Monday, July 1, 2013

New Ebook: Her Hospital Nightmare

Hello all,

I've finished a new ebook over the past week, and at over 15,000 words, it is my longest single story yet! It is a medical play fetish book, with an arrogant main character forced to endure one humiliating ordeal after another.

The Cover took a bit of GIMP morphing from the original stock photo, but I rather like how it turned out. Plus I got to use my Liquidism Font, finally. :-)

Her Hospital Nightmare (OB/GYN Medical Erotica):

After a snake bite renders her temporarily immobile, condescending young businesswoman Wanda Goodleigh gets her comeuppance when she is accidentally mistaken for a high-tech gynecological training doll by a class of medical students!

Over the course of this 15,000 word erotic story, the arrogant businesswoman has no choice but to endure extremely rigorous gynecological examinations, intense breast exams, numerous high-volume enemas, long rectal thermometers, huge anal plugs, and a massive speculum!

Kobo: Coming Soon

I hope you all have a happy Monday,

- Tabitha Kohls


  1. I loved this story, especially the stretching bit. I just wish the plug has been half-way pulled out of her so she could spend a couple of days with her rectum stretched to the max.

    What if it is realized that the baby isn't inside her? The fake baby from the other doll is sent over, and two underpaid, over-worked workers have to put the thing in.

    They quickly realize some idiot filled had been playing with her and filled the wrong hole, so thankfully the water is let loose. Unfortunately they only get the plug part-way out, just enough to let out the water, but have trouble getting it out farther. This leaves it stuck at the largest point, stretching her far more than before.

    Meanwhile, they decide the speculum is to help with 'loading her up' and with copious lubrication they perform a reverse-birth, inserting the baby into her womb and filling her up with fake fluids.

    Then of course the fateful hour arrives, and they have to try and make her give birth to the fake baby.

    1. Thank you for the comment, and story feedback. You've got some interesting ideas here of your own! :-) Thanks for sharing!

      I'm glad you 'loved' this story! I've been thinking of making a few Enema-themed shorts, and maybe putting them out as a collection, maybe 1K words a piece, or so. I've got a few fun little ideas that aren't long enough to making into proper stories. And some more gyno/speculum-stretching ideas too!

      - Tabby

  2. You know, you could a series out of water serpent victims. The above, but also:

    -Plastic surgery school: "See? It even bleeds and swells after, showing you the healing time"
    -Proctologist interns, where they do enemas, rectal exams, and demonstrate the removal of many of the various items people stick inside themselves (dildos, pens, sausages, dolls, pine cones, you name it)
    -Two women enter the store on their way to or from a hot-date. They aren't friends, not anymore, and one is bitten the other swears she'll take care of her so the owner won't call the hospital. Relieved at not having to face the police yet again he agrees. Unfortunately the friend uses this as an opportunity to get revenge - or maybe to remove the other from the competition (the victim likes the same guy and the un-paralyzed girl wants her out of the competition). Could be about what the victim is subjected to by the girl, or the other girl takes her revenge then leaves her in an alley that happens to be the back entrance to a porn shop, where she's mistaken for a life-like sex doll, first by the alley's inhabitants, and then the store's owner and customers
    -Water Serpent in the Wild: A series of water serpent bite victims make officers visit, suspecting the owner's serpent. But they see the serpent is in a cage and that none have been sold so they settle for information about its background before leaving with the assumption that someone else has imported one and is setting it loose. What no one knows is that the water supply or drain cover is loose, and the serpent can get in and out at will. It always returns to its owner & food source, though. But what poor victims sitting on a toilet or taking a bath or frolicking in a pool or pond might be bitten with someone nearby willing to take advantage...?

  3. I read this whilst waiting for day surgery, perhaps not a good idea although it did help pass the time in an amusing way, loved the story