Friday, January 17, 2014

Free Fiction Friday: Cabin Fever

(UPDATE: This week's free story has now been removed, though I'm keeping the post up to save the comments. Thank you to all who have viewed and commented on this tale. I expect to eventually write a third Vera Purdee self-bondage story, and bundle all three Vera stories together as an ebook bundle. - Tabitha) 

Hello all, I was hoping I'd finish a brand new self-bondage/chastity belt story for you all today, and I did! :-) Yay me!!

Anyway, this is another Vera Purdee, self-bondage-gone-awry story, just under 5,000 words long. I wrote all of it last night and today, so sorry if there are any glaring grammar/spelling errors that I missed. I wanted to be sure to get it posted today, so I cut back on editing. Hopefully that won't make much difference.

I've got tons of other standalone Vera Purdee story ideas to write, but this idea just came to me the other day while weathering a nasty blizzard, and I just had to write it right away!

The new story is after the break as always. Please enjoy, and let me know what you think!

- Tabitha


  1. HE HE ok we all know that its going to go disastrously wrong for her but its great fun. thanks

  2. Well, the fun in a Vera Purdee story isn't in how it will end, after all. It's in 1) Vera's beautifully elaborate trap-designing and 2) finding out HOW it will go disastrously wrong. Both are well achieved in this case.

  3. Loved the story, Vera never seems to learn that her schemes are doomed from the start, well I certainly hope not.