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Free Fiction Friday: The Head Cheerleader's Party

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I'd say this was a bit late, but that's an understatement. I've been meaning to post a new free age-regression story for Halloween, but it never really panned out, unfortunately. So instead, today you're getting a Halloween story I originally started last year. It was largely inspired from one of my favorite episodes of a certain show about a vampire-slaying blond girl, but hopefully works well enough even if you haven't seen that episode.

It was meant to be a good bit longer, but I never got around to finishing it, so it's more of opening setup than a real story. But who knows, if there's any real interest in this, I might feel inspired enough to work on finishing it properly, hopefully before another Halloween rolls around!

And in other happy news, I've published a brand new ebook, centered around breast enlargement surgery! It's more of an erotic-romance type of story than my usual fare, but I like it. If you like stories about large breast implants, you'll probably enjoy it too. ;-)

It actually started out as a commissioned story some time ago, but I've since had to end that commission. What's left is basically the first act in a larger three-act story, but I think it works as a standalone for now. I do plan on finishing it eventually, as I've largely written the ending scenes already. I just need to decide what I want to do for the middle parts, and I can get to work.

Anyway, today's story is after the break, as per the norm. Oh, and be sure and check back here in a day or two, when I post the links to the new ebook. With the holidays in full swing, it's taking Amazon and Barnes & Noble a little while to process the new book and bring it up on their sites. The book is up for sale on Smashwords already, though, if you're the impatient sort.

Have a fun holiday and long weekend everybody! And let me know what you think of today's free story too! :-D

- Tabitha

The Head Cheerleader's Party

by Tabitha Kohls

Copyright 2015

* * * * *

"Oh look, it's Scary Mary!"

Marianne stiffened at the words. Even with her face buried in her locker, she knew who was standing behind her.

Taking a deep breath to keep calm, she turned around to face her nemesis, Corinne Lockhart. As usual, the bitch was surrounded by the rest of her bitchy clique, Jasmine, Melody and Denise. The three hangers-on were jeering at her from behind their leader's back.

"What do you want, Corinne?" Marianne said, through gritted teeth. Though she absolutely loathed her nickname, she chose not to acknowledge the bitch's insult. She knew Corinne just wanted to make her angry.

Corinne wasn't just the most popular girl at East Paddington High, she was also the head of the cheer squad, and the prom queen. As if that wasn't bad enough, she was also tall, blond, and totally beautiful to boot!

It just wasn't fair! Corinne did nothing to deserve her popularity! Marianne had the best grades in the Senior Class, would almost certainly be Valedictorian come graduation, and spent just as much time on her hair and makeup as Corinne. And yet it was the lazy, stupid, slutty cheerleader captain who always got all the attention!

It's just because her father owns the town's biggest bank, and bought her those fake tits for her sweet-sixteen, Marianne told herself.

Corinne grinned back at her. "I just wanted to remind you; Halloween is tomorrow."

"Yeah, so?" Marianne replied, warily. She had a bad feeling the blond cheerleader was setting up a trap.

Corrine's grin broadened, as her trio moved in closer. She said, "So...why did you come dressed as witch today, Scary Mary?"

The four cheerleaders broke out into mocking laughter, as Marianne's blood boiled. Unlike the clique of popular girls, she was dressed in her normal gothic attire; black boots, black pants, black fishnet-stockings running the length of her arms, and her favorite black t-shirt. Admittedly, her outfit sometimes drew stares, from teachers and students alike, but to call it a "witch" costume was completely ridiculous!

Okay, sure, the white pattern ironed onto the front of her t-shirt was copied out of an old Wiccan book she'd found in the local library. But it wasn't as if the four twats knew that!

" stupid, bitch!" Marianne said, lamely. She felt hot tears burn in her eyes and blinked them away. "Just because you're rich and you surround yourself with these, these...stupid, sycophants, you think your better than everyone else! Well you're not, fake-titted cow!"

"Sycophants? Oh look, Scary Mary learned a new word today." Corinne said mockingly, and rolled her eyes.

"Oh, fuck you! Just leave me alone, you...cunt!" Marianne said, starting to turn back to face her locker, before the four Senior girls saw her cry.

Corinne sighed. "Whatever. The real reason I came over here was to give you this."

Marianne blinked in confusion as the tall, busty blond girl shoved a card into her hand. Her confusion only grew as she read the invitation.

"You're inviting me to your Halloween party?!" She said. She couldn't believe it; Corinne hosted a huge party at her house every Halloween. It had become legendary over the years, but Marianne and her own handful of friends had never been invited to attend.

"Yeah, mom and dad said I had to invite the whole class, or they'd stop letting me use the house. So I'm stuck letting you losers inside; whatever, just don't get in the way of my real guests." Corinne said, turning around and walking away, her trio of sycophants following on her heels.


"Wow, I can't believe she invited us!"

Marianne sighed, and looked at her friend Samantha. "Sammie, she's just inviting us to make her parents happy; it isn't like we're suddenly in the cool-kid club, or something. The bitch still hates us."

Her chubby, brunette friend just shrugged. "Who cares, Mary? I'm just happy we get to go, for once. This is our last Halloween together, next year we'll all be in college somewhere."

"I heard there's beer at Corinne's parties," Garth said, smiling. He mimed chugging back a drink. "I'm so going to get wasted!"

Marianne rolled her eyes, but Samantha laughed at the tall, thin boy. "Wasted? What, after half a beer? You're built like a ruler, Gary!"

"Hey, I can hold my liquor!"

"With those scrawny arms? You wish!"

Marianne shook her head as her two friends teased each other, and smiled for the first time since her meeting with Corinne. Unlike her, neither Sammie or Gary were really into the whole "goth-scene" but they'd all been close friends ever since she transferred in from West Paddington Elementary, in second grade.

Which was just as well, as neither had anyone else they could really hang out with. Between Mary's goth-look, Sammie's weight and nerdish interests, and Garth's total lack of social skills, they were at the very bottom of the High School's social totem pole. Without each other, they'd just be three lonely losers. At least together, they weren't quite as lonely.

"She's still a bitch though," Sam was saying, as Mary stopped suddenly. Sam nearly walked right into her. "Hey! What gives, Mary?!"

"Look!" Mary said, pointing. Both of her friends stopped, and looked where she was pointing.

They'd been walking down the mostly empty mall, moving just fast enough not to catch the attention of the mall security guards, who were constantly on the lookout for loitering teenagers, and shoplifters.

The Paddington Mall was once the thriving heart of the Paddington market district; but for years it had decayed into just another relic of the eighties, with most of its storefront's either for rent or taken over by the usual standby cheap outlet stores and fast-food restaurants.

Which was why the three eighteen year olds were so startled to see a brand-new store, its front door sitting just in-between a Burger-Rex and Coff-E.

The three of them approached the storefront. Oddly, the door wasn't the normal open glass affair, but was made of solid wood, with a single small window of frosted glass.

"What is this place? I've never seen it before." Gary asked, staring wide-eyed. Sammie and Mary echoed his expression.

Mary was the first to regain her senses enough to look up, and see the store's small sign. It was painted on a shield-shaped placard, hanging from above the door, like the sign's of old English pubs.

"Loki's Prank and Novelty Emporium," She read aloud. She bit her lip, hesitated for a second, then reached for the door handle.

"Wait, are you sure--" Sammie started to say, but Mary already had the door open and disappeared inside.

Sammie looked at Gary, then shrugged and followed her goth friend.


From the outside the store appeared to be sandwiched tightly between the cruddy burger joint and web cafe, but from the inside, the store was massive. Impossibly so.

"Wow! It's bigger on the inside!" Mary exclaimed, as her friends entered behind her.

"Worst pop-culture reference ever!" Gary replied, grinning. But as he looked around, his grin disappeared, as his mouth fell open in total awe.

The store was huge, spreading out in all directions. Every square-inch of space was dominated by tables of bizarre merchandise, all of it piled high in with no obvious sort of order.

"Wow," Sammie echoed, "This place is a mess!"

She hefted a doll from one table, knocking over a pile of other stuffed-toy oddities. The doll was human-shaped, but covered entirely in long, sharp metal pins. She found a small tag, and read out, "Anti-Voodoo Doll, five bucks. Add pins as needed. Warning: avoid fire, water, noxious gases, small dogs, and lamprey."

She tossed the doll back on its table, sending more odds-and-ends clattering to the stone tile floor. "What the hell is this place?"

Mary examined a few items herself, and shrugged, "Some sort of run-down joke shop, I think."

Gary hefted a large, spiky metal sphere from a nearby table. A long cotton cord ran from one end of the ball, with another tag taped to it. "Tiger Removal Mine, four hundred bucks. To keep Tigers away, insert mine into anus and light fuse. Warning: Lubricant not included."

"Pwease don't touch ze merchandise!" A voice boomed, suddenly. The three teens jumped, startled nearly out of their skins, and looked around in surprise.

A tiny man in a black cape, complete with fake plastic fangs in his mouth, suddenly appeared from behind a pile of pre-stained underwear.

"Who the hell are you!?!" Mary said, blinking.

"I am Mither Voki, the--" The short man started, then stopped. He gave them a sheepish look, and pulled his fake fangs out from his mouth. "Ahem, sorry about that, I totally forgot about them. Anyway, as I was saying, I am Mister Loki, the owner of Loki's--"

"Yeah, yeah, it's a joke shop. We got it." Gary said, cutting the man off.

"Ah, yes," Mr. Loki said, glaring at the boy for a second. "Anyway, sorry about the state of the store; I'm still getting everything ready for Halloween. Now, is there anything I can do for you three?"

Mary started to shake her head, then stopped and looked around. Mr. Loki grinned at her, and said, "Ah, I've seen that look before. You need a prank, I think. Got a victim in mind, missy?"

She looked at the strange man for a moment, then at her friends, before finally replying, "Yeah, maybe. I...I'm interested in getting revenge against someone."

"Say no more, I've got just the thing!" Loki said, reaching under his coat. With a flash, he extracted a jar of blue pills. "Everhard Tablets; perfect for getting even with that special man, who wasn't quite so special after all. Just slip him one of these puppies, and he'll be hard as a rock for days and days! Guaranteed!!"

Gary stared almost longingly at the pills, but Mary interjected quickly, "Actually,, I'm looking to get back at a girl. A real bitch."

"Say no more!" The man repeated, slipping his hand back under his cape. It returned an instant later, with a new bottle of pink pills. "Your pampered princess decide she's tired of pussy? Give her one of these, and she'll stay off the straight-and-narrow path, for certain!"

Mary blinked; was the man calling her a lesbian? "Um, what are those?"

Loki rattled the jar, the large pills clacking against the glass noisily. "Everlasting Cockstoppers, of course! Just one pill, and your girl's clam will close up so tight, she'll be using toothpicks for dildos!"

Mary stared at the man in shock, then shook her head slowly. "Um, sorry, but no. I'm not...look, I just need something to get revenge on a bitchy girl at my school, okay? Actually, something for her whole clique would be nice; they're all total skanks and bitches and I hate them and--"

"Oh, I see." Loki said, cutting off Mary's tirade. "What you need is one of my combo packs. Now, when you say you want revenge, just how badly do you want to mess these, er, bitches up? Short term or long? I've got something here for everyone."

Mary looked at Sammie and Gary, who shrugged back at her. "Um, well...I guess I want to do something that will really fuck them all up. I mean, I don't want to kill them or anything, I just want everyone to stop sucking up to them. I want Corinne and her whole stupid clique to stop being the popular girls; I want everyone to treat them just as badly as they've treated all of us, ever since elementary school!"

As Mary caught her breath, Sammie and Gary nodded in agreement. Loki scratched his chin thoughtfully. After a moment, he replied, "Well, that might take some doing. You'll need some of my top-end merchandise. None of this sissy crap!" He gestured at the various tables strewn around them. "No, you'll be needing my real pranks. Just, uh, give me a second to scrounge around and I'll get you everything you need."

Before they could reply, he slipped behind a table and was just...gone.

"Well, that was weird." Sammie said after a moment; Mary and Gary agreed.

"Maybe we should leave?" Gary said, eyeing the door behind them. Oddly enough, no one else had entered the store after them, though they'd been inside for a good quarter-hour. The mall wasn't busy, but it wasn't empty either. A new store should have attracted at least some customers, even if they were only going to look around.

Almost as one, the three teens suddenly realized they hadn't seen anyone else in the store either. They were totally alone, save for the strange owner.

"Um, yeah, we should totally leave," Sammie agreed.

Just as the three teens reached the shop door, the owner jumped out from behind a pile of knickknacks.

"Oh, there you are! Here, I have found exactly what you need." Loki said, thrusting a large box at Mary. She took it, cautiously.

" much?"

"Well, that's some top-of-the-line stuff in there...let's say...twenty-three dollars and fourteen cents." Loki said, his face twisting oddly as he smiled from ear to ear.

The three teenagers searched their pockets and purses, and managed to find exactly twenty-three dollars and fourteen cents between them. Loki took the money with relish and Mary, Sammie, and Gary moved to leave.

"Wait!" Loki cried out, stopping them dead in their tracks. "This is very important; the stuff in that box is real, very real. But the magicks won't activate until Halloween. So don't use them before, understand?"

Mary and her friends nodded slowly, then hopped through the door.

"Shit, that was weird!" Gary said, looking back at the strange shop. "I thought he was going to stab us, or something. So, what's in the box?"

Mary too was staring back at the shop, as if afraid it wouldn't be there if she lost sight of it. She cautiously tore her eyes away, and looked at the box in her hands. Even more carefully, she tore the top open, and reached inside. She extracted her hand, clutching a bag.

"It's a... witch costume? These are all costumes, cheap ones too." She said, feeling oddly disappointed. Somehow, she'd been almost ready to believe the strange man's impossible claims.

"What's this though?" Gary said, reaching into the box and extracting a large, fat candle. The candle was molded into the shape of a man's head, only with a face on both sides. "Two-faces? Must be some sort of comic-book reference or something."

A small card was tied around the figurine's neck. He read it slowly, frowning. "Light the Janus Candle on Halloween Night, and Make Your Costumes Come to Life! Janus Candle lasts four to six hours, depending on local weather conditions. Do not light in shower or around open gas lines. Avoid driving heavy machinery until effects wear off entirely. WARNING: Do not extinguish early under any circumstances."

"Weird." Sammie lifted the odd candle gingerly. "Still, it's a nice candle. Not sure it was worth all of our money though."

The three friends looked at each other, and back at the candle and box of costumes, growing more confused by the second.


The party at the Lockhart mcmansion was well underway, as the entire Senior Class of East Paddington High drank and danced in the huge house's main living room.

Corinne stared down at her Halloween party with relish, from the second floor balcony, overlooking the open lower level of the house.

"Everything is going great!" She exclaimed, nearly giggling with delight. Her hangers-on stood obediently behind her, already in their costumes.

Corinne glanced at the huge clock mounted on her wall, and grinned. "Okay girls, it's half-past eleven, so we're just late enough to be fashionable; time for us to make our grand entrance!"

"Corinne, I'm not sure about this...can't we get a different costume?" Moaned Tiffani, the other blond in her clique of 'friends' as the three girls wriggled in their pantomime costume. "I didn't even like that stupid movie."

"Yeah, that movie was gross," agreed Amberlyn, the auburn of the group.

Jessica, the last of her hanger-on's and the only brunette, just looked miserable, her face lodged tightly against Tiffani's wide bottom.

The three girls were sprawled on their hands and knees on Corinne's bedroom floor, all wrapped together in a huge, specially-made tan-colored body stocking.

"And why do I have to be in the middle?!" Tiffani complained, as Corinne pulled one of the straps holding the three together, pushing her blond friend's head into Amberlyn's butt.

With the body stocking wrapped snuggly around them, they looked almost naked. You could barely see the g-string separating Tiffani's face from the auburn girl's ass, nor the equally skimpy thong Tiffani herself was wearing.

"Hey, I didn't blow fifty bucks on those knee pads just to have you twits not use them!" Corinne said, pushing her blond friend's head down, until it was wedged against Amberlyn's own prodigious butt.

She wrapped a tan-colored strap around the blonde's head, and looped it around the auburn girl's thighs, then synched it tight, locking the two together. Jessica just moaned, already secured to Tiffani's rump.

Secretly Corinne was beyond amused at the complaints, it made the moment that much more satisfying. And it freshly reaffirmed her role in the group.

Her little clique was so pathetic, they'd do anything she told them to, just for the chance to bask in her spotlight. Even wear a 'human centipede' costume to her party!

Corinne grinned as she started down the stairs. As she expected, every eye in the room below was instantly upon her.

Unlike her friends' ridiculous outfits, she looked splendid in her costume. She was going as a human statue, modeled upon the school's cheerleading trophy, which she of course had won three years running.

It had taken nearly an hour to apply the gold body paint to her entire body, even with her groupies' help, but the effect was well worth the trouble. She absolutely glowed, every square inch of skin shimmering in the light. She had found a golden cheerleading skirt and top to match her skin, and had even dyed her naturally blond locks to a very unnatural golden-bronze shade.

She paused at the top of the stares, basking in the inevitable flashes of dozens of camera phones from her adoring crowd below. As struck one lurid pose after another, she caught a glimpse of herself in the huge mirror above the fireplace. She looked even more incredible than she had imagined! All she was lacking was a marble stand under her high-heels, and she'd be the living embodiment of her trophy!

As the camera flashes finally died down, Corinne began her grand entrance to the party.

Halfway down, she realized she was still alone. Cocking her head, she glared at her friends hiding on the landing above until they reluctantly began to follow her down, trapped on all fours.

A dark smile crossed her beautiful golden lips as excited chuckles passed through the crowd, and more camera phones flashed, even as her friends winced in embarrassment. It was good to knock her hangers-on down a peg or two, lest they ride her coattails to true popularity and become rivals. Of course, after tonight's party, there'd be no chance one of the bimbos would ever show her up. Her reign as Queen of the school was assured.

"Really, what can possibly go wrong?" Corinne mused to herself, stopping at the lower landing for another round of pictures.


The End... for now. :-)


  1. A great intro but what a cliff hanger. well it take another year for part two?

  2. Great story! The hype is real for a continuation on this, it ends right on the cusp of some crazy awesome stuff happening!

  3. Oh the cliff hanger, it needs the next parts. Don't keep us in suspense!