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Free Fiction Friday: Tabby's Age-Play Holiday (WIP)

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Sorry for the lack of updates these past few weeks, I've been dealing with several personal issues (mostly illness), and have had to miss the past two Free Fiction Friday posts. On the plus side, I have made progress on several new future ebooks, including a forced-lactation tale and a living mannequin story.

Today's post is a work-in-progress age-regression story I wrote early last year; I'm still trying to decide whether or not to finish it. I have the rest of the story plotted out, but I'm worried certain portions may push the boundaries of Amazon's TOS policies. I will have to rethink a few scenes, if I finish it.

Until I decide to finish this story and publish it, I will keep this story available here. All 8,000 words are after the page break, as per usual. Please feel free to let me know what you think of it so far. :-)

- Tabitha Kohls

Tabby's Age-Play Holiday

by Tabitha Kohls
Copyright 2013-14

 * * * * *

 (Chapter 1)

- A Vacation From Adulthood -

 * * * * *

"You can't be serious, Abby!"

"I'm totally serious," Abby said, planting her hands on her narrow hips. "I'll never get another chance like this again, and you know it!"

Will stared in shocked disbelief at his wife. He'd just sat down for dinner when she dropped the bombshell; She wanted to spend the next three weeks pretending to be a 16 year old girl!

Abigail and William had first met in college and had instantly fallen head over heels for each other. They'd been going steady for more than a year before Will first found out about Abby's age play fetish.

She had been very coy about it all at first. She introduced a little light spanking play into their lovemaking, claiming she got a rush when he smacked her bottom. And he had quickly found that he liked spanking her too. Soon swatting Abby's rump had become a routine part of their sex lives.

But overtime Abby slowly pushed their play further and further. She started by wearing fetish schoolgirl outfits to bed; but as time went on the outfits became less fetish and more realistic, until eventually she was wearing clothes straight from the teen section of the local clothing store.

She pushed Will, bit by bit, toward treating her like a naughty teenager, rather than his adult girlfriend. The changes had surprised and somewhat discomforted Will, but at least their play stayed in the bedroom. Though soon even that would change.

It really wasn't until after they were married that he finally realized just how strong Abby's age play fantasies were. She seemed almost obsessed with the humiliation of being treated like a little teen rather than the adult woman she really was. Shortly after they were married, she began buying an entire new wardrobe of teen clothing for her little fetish games.

Over the first year of their marriage, Abby slowly started adding part of that secret wardrobe to her daily wear, and began moved their play out of the safety - and anonymity - of the bedroom and into public.

The move started out slow, just like with the spankings. One day Abby decided to dress like a high schooler, and begged Will to act like her older brother, while they went on a short trip to the mall. He finally agreed after she threatened to take off without him, and he'd been shocked at the time by just how easily his wife passed for a teenager. Not one person in the mall realized that she was really into her early twenties.

Over the next year, Abby repeated the little game several times. Finally, she seemed to grow bored with the act. But instead of stopping the games, she progressed things further.

On one trip to the mall, she pretended to act up, throwing a loud tantrum in a clothing store until Will had to drag his wife-turned-brat out of store and out to their car, or risk dealing with mall security. Abby got such a rush from it, she began to act up on all their trips, slowly creating an obnoxious brat persona she took to calling Tabitha.

To add to her humiliation, Abby began pestering Will to punish her for her public tantrums, until he finally surrendered and gave her bottom the hard spanking she deserved! She loved the little brat games and insisted on playing them out more and more often, though she always eventually became bored and had to progress things even further.

Yet for all her efforts, even after 6 years of marriage, Will had never really shared Abby's fantasy. He didn't mind spanking her from time to time, bending her over his knee and making her cry as he turned her little round bottom red; but he'd never been truly comfortable thinking of his wife as anything but the short 26 year old woman she really was.

And in truth, he was having a harder and harder time keeping her real self separated from her bratty alter ego.

"Abby," Will finally said, frowning deeply. "You know how I feel about your... dress-up games."

Abby rolled her eyes and sighed. "I know, Will, which is why this is best time for me to play them. Don't you see, you'll be away on your business trip the rest of the month, and I can finally really play out my fantasy and you won't even be around to be bothered! It's perfect!"

"I don't know, Abby, it seems--" Will began, but she cut him off with a shake of her head.

Abby pulled her tablet out from behind her back, and shoved the flat electronic device into his hands. "Look, I've got everything already figured out."

She ran her hand down the screen, bringing up an open webpage. "This is a website for a house-sitting service in the city. I've already set up everything for my little vacation from adulthood; on the day you leave for your trip, the service will send out a professional house-sitter to watch the house... and act as my babysitter!"

"Babysitter!?!" Will said sharply. Abby giggled, then rolled her eyes again sharply; he hated when she did that!

"Yes, Will, my babysitter. She'll mostly just be cleaning up the house, of course. I'm going to spend the month as my alter ego, Tabitha." Abby said, spinning around with a giggle. Her red-orange hair was already tied up in pigtails and spun with her.

Will sighed heavily; of all of Abby's fantasies, Tabitha was her favorite: a bratty, spoiled 16 year old girl! Oh, and she was supposedly his niece too! If his sister Martha ever found out that Abby was pretending to be her very real daughter Tabitha, she'd kill him for sure!

But Abby went on, "Naturally, as a 16 year old girl I won't really need to be babysat, but having the house-sitter around should keep our neighbors from asking a lot of embarrassing questions. If I just stayed here all alone as my younger self, they'd eventually notice and probably call the cops or something!"

She shivered at the thought, and Will nodded in agreement. He knew that Abby's biggest fear, and probably the source of much of her enjoyment of her games, was being found out publically. If someone discovered her secret, someone who knew her in real-life, it would be a total disaster!

"Of course," Abby continued, after a moment, "as this is mid-summer, the timing is just perfect. No one will be asking why I'm not in school, and I can spend the whole three weeks hanging out at the mall or going to the swimming pool in the park. Ooh, and I can sneak into the R rated movies at the theater too!"

She was grinning now, imagining her little vacation as a make-believe teenager. Will put the tablet down on the table, and held his head in his hands, thinking hard.

He tried to find a major hole in her arguments, but really couldn't. A year ago, he could have pointed out that Abby would never be able to get three weeks of vacation from her work, but that excuse wouldn't fly now. Abby had been making a decent living writing and selling smut on the internet for the past several months, using her fantasies as a backdrop for her stories. She made more from her writings than she ever did typing as a secretary.

And he couldn't fault her reasoning with hiring a house-sitter either. They were still very new to the neighborhood - they didn't even really know their neighbors yet, and they surely wouldn't recognize that Tabitha was actually Abby. Having an adult watching over the house and the apparent teenage girl living there made sense. Though it did seem rather wasteful to hire someone just to keep the house clean, but he knew Abby had wanted a maid for ages anyway, and this was probably her way of killing two birds with one stone. He fully expected the house-sitter would remain in place long after he returned at the end of July.
He looked up at his wife, or rather, down at her. Even sitting, he was nearly a head taller than Abby. She was always quite short, even for a woman, but at the moment she wasn't wearing her trademark high heels; nor was her hair puffed up to add a few more inches to her diminutive height.

In fact, he saw that she wasn't even wearing her normal padded bra and underwear either. Without her usual help, she was as flat as a board, front and back. With her lack of footwear and her childish hair style, she was practically Tabitha already.

Of course, she'd never dream of going out in public like she was right then, not unless she was safely hidden in her teen clothes, as her Tabitha persona. Despite her age play fantasies, Will knew his wife was deeply self-conscious of her height and lack of development.

More than once she had been mistaken for a teenager, or even a child, while in her adult clothing and she absolutely hated those moments! They were a thousand times more humiliating than when she was safely dressed as Tabitha.

Her mother had been a professional gymnastics instructor and had made Abigail compete throughout her childhood and teenage years. At one point, she'd been exercising for ten hours a day, every day, just to keep her mother satisfied. Abby had never been better than merely proficient as a gymnast, but her years of grueling exercise had left her with a severely underdeveloped body. She liked to say she was four-foot ten, as her driver's license claimed, but Will knew better. She was maybe four-foot six, on a good day, and without her padded underwear and bra, she was never more than about ninety pounds.

Still, despite her curves, she had great legs and her years of gymnastics training had made her incredibly flexible. With her padded bra giving a bit of definition up top, and her padded underwear giving her flat ass a boost, Abby could really pull off sexy if she wanted to. Will loved when she wore stockings and her high heels; that was his fetish. Coupled with her long red-orange hair, she could be a real knockout!

Sadly, Abby rarely wore such clothing now that she was no longer working as a secretary. In fact, she seemed to be spending more and more time as Tabitha these days....

"Well? What do you think?"

Will shook himself out of his reverie, and blinked. Abby had folded her arms across her chest, only serving to emphasize her lack of breasts, and tapped her foot impatiently. He sighed.

"I... I need to sleep on it. Okay?" He added. Abby grinned, and suddenly hugged him tightly.

"Thank you!" She gushed, as if he had already agreed to her proposal.

Will sighed and then hugged his wife back.


The early July night was hot and muggy. Will groaned and turned over in bed, kicking the sheets off. He looked at the alarm clock face glowing dimly in the darkness and groaned again. He'd been lying in bed for hours, unable to sleep.

He turned over again, and felt Abby beside him. She was asleep, and deeply. He sighed and gently rubbed his hand over the back of her head. She had undone her pigtails before crawling into bed and now he was able to pull his hand easily through her long hair.

His mind was churning, tossing chaotically from one mood to another. He felt anger rising up in him, as he felt her hair. Despite his claim earlier, he knew he would agree to Abby's plans, he always did. And she knew it too, which was precisely why she had waited until just before his business trip to tell him.

And that thought made him even angrier.

Why does she have to be so impulsive? Of all the times to dump this on me, why now?

He silently chided himself for feeling mad at his wife, but he just couldn't help it. This business trip was already going to be bad enough, without having to worry about Abby on top of everything else.

Will had gotten on with a mid-sized ad agency right out of college, and had spent the past 6 years mostly working on product advertising campaigns. With the economy the way it was, the advertising industry was in trouble everywhere, but he'd been lucky enough to stay employed throughout the recession. Things weren't looking much brighter in the near future though, and he had barely managed to transfer to the Paddington branch before the national agency began downsizing at his last office.

Now the agency was talking about shutting down the Paddington branch too, and if that happened, Will didn't know what he'd do. He'd let Abby talk him into buying this new house in the suburbs outside of Paddington, even though it was already well out of their price range.

She had claimed that the neighborhood appealed to her because of the total lack of drugs or crime, but Will suspected the real reason she had insisted on buying the McMansion was the close access to the park and mall, and especially, the huge number of teenagers that lived in the neighborhood. The house fit her fantasies perfectly, and like always, he'd agreed and put down a deposit on the massive dwelling.

And now he was seriously wondering if they'd be declaring bankruptcy in a few months. Will shook his head and pulled his hand from Abby's hair.

He flipped over and planted his feet on the floor, then stood, careful to keep from waking Abby up. He slipped into the bathroom and splashed cold water over his face, both to cool down physically and to tamp down his rising anger.

Will stared at his face in the mirror, both hating himself for being mad at Abby and for being too weak to say no to her.

He sat on the toilet seat for a moment, wondering what he should do, and then saw a bag of diapers wedged between the sink and the wall.

"NyteLytes" the packaging screamed, in garish colors. On a whim, Will peeled the bag open and pulled a fresh diaper out. He reached out and flipped the bathroom light off again. He wrapped the soft absorbent nappy around his arm and watched as it began to glow.

The colorful designs printed onto the diaper cloth were made with some sort of fancy high-tech dye; it didn't glow in the dark for a few minutes after the lights went off, but actually reacted directly to body heat.

Otamii Global, the massive Japanese conglomerate that developed the NyteLytes product line, claimed they would glow softly all night long, supposedly making toddlers feel safe and providing a little extra light if they tried to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

The NyteLytes were just the newest in a long line of products Will's agency had asked him to design an advertising campaign for; in fact, the diapers were the whole reason for his upcoming business trip.  He had just three short weeks to convince Otamii Global that his agency could best promote the NyteLyte brand in the United States.

It was a tall order; Otamii normally did its own marketing, and its current ad campaign promoting the diapers had already proven a huge success in Asia and Europe. Will knew he really had his work cut out for him. But if he could prove that his company's campaign ideas would work better in the American market, than Otamii's own, it could mean millions in new revenue. He might even get promoted!

But if he failed, it could mean the end of not only his job, but the entire agency. Hundreds of people, including people he worked with every single day, would be out of job. And all because of him. The responsibility was a huge burden, and now he had to worry about Abby's stupid little teen fantasy on top of everything else.

Suddenly angry again, Will flung the diaper across the dark room. He sat dejectedly for several minutes, watching as the NyteLyte slowly dimmed away to nothingness as it cooled back down.

After a moment he smiled in the dark bathroom. His sudden anger at Abby had reminded him of the winter before, when he had talked her into wearing one of the NyteLytes to test Otamii's claims.

Abby's interest in regression was all about reclaiming her lost teenage years, the ones she felt she had lost to her mother's constant demands that she become a professional gymnast. What she didn't have was an adult baby fetish or any desire at all to ever wear diapers. The very suggestion that she slip one on had sent her into a fit. Only after Will had given her a particularly mean spanking over his knee, did she concede to wearing the thick diaper.

She'd been burning a bright shade of red on both pairs of cheeks, as she slipped into the diaper; despite his threat of another spanking, she utterly refused to let him put it on her.

Once the NyteLyte went on, Will had turned down the lights and watched it glow. Little duck designs had quickly appeared all over the diaper, at first seeming to hover in the dark, but quickly growing brighter as the diaper warmed up.

Abby had wanted out of the diaper immediately, bemoaning how humiliating it was and how sore her bottom felt against the cloth. But Will made her wait until the diaper was in full glow, then had her walk through the dark house to the bathroom, using only the diaper to see by.

The NyteLyte worked like a charm, but as she turned away from him, Will had noticed that the ducks on Abby's bottom were glowing especially bright. He'd quickly realized this was due to her fresh spanking, and it had given him an idea.

Shaking himself from the memory of his wife's humiliating night in diapers, Will fumbled his way back into the bedroom. He listened to Abby's soft breathing, until he was certain she was still asleep. Thankfully, she was a pretty deep sleeper.

He tiptoed out into the hall and into his study. He powered up his laptop and carefully unlocked the protected folder hidden on his hard drive. A few seconds of searching revealed a tiny video file, which he promptly opened.

Will had known that Abby would hate the very idea of wearing a diaper, but she had been on Christmas vacation back then and at her very brattiest. She spent nearly the entire holiday in full-on Tabitha mode, and he had been fed up with it. Getting her into the diaper had been difficult, keeping her in it had been even harder.

Will had asked her to wear the NyteLyte to bed that night, trying to play it off as another test, but really he just wanted to drag out her humiliation a bit longer. She'd agreed, but only after Will had promised to take Tabitha on a spending spree the next day. It had cost him an arm and a leg, but in the end it had been totally worth it!

The video file came to life, showing their bedroom that chilly Christmas night. The thick carpet of snow outside had filled the room with a soft bluish glow, making his sleeping wife quite visible. He had used one of his better cameras to capture her in her slumber, and the image quality was perfect.

He had pulled the covers away before he turned on the camera, and Abby had immediately coiled up as the cold air hit her. The tiny ducks and other cartoonish animals were still glowing, but only faintly.

He had talked her into dressing in a simply white t-shirt, one of her tween favorites, with lots of glitter and some teen pop star named Vannah Couver on the front. It looked perfect on Abby, who looked younger than ever in the soft light.

Will had slipped a little teddy bear into her sleeping arms. The NyteLyte package had come with a free glow in the dark pacifier, and he had wasted no time popping it into her mouth too. She began to suck on it instantly, the large flat guard obstructing the view of much of her face. It too glowed as it warmed up.

The total effect of her outfit, diaper, and the accessories he had added, was to transform Abby into a sleeping toddler! With nothing else in the shot for comparison, it was impossible to guess her real size, and with her face partly covered up by the binky and her hair, she was unrecognizable. If he hadn't known who she really was, he'd have never guessed that she was older than three or four, let alone a grown woman.

Once he was certain she was still deeply asleep, he had added the final ingredient in his mean prank; a bowl of warm water!

He kept the bowl out of the shot and started to film Abby just after he dropped her hand into the water.

The video camera had recorded everything, perfectly. After a long moment, during which the only sound was Abby loudly sucking on her new pacifier, a new sound began. It was a low, gentle hiss, that lasted a surprisingly long time. After a moment, the NyteLyte really began to glow.

It started at her padded crotch, as the tiny animal designs there began to grow brighter and brighter, and spread out from there, until the entire front half of the thick diaper was glowing. The designs became so bright they began to bleed into each other, until it seemed all of Abby's groin was one single massive bright yellow blob. Yellow light shone out over the bed, almost like someone had dropped a flashlight in her diaper.

The video only lasted about two minutes, because then Abby had started to stir and Will had had to quickly get rid of the bowl, bear, and binky in a hurry. He had snuck back into the bed with the camera safely tucked between his legs, just before Abby got up.

She had never said a word about the diaper since, and he never found it. If she suspected that he had done something to make her soil it, she had never said in the six months since.

Still feeling angry at Abby, Will restarted the video and watched it again, and then again. It all looked perfectly innocent, just a little sleeping girl peeing her diaper. The camera was high quality, the same one he had used for more than a few quick commercial mockups.

As he watched the video play out again, an odd idea came to him. He was too fired up to sleep, so he opened up another program on his computer and began to work.


The sun was nearly up when he finished. Four hours of working with the video editing software had transformed his two minutes of raw camera footage into a thirty second mock commercial.

Will grinned, feeling proud of his work, and no longer quite so angry. Working with the footage of his wife's most humiliating experience had been very cathartic.

He played the finished video several times, watching his diminutive wife pee in her NyteLyte. The carefully clipped footage showed little of her face and he had even added some simple background music to complete the mood.

The entire video consisted of just a few seconds of Abby sleeping softly, her pacifier popping in her mouth; then the view did a pan-and-scan across to her diaper just as she started peeing. He enhanced the sound, until the hiss was unmistakable, and ended the scan right on her diaper as it began to glow into one big yellow ball.

He even ended the simple faux-commercial with a short little tagline he created right on the spot: "Your tyke can sleep tight, in her NyteLyte!"

He sighed as the video ended for the third time, and he finally felt the last of his anger ebb away. He nearly deleted the whole thing on the spot, but stopped. After a moment of consideration, he saved the new video as 'TabbysNyteLyte' onto his desktop. Who knows, I might want to watch it again sometime.

He closed down the laptop and stretched. Yawning, Will returned to his bedroom, where Abby was still sleeping peacefully. She seemed to be deep in a dream and he briefly considered taking a short nap himself, but decided against it as the sun finally rose over the horizon. Abby might be able to sleep in well past dawn, but he couldn't.

Still staring down at his wife, Will finally considered Abby's plan to spend his absence as her alter ego. He knew he would ultimately agree to it; he had always known that. But he just wished there was a way to ensure she would finally outgrow this... this obsession of hers.

After a long moment, Will began to grin. By god, if she wants to be Tabitha full time, so be it! But only on my terms! Maybe if I make her little vacation from adulthood bad enough for her, she'll finally get this whole age play business out of her system, for once and for all!

His grin broadened into a full smile; a fresh jolt of energy seemed to rush through him, and suddenly he no longer felt tired. He had far too much work to do to be tired! But first...

Will found his cell phone and slipped back into the bathroom. He ran down his address book until he found the number he was looking for. He let it ring several times, until it was finally picked up.

"Hello Bob! Sorry for calling you so early, but I needed to talk to you. It's about that favor you owe me...."

* * * * *

(Chapter 2)

- Caveats -

* * * * *

While her husband worked on his laptop, Abby slept on unawares, lost inside a deep dream.

She dreamt of the first day she discovered her fetish for age play. She had been a freshman in college, and had just met Will. He'd taken her out to the beach for a day in the sun and after a few lazy hours of sunning and swimming, he'd gone off to get her a drink....

Suddenly, a ball smacked her head! Abby shrieked and jumped up, glaring angrily at a young boy standing over her. The boy picked up his beach ball and threw it at her again!

"Stop that you little brat!!" Abby caught the inflatable ball, and pulled the plug. Hugging the plastic toy, she squeezed the air out of it, as the boy screamed. Abby laughed and tossed the empty toy away as far as she could, watched it hit the waves with a splash.

The little boy suddenly began to cry furiously, and kicked sand at her.

"You're a meanie!" He screamed through his tears and then ran off across the crowded beach.

"Serves you right, twerp!" Abby said to herself, as the boy disappeared. She sat back down and let the sun wash over her again.

A few minutes rolled by, until suddenly two powerful arms grabbed Abby by the shoulders and pulled her back up onto her feet!

"What the fuck!?!" She screeched, as she popped her eyes open. A massive woman was grabbing her, and that stupid little brat was standing next to her, pointing!

"She did it momma! She broke my ball!!" The boy screamed at the huge woman.

The mother glared angrily at Abby. "Did you break his ball?!"

"What?! N-yes, well, no, I mean--" Abby sputtered, too shocked and confused to think straight.

The woman shook her head. "No excuses! Where is his ball, missy?"

Missy? "Look, miss, I don't know what the big deal is, but calm the fuck dow--" Abby began, but the woman interrupted her with a snarl.

"I will not be spoken to in that manner! It's time you learned some manners, young lady!!"

Before Abby could react, the huge woman swung her around, and shoved her over one of her massive thighs! Abby shrieked in alarm, as the huge woman pulled her bikini bottom down, and raised a huge hand above her....


Abby groaned groggily, and opened her eyes. She raised her hand, and brought it down on top of her alarm clock. For few moments, her dream slipped around in her mind, then slowly drifted away.

She yawned and forced herself to get out of bed. Since she started writing for a living, she had started sleeping in later and later. It didn't matter when she got up, really, she could write any old time she wanted.

She glanced at her clock again, and winced. Noon was probably pushing it, though.
Abby took a quick shower, lathering her body up. She rubbed absently at her butt, wondering idly why it seemed to sting. Will hadn't spanked her in weeks.

Forgetting the strange phantom pain, she wondered what Will had decided. Would he agree with her plan to spend the rest of the month as Tabitha?

She hoped so, it would be difficult to pull off her plans without at least some help from him. If he decided he didn't want her to go through with it, she'd have a real pain setting everything up, not to mention the strain it might cause their marriage.

Of course, if he said no, she could just not go through with her plans. But she felt almost sick at that thought.

She'd been planning this vacation for months, ever since Will had first showed her those stupid fucking glowing diapers and she learned about this business trip. Nearly an entire month all to herself, plenty of time to play out all of her naughtiest fantasies! It was too good an opportunity to just let slip away, even if it did make Will uncomfortable. She wished again that he shared her age play fetish, it would make all of this so much easier.

She finished the shower, still rubbing her sore bottom, and slipped on her favorite sweat pants and t-shirt. She skipped down the stairs to get a bite to eat and was surprised to find Will waiting for her in the kitchen.

"Will? I thought you'd be at work by now." She said, raiding the refrigerator for milk. She poured herself a big bowl and dumped a load of cheap cereal on top. Will visibly winced as she began pouring scoops of sugar over the already-sweetened slop. She giggled, and began to munch down on her late breakfast even before she reached the dining room table.

Will sighed as he followed her, and finally answered her question. "Actually, I called in today. Said I had some things I needed to get ready before the trip to Japan."

Abby nodded, and shoveled another heaping helping of cereal into her mouth, trying not to giggle as she saw him wince again.

"Anyway," Will continued, "I've been getting things sorted out all morning. I thought very hard about your... proposal."

Abby swallowed hard, wincing herself as the hard shards of half-chewed cereal slid down her throat painfully. "And?"

She waited anxiously, already certain he'd cave in, but there was always the slight possibility--

"Yes, I guess can go along with it, if you still want." Will answered. "Though I had hoped you'd reconsider. I really don't think it is healthy to... to overindulge your inner child like this."

He kept talking for a while, but Abby hardly heard him. Between her excitement at spending a month as her alter ego and the loud crunching of her dry cereal in her mouth, she could only catch every other word. Not that it matters, she reflected, he always says the same thing every time I want to play. The important thing is that he said yes!

Though in truth, excited as she was, she was also actually a little disappointed in her husband for agreeing to her vacation so easily. She'd been trying to make him more aggressive, more controlling, almost since the first day they had met.

He'd definitely improved over the course of their marriage, and she secretly believed that much of his success at his job was a direct result of her efforts to 'toughen him up', but he still wasn't the take charge sort of man she wanted him to be. If only he would stand up to her more, tell her 'no' every once and awhile.

Oh well, I guess I'll just have to work on him some more, she thought, crunching down on another large bite.

"Anyway, I guess that's all I wanted to say. I just wish you'd think this through a bit more, Abby, that's all." Will finished his little speech just as Abby swallowed her last bite of sugary cereal.

For a painfully long moment, the two of them sat in silence. Finally, Abby broke down and spoke. "So... I can be Tabitha then?"

Will sighed, and nodded. Abby slurped down her milk loudly, then giggled with glee. "That's great!"

She rushed around the table and hugged her husband as he stood back up. Her arms wrapped around his waist; though Will was hardly tall for a man, she just couldn't reach much higher. Not without her heels on, anyway.

"Now, hold on a minute!" Will said, as he pried her off him. "There are a few caveats we need to discuss first."

Abby bit her lip hard to keep from giggling. Caveats! Will, you're always using such big words, but I'm the writer in the family! If anyone should be shoving vocabulary words into every other sentence, it should be me!

Just managing to hold back her tongue, Abby simply asked, "Caveats? Are those like strings?"

Will sighed. "Yes, Abby, there are a few strings attached to this deal. If you want to be Tabitha while I'm gone, I can't stop you, but if you want my help making sure this works..."

Abby sighed herself, "... you have a few conditions. Fine! What are they?

Will stared down at her for a moment, then finally said, "Well, it seems to me that if you are really going to go through with this fantasy of yours, you had better do it right. I've been busy all morning renting a storage locker across town. I want you to pack up all your adult clothes and anything else that you could use to turn back into your adult self and we'll lock it all away until I get back."

Abby blinked in surprise. "You want to lock up all my clothes?"

"I just want to help you live out your fantasy. If you realize you've gotten in over your head, I don't want you to have the option of backing out. If you go through with this, you are stuck as Tabitha until I get back. That means no adult clothes, no makeup supplies, no I.D., nothing."

Abby stared at her husband in shock, until she realized her mouth was hanging open. She shut it with a clack and swallowed. What he was proposing was scary, yet... she felt a thrill run up her spine. She'd be trapped, truly trapped in her new persona; no matter what happened, she would have to deal with it, and as a 16 year old girl too! No backing out and becoming Abigail, 26 year old adult woman again!

She sighed and shuddered slightly at the thought. Finally she replied, "Okay, I agree. Are there any more strings?"

"Just a few," Will said, grinning broadly. Clearly he saw how excited she was getting. "My main condition is this; I want you to spend your vacation from adulthood as a 12 year old, not 16."

Abby's mouth fell open again, and she sputtered, "What!?!"

Will shrugged. "You want people to treat you like a kid, right? That's the whole point of this fantasy, isn't it? Well, people treat 16 year old brats a lot different than they do 12 year olds. If you want my help, that is my condition, Abby. Tabitha has to be 12 for the next three weeks, or no deal."

Abby gulped, thinking hard. As short and scrawny as she was, she could probably pass herself off as much younger than 16, but she'd never tried that in public. How would people treat her? The thought was scary, especially knowing that she would have no real way of turning back until her husband returned from his trip. But the tingling down her spine grew stronger as she let his new condition sink in.

A thought came to her. "But, if I'm going to pretend to be 12, I won't be able to drive!"

Will shrugged. "I've already put your car away in storage earlier this morning."

Abby gasped, and felt a surge of anger. "B-But, how can I get around without a car?! And don't say I can just take the bus or something, 'cause it doesn't go anywhere near this side of town and you know it! How can I get to the park or the mall without transportation?"

Will grinned. "Don't worry about that, I'll find you something to ride. And it isn't that far to walk anyway, maybe a mile or two for the mall, but a little exercise wouldn't kill you."

She glared at him, but Will just waited her out. Finally she rolled her eyes again and nodded. "O-Okay, I agree to that too. But if I'm gonna be 12 now, I'll need new clothes! I don't have anything appropriate for someone that young!"

Will held up a hand, shushing her. "I've already been to the mall this morning. I would have taken Tabitha, but she decided to sleep in till noon."

Abby blushed, and Will continued, "I've bought you a whole new wardrobe of tween fashion, so you'll be fine. And I'll leave you some money too, just in case of emergencies."

"I've got my own bank account," She pointed out, but Will shook his head.

"I already told the bank that Abigail would be gone for the rest of the summer to stay with her mothers." Will said, grinning. "And you won't have any credit cards or checks here once I leave. That's all going in the storage container downtown."

Abby groaned, but nodded.

"Now, one question; did you really just think up this plan of yours yesterday, or did you wait until now, knowing that I would be gone on my trip before I could talk you out of it?" Will asked.

Abby's blush deepened. "I... I sort of thought about this a few months ago, when you first told me about your business trip." She decided not to remind him of making her wear those horrid diapers.

Will nodded slowly, then said, "Well, that was a nasty little trick you pulled, wasn't it? I think a trick like that deserves a punishment, don't you?"

He sat back down, but faced out from the table and patted his thigh suggestively. Abby yelped slightly, feeling the tingling run down her spine and straight between her legs! She slowly bent over his knee, and felt him slip her sweatpants down her thighs until her ass was totally exposed!

"Oh my, someone's been very naughty, hasn't she?" Will said, as he saw her bare ass.

Abby cursed herself for not putting on some panties before she came down!

"I think a few swats are in order, don't you agree?"

Abby gulped and said in her most timid voice, "Y-Yes..."

Before she could steel herself further, Will brought his hand down, hard!

- SMACK! -

- SMACK!! -

- SMACK!! -

- SMACK!!! -

The blows came down fast and strong, as Will's practiced hand effortlessly turned Abby's flat bottom into a solid red plum.

As he brought his hand down for the twentieth and final time, he said, "Now, what do you say?"

"I-I-I'm s-sorrry for tricking you!" Abby wailed, her voice breaking from both the pain she felt, and the gushing heat from between her thighs. She had already been horny as all hell thanks to her upcoming vacation as Tabitha, but the sudden spanking was pushing her right over the top. She bit down on her lip furiously, trying not to cum. If she came while bent over Will's leg, he'd never let her live it down!

Her efforts were wasted however, as her husband ran his hand over her burning rump and toward her sex. He pulled his hand back, and said, "Oh my, you're practically dripping, Abby! I bet a few more swats will make you pop, won't they?"

Before she could respond, Will brought his hand down, twice in rapid succession and Abby's blood began to rush in her ears. She shrieked, still biting down on her lip, as her tiny body began to buck. Her knees clacked together, as her thighs clenched. An instant later her whole body followed suit, thrashing violently in the throes of a epic orgasm!

Will laughed, and she felt his hand push down on her back, pinning her against his knees. His hard, hot erection pulsed against her belly, and the added sensation sent a fresh surge of energy through her. He swatted her again, and again, whenever it seemed her orgasm was dying down. Each new swat brought her right back up again, until finally she thought she'd black out before he stopped making her cum!

But finally he stopped smacking her red bottom, and just held her against him as she bucked and thrashed. The orgasm, or orgasms, slowly drew down and stopped entirely.

Abby gasped for air, and Will held her steady as he tipped her back to her feet. Her legs felt like jello, but he kept her upright until she finally got her balance again.

"Well, that was unexpected," Will said, still laughing. Abby's face was starting blush as red as her sore butt. "That's the first time you ever came just from a whipping, Abby."

Will looked across the table at her empty bowl of cereal, and said with a grin, "Maybe you should cut back on the sugar, just a bit!"


The two of them spent the rest of the day packing up every shred of adult clothing in the house, even many of Will's own pants and shirts, until there was nothing left for Abby but the t-shirt and sweatpants she was already wearing. Besides her clothes, they packed away all of her makeup, jewelry, and finally her purse and wallet too.

Out in their garage, she helped him put the many boxes in the back of his truck to take to the storage container. As she hefted one of the lighter boxes of panties, she noticed several other boxes were already piled up in bed of Will's truck.

"What's in those?" She asked. Will shrugged sheepishly.

"Oh, nothing. While you were asleep, I did a little packing on my own, that's all." He said, and returned to lifting boxes.

Abby frowned, wondering what else he had packed away. She hadn't noticed any of her clothes missing before she started helping, so he must have removed something else. But what?

When they finished loading up the truck, he made her strip out of her last remaining adult clothes. She was happy to be out of the sweatpants, which were rather damp from her orgasmic spanking over his knee.

She hid just inside the inner doorway as he opened the main garage door, and started to back his truck out. She yelled at him, "What about my clothes? You said you bought me a new wardrobe!"

Will poked his head out the cab window, and said, "I've put everything in your new bedroom already. The guest room down the hall."

With that, he finished backing out and drove away, to unpack her things at his secret storage location. She pouted and quickly ran up the stairs. The guest room?

The McMansion was a huge house and there were many largely unused rooms spread throughout it. At the end of the upstairs hallway, Will had set up a few guest rooms for those rare times his sister would visit. She usually brought her daughter, the real-life Tabitha, with her, and the young teenager stayed in the tiny room at the very end of the hall.

Abby opened the door cautiously and groaned. The room had been decorated back when they first moved in, nearly a year ago and had been used as a nursery by the couple who owned the house before them. Will had covered up the walls in cheap wallpaper and moved a proper bed and dresser inside.

But now the wallpaper was gone, revealing the original paint again. The nursery walls were entirely bright pink! Pastel pink ducks and teddy bears were still visible decorating the upper third of the walls, but Will had put up several large posters to cover them up.

Unfortunately, the posters weren't much better, Abby thought. Tween boy bands and various cartoon characters beamed down at her from the walls. She scowled, and decided that she'd be spending her nights inside her old room instead.

The bed was a four poster, with pink curtains covered in large decals of Barbie dolls. The real Tabitha had been hugely into Barbie dolls when she was younger, and Will had clearly found some of her real things in the attic storage space.

Abby winced when she saw a pile of dolls and leftover toys on the dresser top. There was a case of makeup there too, and she excitedly opened it, only to be disappointed when she saw that it was play makeup. Tabitha would have used it to play with her dolls, but it would never do as a substitute for the real thing.

Abby saw her naked reflection in the mirror over the dresser and remembered why she had come in here in the first place. Sighing, she pulled open the top drawer. "Might as well see what I'll be wearing for the next-- OH FUCK ME!"

Abby's mouth flopped open wide as she saw the clothing her husband had bought for her. Besides a few bundles of tiny socks, the drawer was filled with little girl panties, all in various shades of pink. Many were covered in bright pink ruffles, and nearly all had some cartoonish decal on them.

She lifted a single pair and groaned as she saw the words "I LUV BARBIE!" printed over the back. These panties were nothing like the pairs she normally wore as Tabitha, though those were certainly childish in their own right.

Sighing, she looked through the drawer for a matching bra. After a few seconds, she realized there were no bras at all! Clearly Will didn't think she even needed a training bra! The fact that he was right only made her feel worse.

Abby shut the drawer and cursed herself for agreeing to Will's 12 year old condition. He'd have caved if I had argued the point, I'm sure he would have! And then I could at least have worn some of my padded bras instead of fucking nothing at all!!

Angry at herself, she started to pull the panties on, but yelped as she reached her butt! Growling, she dropped the panties in a heap about her feet and rubbed her ass gingerly until the stinging died back down. She'd just have to go sans panties for a while.

She pulled open the next drawer, and groan as she saw her new tops. Not a single item was plain; each and every pair of shirts and blouses had some embarrassing logo or decal printed on it. She slipped a light pink shirt on, and tried to ignore the huge cat face staring out from her chest. The cat's whiskers were made of sparkling lines of glitter that instantly drew the eye.

It was, of course, a big tabby cat. She noticed that many of her tops had either cat decals or the word 'Tabby' emblazoned on them somewhere. Looking back through the top drawer, she saw a similar theme on her new panties and socks.

She couldn't help but be impressed that Will had found so much cat-themed stuff for her on such short notice. There was even a cat-shaped backpack beside the dresser!

Moving on, she pulled open the next drawer and found it full of skirts and a few shorts. Only a single pair of swim trunks were there, and nothing close to a proper bathing suit. She lifted the trunks up and cursed Will as she read the label. They were two sizes too big!

"These will fly off the instant I get in the water!" She wailed to herself. Angry at her husband's little trick, she tossed the large trunks back inside and pulled out one of the many skirts.

Taking care not to hurt her sore bottom again, she slipped the skirt on. It was short, falling well above her knees, but it was also very fluted and dark pink, and she already hated it. Tiny cat paws had been printed running up one side and there were even little fake balls of multi-color yarn hanging from each flute! 

The last drawer turned out to contain only a few pairs of shoes, and one pair of cheap flip-flops. She pulled some of the socks from the top drawer and quickly put on a pair of tennis shoes. They were her size, thankfully, but the sole was incredibly flat and there was no heel at all!

She looked at her reflection and groaned. Her pigtails looked cute when she was pretending to be a 16 year old wannabe cheerleader, but with her new tween clothing and her total lack of makeup, the pigtails were just too much. "Oh gawd, I look ridiculous! I'm so damned short! And this hair!"

She pulled at her pigtails, untying the ribbons that held them in place, and shook her long light red hair out. It helped, but it wasn't enough. "I need to get to a salon; I wonder if I'll have time before the house-sitter gets here?"

Abby looked around her new room and back at her new clothes, and sighed heavily. Her vacation wasn't even started yet, and it was already going wrong! 

* * * * *

To be continued???


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    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! :-) And yes, the diapers would make a return, and Tabby's new nanny would be very strict. My plans included diapering, corporal punishment, and lots of public humiliation, as Tabby learns to be careful what she wishes for.

      - Tabitha Kohls

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    1. Sorry about that, didn't mean to get your hopes up. :-( I am seriously considering finishing this story, since I have it all planned out anyway. But I have to finish some more stuff before that could happen; and I have another, shorter AR story planned for the near future too. That might show up in a future Free Fiction Friday installment though.

      - Tabby

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