Friday, May 30, 2014

The Milking Games, Part 3 (WIP)

Another Friday, and another installment of my work-in-progress story, The Milking Games. I'm not sure, but this might be the last part I post here. I'm still hopeful that I'll eventually finish and publish this story, and this part ends at a good point.

As always, the story is after the break. Please enjoy, and let me know your thoughts,

- Tabitha Kohls

The Milking Games, part 3
by Tabitha Kohls
Copyright 2014

* * * * *

Katey awoke groggily, lying on a metallic grate. She forced herself up, swaying.

A loud voice boomed from somewhere before her: "And our next contestant is a very special guest. You all know her. She's the champion of Babe Fight, but does she have what it takes to survive The Milking Games!!"

"That's your cue, princess!" Another voice hissed, this time from directly behind her. Katey felt hands push at back, urging her forward. She was too groggy to argue. She slowly regained full consciousness as she swayed ahead, seeing bright lights before her.

She stepped out into a large open space, and blinked as her eyes adjusted to the bright, flashing lights of a full-scale studio stage, complete with stadium seating and a huge cheering audience.

"Here she is folks, the one, the only, KATEY SOCH!!" The crowd were now cheering loud enough to drown out the booming announcer's voice, as Katey wobbled out toward the stage.

She was immediately surrounded by two large men, who escorted her to the front of the open stage. She shook the cobwebs from her head, and looked around, now fully awake. The men pushed her over a small circle painted on the stage floor then backed away.

Andy Holz held up a microphone, grinning broadly at her. "Nice suit," He whispered, covering the microphone with one hand.

Katey looked down, and gasped in horror as she suddenly remembered the revealing uniform.

Both of her tits jutted out before her, pointing straight at the studio audience and the buzzing hover-cameras. Her new tattoos glistened brightly in the studio lighting, drawing all eyes immediately to her exposed bosom.

Andy laughed at Katey's sudden deep blushing for a moment. Then he spoke loudly through the microphone, turning back to the audience and dramatically waving his arms.

"Now normally we have just one contestant in the games, but today, in honor of our surprise guest, we're going to add four more players!"

Four other women, each adorned in identical uniforms as Katey's, only in different colors, were ushered out onto the stage by more guards. Each woman looked as miserable and unhappy to be there as Katey herself.

"A little extra fodder for the robots," Andy said, winking at the audience, who laughed. The four new women shuddered at his words. "Why don't you introduce these lovely new girls to the people back home, Marty?"

Marty, who appeared to be the announcer from before, boomed his reply from the studio speakers high above. "Of course, Andy! Our first new contestant is...."

The lights seemed to dim slightly, as a spotlight bounced around the stage, finally illuminating a short blond girl in a bright blue suit so tight, she might have been poured into it.

"Trixie Tolls!!" Marty's voice screamed out, as if Trixie was another celebrity. Katey stared closely at the girl, and then the others; all of them had either the glassy-eyed look of heavy drug abuse or just looked extremely desperate. Katey wondered if they had all been blackmailed into participating on the show too.

Marty's omnipresent voice cracked out again, and again, as the spotlight momentarily illuminated the other three girls. A tall redhead was named Maggie, who wore a red suit. The tiny brunette Asian girl was Kim, and wore a neon green uniform.

The last girl, a brown-haired woman with huge breasts, wore a vibrant purple suit that had a shelf built in the front to hold up her obviously fake tits. She was apparently named Sally Cones, and according to Marty's disembodied voice, she was a popular stripper in Capital City. Katey wasn't surprised.

"What a lovely group we have here today," Andy said, as the lights came back up and spotlight died away. "Now that we've introduced today's players, let's get them ready for the Gamezone!"

Several long tethers descended from the darkness of the ceiling above, hanging over each of the five contestants. Skimpily dressed dancers spun out from behind the stage, spinning around the five women, and hooking each tether to a small plastic ring rising from the women's suits just between their shoulder blades.

Katey glared coldly at the dancers, hoping to scare them away, but they just smirked back at her. They weren't going into the Gamezone, and she was. And everyone knew what happened to women in the Gamezone.

"While our lovely dancers prepare the contestants for their trip, I'll go over the rules one more time," Andy said. The crowd booed, having heard the rules hundreds of times before. Andy grabbed his collar and pulled it, eliciting more laughed from the audience. "Sheesh! Tough crowd tonight!"

When the laughter died down, Andy continued. "The rules are simple: The contestants will be released into the Gamezone, and must reach one of the base towers, all while avoiding our tit-obsessed robots! Each tower has a small room open in the base. Once a contestant jumps into the room and hits the safety switch, the room will seal shut, protecting the player from the machines outside. If all contestants have reach the safety of the towers, or are captured by the milking robots, the game ends! Otherwise, the game ends at sundown, in about 6 hours! Any contestants not safely in a tower or already captured by the robots, automatically lose the game!"

The blank back wall of the stage suddenly shimmered, revealing that it was in fact a massive holoscreen. A map of the Gamezone became visible, with a dozen tiny red dots blinking on it, arranged in a rough circle near the outer edges of the map.

"Each of these dots represents the location of a working safety tower. They're arranged at random places in each game." Andy said, turning to face the five women, who were now fully connected to the tethers. "Now, because I'm a fair minded person, I'm going to give each of you lovely ladies your very own personal tower locator. As you get closer to a tower, it will begin to buzz. The closer you get, the stronger the buzzing."

Katey was startled when the other four women suddenly bent forward. Feeling a bit stupid, she slowly bent over herself. They must know what he's talking about. I've only seen a few episodes of this stupid show, and I don't remember any tower locators. Must be a new feature.

Five more dancers spun out onto the stage, holding strange round objects in their hands. As one of them neared her, Katey suddenly realized what the thick, acorn-shaped object was.

Instantly, she swung out at the dancer, trying to knock the huge butt plug away. But the other dancers were prepared for her reaction, grabbing the tall amazonian's arms and holding her bent double. Katey screamed out as the new dancer spun behind her, and began to shove the huge, glistening plastic plug between her exposed ass cheeks!

"Noo, ohhh Fuckkkk!!" Katey cried out, as the surprisingly strong dancer shoved the huge plug home in one single thrust. Katey's asshole stretched horribly around the thick plug, then snapped shut around the plug's tiny stem. Only the wide, flat base of the plug left exposed.

The dancers let go of her, and Katey frantically beat at her ass with her hands, but the thick rubber, sphere-shaped mittens made it impossible to pull the huge butt plug free.

Around her, the other four women had gone through the same rough treatment, but seemed resigned to their humiliating ordeal. Clearly they had expected the plugs.

Katey squirmed uncomfortably, as a dozen hover-cameras buzzed around her, zooming their lens in on her bare bottom. She swung her useless hands at the camera swarm, but only managed to give them a better view.

Andy Holz laughed at her obvious discomfort, then turned back to face the audience. "Now, Marty, why don't you tell these lovely ladies what happens when the game ends!"

The announcer's voice boomed again, still as jovial as ever. "Of course, Andy! The lucky ladies who actually managed to reach a base tower win the game! Winners get any and all alterations incurred in the Gamezone removed by our technicians, and win... one million credits! As well as an all expenses-paid vacation to the island paradise of their choice!"

The holoscreen shifted, this time showing previous winners sunning themselves on a random beach somewhere, obviously living the good life.

"But those unlucky gals who fail to reach a tower before sundown, lose The Milking Games! All losers suffer the same fate; they get to join the herd at the famous Network Dairy Facility!"

Now the holoscreen showed the massive Network Dairy, a huge metal building filled with hundreds of women-turned-cows. The screen showed the long lines of stalls, each housing a huge breasted woman, always hooked up to a permanent milking machine, and constantly being pumped full of fresh food and hormones.

"Every year, millions of tourists visit the Network Dairy and take the famous 'Hall of Losers' tour!"

The screen shifted again, now showing large crowds of people milling in front of another long line of stalls. Each of these stalls held a previous contestant, a woman who had lost and become doomed to life as a human dairy cow.

The previous episode's loser, Lori, appeared on the screen, now strapped inside her permanent new home. Her breasts were massive balls, barely connected to her chest, as two huge vacuum tubes on her foot-long teats sucked away with abandon. Lori mooed helplessly at the camera, as a crowd of sightseers passed in front of her, their own cameras flashing away.

"Every day, hundreds of thousands of gallons from the Network Dairy herd are used in millions of homes throughout the Country, and appear in many wholesome dairy products available at all participating Network Stores!"

The screen buzzed as dozens of products flashed across it, each accompanied by a short commercial espousing the many benefits of human-cow milk.

As the commercials played, loud endorsements rang out from the screen's speakers:

"Nine out of Nine mothers agree: Network Milk is best!"

"I never cared for milk before, but now that my husband's slutty secretary is a part of the herd, I always drink a glass at breakfast!"

"My teacher said the Network Dairy was inhumane, but then she lost The Milking Games, and now our school gets all the free milk we want!"

Andy sighed as the long stream of commercials finally ended. A loud buzzer sounded from above the crowd and the audience began to cheer with excitement.

Andy turned to the five tethered contestants, a smile back on his face.

"Alright ladies! You all know what that sound means. It's time to start... The Milking Games!"

A comically oversized lever rose from the floor beside Andy. Spotlights began to buzz around again, now falling over the studio audience.

"And the lucky person who gets to pull the lever is...."

The lights continued spinning around, then finally converged onto a single figure, a woman sitting in the front row. She jumped out of her seat, giggling with glee and raced onto the stage.

Katey frowned. The woman seemed oddly familiar, for some reason.

Andy grinned broadly as the woman reached him. "Ah, our lucky lady! And what is your name, Miss?"

"Kassandra, but you can call me Kass!" Kass said, grinning back. She turned toward Katey, and winked.

Katey's eyes widened as she suddenly recognized the woman. She'd never seen her in person, but her physical trainer kept a picture of his wife on his bedside table. God knows she'd seen that woman's plump face often enough while riding him.

Kass shot Katey a very mean look, and put her hand onto the lever. Her mouth twisted into a cold smile, and she turned back to face Andy.

Andy said, "So Miss Kass, which robots would you like to send against our contestants?"

The huge holoscreen shimmered, now showing a diverse menagerie of strange and menacing robots. Kass stuck a finger to her lips and pretended to think it over. "Hmm... I like... oh I can't decide!"

Andy laughed, and replied, "Well, I'll tell you what, why don't we just send out all of our robots and really give these lovely ladies a treat?"

Kass giggled, jumping up and down with excitement, even as the five contestants behind her turned white. "That's a great idea!! Now can I pull the lever?"

Andy nodded. Kass giggled again, and pulled the lever back in one quick jerk. Instantly, all five women screamed out and disappeared through the floor, tethers hissing as they ran out from the ceiling.

Katey screamed in sudden terror as she fell through the open air beneath the stage. The circle she'd been carefully maneuvered onto had opened under her feet.

Still screaming, she looked up and was surprised to see that she was falling from the biggest airship she had ever seen. The huge vessel hung in the air above her, the studio clearly hanging from the ship's three huge balloons as a gondola.

Katey spun around in the air, seeing the ground below her rising up quickly. It was the Gamezone, she realized with a start!

Sprawled out below her, was a bombed-out city, a relic of the war. The many ruined buildings were now overgrown with thick forest and vines. She could see a high metal wall arranged around the massive Gamezone, separating it from the surrounding countryside and effectively making escape impossible.

The ground raced up quickly, but suddenly the tether began to pull against her, slowing her down. A powerful vibration ran from the tether into her back, as the line was harshly braked. The ground rose beneath her, but more slowly now, until she came to a sudden jerking stop just ten feet above a wide open grassy field.

The tether popped free of her back, and Katey fell in a lump onto the hard packed ground. The long tether zipped back upward, returning to the airship.

The other four women popped free from their tethers, and fell in a line around her. One by one, the woman stood up and looked at their surroundings, terror written across their faces.

They were trapped in the Gamezone now. The games had begun.



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  2. I can taste the fresh milk already....