Friday, October 30, 2015

New Ebook: Chief Executive Bimbo 2: Total Ditz

Greeting everyone, sorry about the long absence. But I've finally (after 4 months!) published a new ebook, a sequel to Chief Executive Bimbo from last year. This picks up right after the first one, and includes a bit more of the body modification stuff I love so much. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. :-)

Chief Executive Bimbo 2 (12,800 Words Long)

Greedy, embezzling CEO Dorothy Zucker is back, trying to turn the tables on her secretary before she is totally transformed into the office bimbo. But is the buxom blond bombshell already too late?

This 12,800 word erotic tale of office domination includes themes of role reversal, status reduction, humiliating clothing, body modification, oral sex, painful hair removal practices, and bimbofication galore!

Barnes & Noble

I'm already working on a third (and final) installment, as I had a good bit of material left that was going to go into the ending of this sequel.

In other news, I fully intended to post a followup to my free story Order of Magnitude, in the last post. But I seem to have lost some documents on my computer, including the finished Order of Magnitude 2 story. I have some of the text still, but it is unfinished. I was hoping to find the missing files on a flash drive or buried deep in my hard drives somewhere, but now it looks like it is all lost permanently after all. So I'll have to rewrite it, I guess.

I'm also currently working on a Halloween-themed story, not sure if I'll have it finished tomorrow or not. If not, I'll try and get it posted as soon as I can, aiming for Sunday or Monday. It's an Age-Regression story, since I haven't done one of those in a long while now and was in the mood lately.

Happy Halloween, everybody!

- Tabitha Kohls


  1. Happy Halloween to you, too! Just got the book, loved part one. Also really looking forward to the age regression story, though I'm hoping it's not to infantilehood or involving diapers (they aren't part of my thing). There's so few age regression stories that go where I want, to teenage years. Vicky Innes, another author on Amazon, did one story like that (among many) and never followed up with a sequel.

    1. Ooh... well... well, while I wouldn't say the story I'm working on is exactly heading in an 'infantile' direction, the title is going to be "The Witch's Wet Britches" so... probably not quite what you're hoping for.

      - Tabby

    2. Oops, meant to say, hope you enjoy the new book, and thanks for purchasing! :-D

      - Tabby