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Free Fiction Friday: Order of Magnitude - and some news

I wrote this over a year ago, but have recently written a standalone sequel, so I figured I might as well post this part first. I was planning on posting it here last Friday, but realized too late that I needed to edit it a bit before it was ready to post here.

I'm hoping to put the second, and totally new, installment up this coming Friday. It isn't a direct sequel, but it will answer a few questions as to Tasha's ultimate fate.

On the ebook front, I'm starting to finally get some of my old muse back at last. I've just started work on a new superheroine story, and have a few similar tales outlined as well. I'm also planning out a third Ro-Sham-Bimbo game show story, this time with a politician theme.

And finally, I've been working on an Age-Regression story, the first since I published Paddled! nearly two years ago. I think this story will have a very Hal or Daring Diane or Alec Leamus feel to it when I'm done. So if you're into their sorts of stories, this might be right down your alley when it's done.

Sadly, none of these stories, or any of the others I've also got simmering, are anywhere near ready to publish yet. And I'm not sure how long it will be. Just be patient with me, and I'll get something out there for all you lovely folks though. :-)

Well, that's about it for news, on to today's story. Just click the 'Read More' link below, as per usual. And be sure and let me know what you think, especially if this story is new to you. I love feedback, after all....

- Tabitha Kohls

Order of Magnitude

by Tabitha Kohls
Copyright  2013

* * *

"And welcome back to another exciting segment of the Do The Time Show!!! Our lovely contestant, Tasha, has reached the coveted final question of the third, and final roun--" Don, the game show host paused as he was interrupted by loud applause and shouts from the studio crowd. 

Tasha tapped a foot impatiently; the stupid titanium bondage suit she was locked into was uncomfortable enough, without having to sit under all these bright stage lights. The sooner this show got moving, the better. Besides, she was about to win!

She had completed the previous two rounds, handedly beating out the other two contestants, who were each doomed to spend a year in their suits and with nothing to show for their sacrifice but some gag-prizes, like a lifetime subscription to Chaste&Pure Magazine or a mega-sized bottle of stainless steel polish for their belts.

Tasha herself had managed to amass a solid thousand dollars in prize money before starting this round, and her answers thus far meant she was now just one last question away from leaving with a veritable fortune.

"For our more forgetful audience members watching at home, remember, our contestant has to answer five questions: for every wrong answer, the time she will have to spend trapped in her current ensemble increases by a factor of ten. While her prize money will also increase by the same scale, but only for correct answers. Likewise, a right answer will further decrease her penalty time, but only by half."

Tasha nodded as the host continued reading off his teleprompter. She already knew all of this; she just wanted to finish her round and take her winnings home.

He finally turned to her, and said, "Now Tasha, before we left for the commercial break, you had answered four questions; two wrong answers and two correct answers. Since you started the round with a penalty time of just one day in that wonderfully uncomfortable suit, your incorrect responses pushed your time to one hundred days. But your two correct answers have likewise brought that down to a mere twenty-five days. As always, you'll have to 'Do The Time' to collect your prize."

"I'm feeling really confident, Don," Tasha said quickly, getting in before the audience could start chanting the show's stupid title again. The constant repetition was bad enough, and she was itching to finish the final round. Plus she was starting to chaff where the metal suit was rubbing her fair skin. Pushing her discomfort from her mind, she went on, "I think a month in chastity sounds like a fair price to pay for all my winnings."

"I bet it does. And speaking of your prize, your two correct answers have brought you up to an amazing one-million dollars! You're on track to be our biggest winner ever!!!" Don exclaimed, grinning from ear to ear.

Finally he turned back toward the board on the back wall of the stage, and Tasha quickly took her own place, beside the massive wheel that was the centerpiece of game.

The huge horizontal wheel was made up of triangles, each listing a question category and the occasional special item. Some were far larger than others, to ensure some categories were picked more often, others only rarely.

Before the slick-haired host could launch into his lengthy explanation of the wheel's rules yet again, she bent over and gave the heavy wheel a hard spin. This seemingly simple maneuver was made much more difficult by her bondage suit, the tight metal straps and belt fighting her every move. She wasn't looking forward to spending a month in it, even if it did end with her huge payday.

Each contestant was fitted with a unique suit, but hers was unusually restrictive. Aside from the usual steel chastity belt, and short hobble chain and cuffs holding her ankles close together, a stiff metal T-shaped bar was locked across her chest, neatly splitting her large breasts to each side. It attached at the top to a thick metal collar locked around her neck, which prevented any serious movement of her head. The top points of the T-shape each held a short chain, which locked to her wrist cuffs, further restraining her movements.

Nevertheless, she managed a good, hard shove, and the wheel spun around several times, before finally coming to a stop on one of the thinnest of the triangles. A special category, apparently.

One of the show's busty assistants eagerly lifted the triangle free of the wheel, and handed it to the host, beaming broadly the whole while at the cameras. Tasha rolled her eyes, and waited for Don to read the category off to her for the final time.

The host thanked the assistant, and waited long, drawn-out seconds as the busty woman walked back offstage. Finally, he turned the thin sliver of board over in his hands, and gasped. Instead of reading the new category off, he exclaimed, "I can't believe it! You've picked an Order of Magnitude question! Our first all season long!! And on your very last spin too!!!" 

Tasha was floored as well; the extremely rare Order of Magnitude question was a prize magnifier. Instead of the usual ten-fold increase, a correct answer now would increase her prize money by a factor of one-hundred! She could walk away with even more money than she had dared dream! Never mind starting up that women's-only law firm; she could start a women's-only law college!

"Remember Tasha, if you get next question this right, your prize money will increase, not by tenfold, but by one-hundredfold," Don cautioned, wetting his lips. "But a wrong answer will have the same effect on your penalty time. But are you sure you want to take the chance? The producer might be willing to offer you a deal, if you choose to skip the magnifier, and keep the normal rate for your final question."

They both looked up at the Producer's skybox hanging over the stage; Tasha rolled her eyes. "I'm going to take my chances, Don. I can't just walk away from that kind of money!"

The host nodded glumly, then quickly peeled a piece of tape from the triangle still in his hand. He read the underlying words, and suddenly grinned. "Okay, Tasha, it appears that your final category is... American Porn!"

Tasha winced; she didn't the know the first thing about porn!

"And your question is..." Don paused, as the board lit up, a woman's face appearing, the image clearly a screenshot taken at the height of a feigned orgasm. "What is the cup size of this pornstar?"

Tasha felt her own face grow pale. As she had feared, the woman was a total unknown to her.

"Um...a Double-D?"

"Ooh, a very good guess, but I'm afraid you are wrong! Miss Tiffany Totts is actually only a B-cup."

Don's grin grew smug, as the crowd began to thrum with rising excitement. While they would cheer on a winner, they truly loved the losers. "And we all know what that means, don't we? Tasha, I'm afraid your penalty time is automatically increased by one-hundred times. Sorry dear, but you aren't going to be free of that suit for another twenty-five hundred days!"

Tasha was dumbfounded; that was nearly seven years! And the stupid prize money wouldn't be paid out until she was finished with her penalty time!!

Don touched the side of his head; evidently someone was speaking to him through his ear piece.

"Wow, good news, Tasha!" He gushed a moment later. "It seems the Producer is willing to make you an offer, and boy is it a doozy!"

His flamboyant tone and mannerism got laughs from the audience, but only annoyed Tasha. She was staring the better part of a decade of forced chastity and bondage in the face, and was in no mood for his slapstick antics.

"Yes, and what it is his deal?" She snapped, growing impatient as the wild host milked the audience for more applause.

"The deal is that he will double your winnings to a cool two-million in cash. And he will alter your belt's software code, and program it to give you an orgasm once a year. Of course, that orgasm will come at a totally random time." Don explained, given an exaggerated shrug. "Could happen while you are at home, enjoying a night of television; could happen in the middle of the grocery aisle at your local shopping center; it might even happen in the middle of church! Who knows?!" 

Tasha cautiously nodded. "Okay; so what's the catch?"

"The catch is two-fold; One, your time will be increased to an even ten years. And two, you must answer two bonus questions, chosen by our studio audience. But this time your prize money won't grow, nor will you gain any more time for a wrong answer."

Tasha started to frown, wondering what the point of the bonus questions was if she got neither reward nor penalty, but Don quickly added, "However, your total number of orgasms will be tied to your responses. For example; a correct answer will result in a tenfold increase in your forced climaxes per year."

Despite herself, Tasha started to grin; this deal was starting to sound a lot better than she had dared hope for. At least her decade in bondage wouldn't be without some pleasures, however infrequent. Two right answers and she'd be getting off twice a week! Hell, that was better than her current sex life!

But her smile drained away as Don finished, smirking, "But a wrong answer will result in a one-hundredfold increase in orgasms per year. And all of them randomly timed. You better hope the audience picks some easy questions, or you'll rust that belt right off!"

Tasha's face grew pale again, as the audience exploded into galls of laughter. She quickly did the math in her head, while, trapped inside it's unbreakable titanium shield, her pussy suddenly spasmed violently at the thought of ten years of forced orgasms. If, god forbid, she missed both questions....

After a long moment, Tasha gulped and made her decision....

* * *
The End
* * *


  1. Those ideas sound like a lot of fun. I've really enjoyed the superhero content you've made, and I feel like you could totally come up with some fun scenarios that would make great stories. Also, that political game show sounds like something that you could do a great job with, given how well-written your game show works have been.

    Speaking of, this is a great story! Super excited to see what sort of answers we'll get regarding Tasha's situation.

  2. What happened about the sequel and Tasha's ultimate fate? I'm dying to know.