Monday, March 24, 2014

An Update on the Great Amazon Ebook Crisis of 2014

Okay, I've been real busy this weekend dealing with my whole ebook problem. I've reworked the synopsis and tags for nearly all my ebooks on Amazon, and even reworked a few covers too, all to minimize the chance that another story would blocked. Only time will tell if it worked.

As for the two books that were blocked, I emailed Amazon about it, and got a form letter in response. Besides being totally unhelpful, it did mention that I could try resubmitting my stories. So I've republished Angela's Last Resort, adding the number 1 to the title, and reworked the synopsis to remove any possibly offensive material. The actual content of the book remains largely the same, though I have rewrote several early sections to slightly tone down Angela's abduction scene. Mostly by giving her lots of unexpected orgasms, which I'm sure she needed. :-)

Anyway, the story isn't really changed in any major way. As to Angela's Last Resort 2, I haven't resubmitted it yet, but will soon now that I know ALR1 got accepted.

I also want to mention that I have resubmitted my new mannequin transformation ebook, The Doll, to Amazon just a few minutes ago. I changed the cover entirely, and now the story is entitled The Living Doll.

As much as I really loved the original big-titted cover, I think it showed too much skin and got the story flagged by Amazon's sales-killing adult filter. I've noticed that, despite being brand-new this month, it wasn't showing up in my searches on Amazon. The filter hides stories from the main search; to see the filtered stories, you have to actively select the Kindle Store in the search bar. Which most people don't seem to know, yet, unfortunately for all us starving smut writers.

Anyway, now that things seem to be getting back under control, I'm focusing on my new story. It'll feature lots of body-modifications, like piercings and breast expansion, as well as some medical-play. So far I've completed about half of it, over 5,500 words. Hopefully I'll be able to finish the rest before the end of this month.

Thanks to you all for your sympathies and support, and especially your patience, while I've dealt with this whole Amazon fiasco.

- Tabitha Kohls, who has skipped the ice cream in favor of an extra-large bag of peanut butter M&Ms. :-)

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