologize for that.

When I first wrote this, I started out with an idea for the ending, but as the story progressed and the characters developed, the ending I had planned began to feel very anti-climatic. That is why I never finished the story. I've since decided on a different ending, but it will require me to massively rewrite the early portions of the story to properly set it up. And I really, really hate editing. So, I've been putting it off for that reason. Not to mention I've been super busy this past year writing other stories, that were more fresh in my mind.

Plus, lately I've been in the mood for other sorts of fetishes besides lactation, but I'm slowly starting to move back toward that. One day I will finally feel like finishing this tale off properly, and I'll change the parts that need changing. Primarily, I want to rewrite one of the main villains as a woman(Andy), to set up a sort-of comeuppance ending.

Right now I've been commissioned to write a story involving massive breast implants, and that has my focus at present. Besides that, I really want to finish off my third The Plastic Surgeon's Revenge story.

Anyway, the final part of the story is after the break. I hope you all enjoy it, and have a fun weekend! :-)

- Tabitha Kohls

The Milking Games, Part 6 (WIP)
by Tabitha Kohls
Copyright 2014

* * * * *

Andy groaned as he watched a replay of the hover-camera feed. The studio was silent, as a long commercial break ran. They were between the hours, and he used the break to get his makeup touched up and consider the next phase of the games.

"I can't believe these bitches are doing so well!" He cried, tossing the holopad aside.

Bradley nodded. "The Network execs aren't happy either. They added that stripper to the contestant list because they thought her tits would give us a ratings boost, but she barely lasted five minutes!"

"It's all that stupid Asian's fault!" Melissa declared, pointing to the live-feed playing on the full-size holoscreen on the wall. The four remaining contestants could be seen, climbing over several destroyed cars on an overgrown parking lot. Kim was clearly leading the women onward. "She seems to have figured out the Gamezone's weak spots. Thank god she caught one of those spidery-robots on the face!"

Andy nodded, watching the screen. "We added those specifically to work in those overgrown areas. They zero in on sound waves, rather than rely on visual sensors like the other robots. They're damned expensive though. And those cunts broke one!"

The makeup girl finished added a fresh layer of blush to Andy's cheeks and hurried off. For several minutes the show runners sat in silence, watching the women.

Finally, Melissa said, "We have to do something! They've crossed half the city without meeting another robot!"

"As long as they stay along the path they seem to have chosen, we can't do anything to stop them. The robots just won't work in those areas. And I'm not wasting another spider." Andy said, looking dejected.

"I have an idea."

The three show runners turned in their seats, and looked up at Kass. She smiled back at them.

"And what exactly do you have in mind, Kass?" Andy asked, looking amused. This was only the second time the rotund secretary had interrupted their meetings.

Kass said, "I was thinking... maybe you could tinker with the settings on their... tower locators."

Melissa uttered a disappointed sigh. "You mean their butt plugs? In case you didn't notice, they've removed their mittens. Surely they've pulled those plugs out by now."

"Actually," Bradley began, "we had a contestant bust one of her mittens last season, and pull her plug out. After that, the Network techs redesigned the plugs to send constant shocks straight into the wearer's anal ring. Something about making the sphincter contract or something. They're supposed to be nearly irremovable now."

Andy looked at Kass, tapping his hand thoughtfully.

After a moment, he said, "You know, you just might have a point there, Kass. I bet we can... adjust those plug settings. I remember the techs saying something about a backdoor protocol, or something. Brad, I've got to get back onstage. Have the techs set up something, so we can throw a wrench in those bitches' plans."

Kass smiled darkly, as the she followed her boss back to the studio gondola.


"Moooo," Kim moaned, as she pulled insistently on the base of her butt plug. But the plug refused to pop out of her. She was becoming frustrated. "Moooo!"

"Stop that, Kim! You'll hurt yourself. None of us have gotten ours out either. Now focus, where do we need to go now?" Katey said, trying to ignore her own plug. They were slowly closing in on a base tower, and now the constant buzzing of their anal plugs had grown into a steady thrumming that was impossible to ignore.

The other two girls were equally miserable, squirming the bottoms as they walked.

The four women were slowly crossing an expansive parking lot, filled with tall, young trees and broken vehicles. They had made great time crossing the ruined city, and still had several hours of daylight before the game ended. They'd only seen a few signs of the other robots, but had yet to meet one head on. It looked like Kim's plan was working.

But now their progress had stopped dead. The path before them was blocked by a long line of debris and shattered buildings, and the tree cover was much more sparse.

Kim started to scratch a new map for this section of the city, when she suddenly dropped her stick.

The other three woman watched in shock, as Kim began to pound frantically on her butt plug.

"What's wrong Kim?" Maggie said, worried.

"Moooo!! Moo!"

Without warning, Kim burst into a full run, her small, firm, tattooed breasts bobbing up and down as she raced first forward, and then suddenly turned to run the opposite direction. After a few yards, she stopped again, then began to race in circle.

"MOOO!!" She beat her fists on her ass, as the women stared in confusion.

"What the hell is going on?!" Katey yelled.

"MOOOOOOO!!!" Kim screamed, then turned and raced away from them.

"Quick, follow her! We can't get separated!" Katey cried, chasing after Kim before she disappeared into the low brush.


"Wow, this is fun! It's like driving a remote control car!" Bradley exclaimed, his fingers running over the controls of his wristcomp.

Melissa grinned in agreement, watching the tiny icons on the holoscreen as the contestants chased after Kim's icon.

The techs had set up Bradley's wristcomp to directly control the tower locators. Bradley could increase the intensity of the plugs' vibrations at will, and now he was using the newfound power to direct Kim across the city.

When she turned in a direction he didn't want, he just doubled the vibration strength, and lowered it again when turned the right way. With her voice box permanently altered by the nanite-vapor from the spider robot, Kim couldn't even tell her fellow contestants what was going on.

He slowly moved Kim out from the thickly forested region of the Gamezone, and toward another wide open field.

Melissa powered up her own wristcomp, and uploaded the techs new software. "I'll start messing with the other contestants while you dispense with the Asian cunt."

Bradley nodded. "Good idea. I've almost got Kim where I want her; let's see how she likes the Melon-squeezers!"

Melissa laughed evilly, as she began to type in her own commands.


Kim ran like a mad woman, trying desperately to dislodge her anal plug. The horrible device was leading her away from the relative safety of the forests and straight into the open.

"Mooo!!" She cried, as the plug's vibrations shifted gears again, the sudden intense sensation nearly bringing her to her knees. She swerved, turning until the vibration died down again, and kept running.

Above her, she could see the huge airship slowly hovered in circles around the Gamezone. They must be controlling this damned plug! If I can find a way to block their signals...

The butt plug forced her to change direction again, now making her crash headlong through a thicket of brambles. The tiny thorns caught at her suit, scratching pin-sized holes in lines across her sides and thighs.

The neon-green suit was incredibly tight on her, acting more like a second skin than clothing. The latex-like material was also very thin and elastic. As the thorns pierced the thin covering, the tight material snapped back, ripping in long lines across her body. The suit seemed to explode from her, transformed into a wreck of dangling green shreds flapping behind her as she ran from the bramble patch.

She collapsed at the edge of another wide park, gasping for air. The plug instantly began to surge again, trying to keep her moving.

Kim looked around, fearing that a robot would appear any moment to turn her into a new cow. Then she saw the gazebo.

 Despite years of disrepair and the heavy bombardment that had destroyed the city, the park's tiny gazebo was in good shape. It stood in the center of the circular clearing, its green roof catching her eye.

That's a copper roof! If I can get under that, it should block the signal from that damn airship!

Gulping deeply, she jumped back to her feet and raced across the open field toward the gazebo.

Before she had covered a dozen yards, the grass before her shifted violently, as a robotic arm suddenly snapped up at her!

Ow! She thought. "MOOO!!" She said.

The robotic arm had a long, flat plastic paddle in place of a hand. It slapped against her bare breast, striking her shiny target tattoo dead center.

"MOO!" Kim cried, as she jerked away from the arm, and another arm burst out at her!


Kim turned, as more and more arms burst up through the grass. She had blundered straight into a thick minefield of stationary robots!

She jerked and jumped and dived, but couldn't avoid the constant slapping arms. Her breasts took the most punishment, as one paddle after another hit her bare chest. Wrapping her arms over her chest to protect her sensitive tits, Kim plowed forward, desperate to reach the possible safety of the gazebo.

Slaps continued to rain down upon her, only now most of the arms were aiming for her unprotected rear! "MOOO! MOO!"

Kim jumped from the grassy field and onto the front steps of the small gazebo, as a final arm connected across her red ass with a last painful slap!

Instantly, Kim felt the plug die down to a low, steady thrum in her ass, and sighed with relief. The copper roofing was working.

Rubbing her sore butt cheeks and tits, she stood up. The last remnants of her suit had torn free in her dash across the park lawn, and now she was totally nude. Even her shoes had been lost somewhere in the grass.

She saw the other three woman appear at the edge of the clearing, and yelled, "Mooo! Moo, moooo!!"

She pointed frantically at the grass, trying to warn them. The robotic slappers had once again disappeared under the thick growth, waiting to strike anyone who came within reach.

Kim was too distracted to notice the long snake-like robots crawling across the gazebo floor behind her.


The three women reached the edge of the park, all but Katey winded by their long run. They had crashed through the same brambles that had destroyed Kim's suit, and now their own suits had several long gashes and rips running across their thighs.

Katey looked around, until she spotted Kim on the gazebo, waving at them. "There she is!"

Trixie peered across the grassy expanse. "Why is she jumping around like that and waving at the grass?"

Katey cocked her head to the side, wondering the same thing. Some sort of warning, maybe? Stay out of the grass?

The tall blond fighter shrugged. "I'm not sure. We'll just have to find out, I guess."

She started to step into the thick field of tall weeds, when Trixie cried out.

Maggie and Katey both jumped, spinning around, fully expecting to find the poor redhead caught in the embrace of some horrible machine. Instead, Maggie was grabbing at her plug, and shrieking.

A second later, Maggie joined her, as her own plug began to vibrate madly!

Katey grunted as she felt the constant low buzz of her own anal plug begin to rev up, sending pulses of sensation through her body. Katey clutched the wide base of the plug and pulled hard, stretching her anus out from her body. But no matter how hard she pulled, the plug refused to budge!

"We have to get these things out!" Katey cried.

Maggie and Trixie were now running around in circles, as their plugs tried to send them off in separate directions. Maggie was the first to realize what was going on. "They're trying to split us up!"

She pointed up at the airship above them, and Katey nodded, still pulling furiously at her plug. The intense vibration was seriously tickling her asshole, a sensation that was rapidly becoming unbearable. If she didn't get the plug out quick, it would drive her mad!

The other two women were in no better shape. Trixie screamed, "I don't think I can take this!"

"Just hold on!" Katey cried, pulling her plug even harder. Her sphincter muscles strained as the bulbous plug finally began to move. Her powerful arms were stronger than her anus, and with a final cry of pain and intense relief, Katey popped the horrible plug from her ass!

She dropped the buzzing sex toy and grabbed the two women, who were seconds away from darting off in different directions.

Ignoring their protests, Katey grabbed the base of their plugs in each hand, and pulled. Maggie gasped as she felt her anus strain against the thick plug, but sighed with relief when it too popped out at last.

Trixie kicked and screamed, her anus clenched tightly around the narrow stem of her plug. But Katey ignored her, holding her down as she pulled back. With another loud -POP!- the third plug came free and she tossed it beside the others.

All three women collapsed, exhausted and sore. But finally they were free of the horrible, ticklish buzzing in their rears.

Idly, Maggie looked at the three butt plugs, and gasped. "Katey! Your plug is huge!"

Katey twisted her head around to see the pile of toys, and nodded as she saw her own plug was at least twice as thick as the other two. "I'm not surprised."

"MOOOO!!!" Kim's scream startled them back to their feet.


Kim screamed as she jumped away from the metal snake. The strange-looking robots that surrounded her were built like giant centipedes, long tubular articulated bodies, with thousands of tiny metal legs on their undersides.

Melon-Squeezers!! Oh fuck!

The long metal centipedes crawled rapidly toward her. She spun around, looking for a possible escape route, but the robots had totally encircled her. She could see dozens of the things  crawling out in the grass, reflecting the late-afternoon sunlight as they closed on the gazebo.

This was a trap all along! Kim thought, as she jumped back from the closest robot.

The machines stopped, almost as if they were waiting for something...

Above her, two long robots had climbed along the gazebo ceiling, and now dropped down, right on top of the tiny Asian woman!

"MOOOOO!!" She screamed, as the centipedes landed on her. They moved in a rush, seemingly thousands of tiny metal legs plucking at her unprotected skin.

Both articulated robots crawled for her small, firm tits, and quickly spun around each. Kim grabbed at them, but just as she got a grip on the metallic machines, a sudden zap of electricity stung her hand and she pulled it back with a startled gasp.

Ignoring her attempts to remove them, the robots attached their heads to their tails, forming two perfect rings around the base of her tits. To Kim's horror, the other centipedes were rapidly closing in on her again, wrapping around her legs and climbing up her back to reach her arms.

Tiny electric shocks in her calves brought her to her knees, while the robots now wrapping around her arms locked together, and pulled her arms behind her back. Her wrists were suddenly snapped together, both rendering her helpless and forcing her to thrust her small breasts outward.

The Melon-Squeezers already wrapped around her breasts began to spin in place, as well as tighten. The effect was to squeeze her tiny tits into round balls, each the size of an apple. Her tits felt incredibly tight.

Kim felt her pussy moisten at the startlingly erotic sensation of pressure; her breasts were so firm, the skin so taut, her body so helpless. More of the centipede-like robots were piling over her now, their tiny legs tickling her skin as they moved....

* * * * *

The End, for now....


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  2. Awwww again! I enjoyed what we have had. understand why you have not completed it though. Maybe if you never rewrite it you could do a short on the dairy and the cows ?